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15 Best Baseball Cleats 2022

No matter what age one might be, a baseballer will always be a baseballer. If baseball runs in your blood and a game of baseball is what you live for then everything about baseball should drive you crazy, including picking the correct cleats for your baseball game.

The craze for the game and its sporting accessories like baseball cleats has been observed irrespective of the age of the baseballer.

Baseballers actually do find it difficult to make a choice with respect to their football cleats. The best baseball cleats are a much coveted and sought-after possession of true blue-blood baseballers. Owning a good pair is pride. However, choosing the perfect baseball cleats is not an easy job.

There are too many factors that need to be considered and checked before swiping the credit card for a purchase of the best baseball cleats.

Firstly, of foremost importance is to check the legalities of the state you are playing in. Some states of the United States of America do not allow metal cleats.  They are considered dangerous as they can be misused by young baseballers.

Secondly, your choice should be determined based on how much ankle support you want. Based on that one can choose low, mid, or high top cleats that offer varying levels of ankle support.

Thirdly, ask your league whether they allow metal cleats. There is no point in making an expensive purchase if your league has certain cleat regulations. Sometimes, even if the state allows metal cleats certain leagues establish their own set of rules and regulations regarding cleats.

The best baseball cleats should fit well, snug shoes will make it easier for you to move around and help you play as the pitcher, runner, or batter.

Lastly, make sure that before making a choice or making a purchase you try running in the shoes. Now, if you have bought them online then try it at home and if they are not comfortable then try returning them. And, if you have bought them in a store you could try a short sprint in them to assess the comfort of the baseball cleats.

Making it easier for you to make a choice here below are honest reviews of the best baseball cleats that have hit the market. You can easily make your pick from the list here or at least filter your choices down, you sure wouldn’t make the wrong pick.

Best Baseball Cleats in 2022:

1. Under Armour Men’s Yard Low St Baseball Shoe

Best Baseball Cleats

These baseball shoes from Under Armour are the latest bestsellers. They are made of synthetic textile material which makes them lightweight and breathable. The shaft is low-top from the arch which makes them stable for runners, batters, and pitchers alike.

The heels are molded and the collar is stretched giving it a snug fit and making the shoes fit like sneakers.

The shoe supports the ankles and the foot placement with the help of panels of soft suede giving it a perfect lock fit. The tongue is perforated increasing the air circulation in the shoe during an aggressive game of baseball to ease outdoor humidity from increased sweating.  The heels are very well supported

  • These shoes are very well cushioned
  • They are very well supported at the ankle and the feet as they are available with low-cut and mid-cut cleats
  • They are well-priced for the features that it offers
  • They are not the best for lateral movements as they are more flexible than sturdy
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2. Men’s Air Huarache 2kfilth Elite Mid Baseball Cleats from Nike

Best Baseball Cleats

Made of no material tag with open front laces these metal cleats have become a favorite quite fast. This athletic pair is lightly padded and has sharp long metal cleats.

They are available in different fun and bright colors. The metal cleats are not replaceable and are a permanent fixture on the shoe. They are molded into the shoe. Reviewers say that the ankle support is great and the shoes fit really well.

  • These cleats fit well.
  • They are available for different foot widths to accommodate all feet types.
  • The ankle support is good.
  • The opening of the shoe is small, although there is ample space inside.
  • The color on the shoe tends to wear off. You can opt for lighter shades to mitigate this problem.
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3. Mizuno Men’s 9-Spike Dominant Ic Low Metal Baseball Cleat Shoe

Best Baseball Cleats

These are absolute newbies that are fast becoming very popular from the house of Mizuno. These shoes are made of the iconic 9 spike configuration which is a patented configuration of Mizuno. The shoe house metal cleats.

They are super comfortable, and flexible and offer ample cushioning. The cleats in this pair use Wave technology that increases the stability of the shoe.

This technology also absorbs pressure when pitchers plant their feet back during an aggressive game. These shoes are great for knee-jerk rapid movements executed during a baseball game.

  • The shoes are super comfortable.
  • They are most appreciated for the grip of the cleats on all kinds of surfaces and fields.
  • The shoes offer superior traction on the ground being used for play reducing the chances of injury.
  • They are priced very well, much lesser than other top brands for the features it offers.
  • These shoes fit the bill in every way for all types of baseballers and field types. No cons observed so far.
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4. New Balance Men’s L4040v4 Metal

Best Baseball Cleats

These metal cleats from the New Balance are made of 100% synthetic material. The upper mesh offers durability while allowing the shoe and the feet to breathe during play. The midsole is made of REVlite which offers optimum support and padding.

People with a deeper foot arch will love this pair. To support traction and stability the shoe is fitted with a PROmotion plate that is light and flexible. Extra space and buffer are provided by the toe protection that is built in the shoe. They are priced decently well.

  • The shoes are very comfortable and flexible
  • They offer high levels of support and traction for all kinds of fields.
  • Extremely light on the feet.
  • Great for the price at which they are available.
  • The plastic and the synthetic material they are made of wear off and tears apart fast.
  • The shoes are not very durable but good enough to last a season of rough play. So, think and make your choice.
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5. Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Mid RM Baseball Shoe

Best Baseball Cleats

These baseball shoes are made of 100% synthetic material and a rubber sole supports the feet. The synthetic material used also adds to the durability of the shoe. The shaft is mid-top from the arch which makes it good for runners in baseball.

During an aggressive game of baseball, the mesh tongue increases the ventilation inside the shoe and keeps the feet cool and dry at all times.

The shoe is well cushioned for stability in the game, additional stability is offered by the full-length EVA midsole. This midsole also distributes the cleat pressure arising out of the rubber molded cleats.

As the shoe has rubber cleats they offer perfect traction and last long irrespective of the field type one plays on.

  • They fit perfectly well.
  • They offer full ankle support.
  • They look great and are made well.
  • The shoes offer great utility for the price.
  • The shoes are lightweight and made of thin material.
  • Some reviews have found the shoes to be narrow, hence people with wide feet might have issues.
  • The upper shoe material tends to wrinkle fast after initial use.
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6. Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Baseball Shoe from Adidas

Best Baseball Cleats

Adidas has launched a new pair of baseball metal cleats. These metal cleats are fitted well into the rubber sole of the shoes. The pair is made of 100% leather and the exteriors are designed with premium nubuck. The exterior looks good and glossy which gives it a stylish look.

The toes are enhanced for abrasion resistance with the IRON SKIN toe. The shoe is well supported with textile lining and the midsole is light making the shoes rather lightweight despite adequate cushion and heel, support with metal cleats. The midfoot is supported by an internal shank.

  • These shoes are very comfortable, very sturdy, and supportive.
  • They are durable and they last long, most reviews say they lasted for two seasons minimum.
  • The shoes are low cut and do not provide enough ankle support.
  • Some reviewers find the shoes smaller and a little stiff which makes it difficult to break into the shoes.
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7. Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Men’s Football Cleats

Best Baseball Cleats

These Nike’s are made of synthetic material. They are lightweight and durable and the external is made of mesh that adds to the flexibility of the shoes while running as a runner or a batter. The shoe fits perfectly like a glove and sticks to the foot with its unique design of a one-piece bootie.

It is knit to feel like a wrap around your ankle boosting ankle support required during baseball. The shoe maintains its traction with the ground with the carbon fiber plate with 14 cleats to give the wearer ample grip, traction, support, and speed as well.

These cleats work for football as well as baseball which is definitely what makes them worth the investment.

  • The shoe offers great ankle support.
  • They are a perfect fit for each baseball team.
  • Users love the look, the design, and the colors it is available.
  • These shoes are a great choice for young boys.
  • Some users have found them expensive.
  • No other downsides were observed.
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8. Performance Men’s PowerAlley 4 Baseball Shoe from Adidas

Best Baseball Cleats

These cleats are made of synthetic material, externally and internally. It also has a synthetic sole. The synthetic material adds flexibility and lightness to the shoe which helps you enjoy your game more than carrying the shoe around.

For abrasion resistance, it has an Adituff in the toe area which helps the wearer get a better grip on the shoe. The Ortholite sock liner helps keep odor at bay and also offers great cushioning with the attached Eva midsole.

The metal cleats’ design and configuration offer amazing friction, rotational and linear.

  • The shoes are very comfortable.
  • They look amazing and are available in a few good colors.
  • They run true to size, in terms of fit and functionality.
  • They are great value for money.
  • It is difficult to break into the shoes.
  • Many users have reported the shoes to be narrow which makes entry difficult.
  • Some users with wide feet have reported issues with sizing. If you have wide feet issues check before making a purchase.
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9. Easton New Men’s Mako 2.0 Baseball Softball Cleats

Best Baseball Cleats

These Easton cleats can be used for softball and baseball. The shoe is made of a leather exterior with perforations for breathability. The mesh tongue helps in adding more support to the ankle and the feet.

It fits snugly to the feet but at the same time there is ample air circulation in the shoe to help your feet and the shoe breathes well, keeping odor away. The compression molded sole by EVA reduces the pressure delivered exerted by the cleats and keeps the feet comfortable at all times.

The sole also comes with Griptek coated toe handles that increases durability and also offer maximum traction for all types of the field play. This is especially important for pitchers who need to dig their heels and toe in the grass.

  • The shoes are worth their price.
  • They fit well.
  • The shoes last long and are durable to last a few seasons.
  • They have great features for the affordable price at which it is offered.
  • Most people have appreciated these shoes and haven’t complained about anything. So, no specific disadvantage here.
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10. Verdero 3Q Metal Mid Baseball Cleats

Best Baseball Cleats

These newbies from the house of Verdero are metal cleats. They offer great support to the feet with a synthetic toe cap that offers resistance to abrasion. Toe cleats are made of TPU which assists in easier field penetration and traction.

It also has an external TPU heel for added stability and a TPU shank for mid and lateral support. TPU fixtures in shoes render more support and stability to the shoe.

The shoe offers enhanced grip as the insides of the sole are in line with textured sock liners that prevent the foot from slipping and hence support the traction function and offer resistance from abrasion.

  • The shoes offer a good fit.
  • They offer ample ankle support.
  • They are great value for money.
  • Durability is compromised according to a few reviewers. The external of the shoe tends to wear down faster.
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11. Under Armour Men’s UA Deception Mid DT Baseball Cleats

Best Baseball Cleats

These popular cleats use an array of Under Armour’s patented features which make them extremely versatile. The exteriors is made of synthetic material which uses the special UA Clutchfit that wraps and secures the foot and ankle very seamlessly.

This technology makes the shoe lightweight without the use of heavy sock liners for ankle support. Additional support is added with a molded tongue. The base of the shoes is made of photo-contouring 4D foam that locks in comfort and softness for the feet.

As far as cleats are concerned it uses UA DiamondTips which are made of hybrid metal and molded cleats. This mix of cleats offers added traction and all-around rotation to play baseball on any type of surface.

  • These are comfortable and extremely good-looking cleats.
  • These shoes will appeal to all, young and middle-aged.
  • These cleats tend to fit snug and hence wide options are available for choice
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12. ANLUKE Men’s Athletic High Top Cleats

Best Baseball Cleats

These are one of the most popular cleats loved by young baseballers as they are very stylish. These cleats can also be used by footballers. Made of PU leather these shoes support the feet very well. It has a flexible high-top collar that fits cozy to the ankle offering good foot support.

It uses unique transparent cleats which make the pair look funky and cool. They are very comfortable as the shoes I are made from the soft fabrics and materials that are used in structuring and designing the shoe.

  • Reviewers are raving about the ankle support provided by the shoe.
  • The quality of the shoe is up to the mark and the look of the shoe reflects in the look of the shoe.
  • The shoes are very stylish and cool.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They are mainly used for outdoor activity and can work on the turfs too.
  • They are true to size and hence accommodate all foot sizes and shapes.
  • Users with wide feet have reported a few complaints, so you can check before making a purchase.
  • The shoes are not durable and tend to tear apart fast.
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13. Rawlings Gator Low Men’s Baseball Cleats

Best Baseball Cleats

This is definitely a super bet in terms of pricing. If you are looking to make an affordable purchase for basic baseball training and wear then here is a winner. Not expecting much from the pair but surprisingly it delivers more than what the price could give.

These are molded cleats with no additional fancies other than exterior and interior made of synthetic material. They are light, super comfortable, and easy to wear.

The shoes are great for people who pursue baseball as a sporting hobby and don’t want to invest more.

  • These cleats feel good on wearing and look good as well.
  • They are extremely affordable.
  • They fit very well.
  • These shoes are not meant for professional players.
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14. Boombah Men’s Squadron Molded Mid Cleats

Best Baseball Cleats

These Boombah shoes are a steal for the utility that the price offers. With great reviews from regular baseballers, these molded cleats utilize TPU channels to allow your foot enough room space.

They are high-performance shoes that offer toe protection, great support to the ankle & heel, and add stability during rapid movements of a baseball game. The upper exterior of the shoe is seamlessly meshed and offers an aluminum finish.

The pivot ring offers rotational traction that digs in deep on stepping foot on the ground and comes off easily when the foot is lifted. The power of the shoes is enhanced by a torsion raised at the midfoot.

  • These shoes are lightweights.
  • They are very comfortable only once the wearer breaks into them.
  • They look great and are available in nice earthy shaded colors and hues.
  • People with wide feet may take time to break into their shoes.
  • Sizing issues have been reported.
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15. 3N2 Men’s Viper Turf Trainer

Best Baseball Cleats

These baseball trainers are made of professional-grade genuine suede and leather used for sporting goods. They can be used for softball or for baseball while playing indoors and outdoors as well.

They tend to relieve the pressure on the back and the knee with their feather-lite glide midsole. The outsole is made of a single-form tread pattern that provides traction and support as well. The fit and sturdiness are commendable with the TPU shank placed in the shoe.

  • Users have been raving about these shoes for their comfort.
  • The stability and the sturdiness offered by the shoe offer maximum cushioning and also support the ankles.
  • They are durable and last longer, they will last a couple of seasons minimum.
  • They are well worth the price.
  • People with wide feet have reported issues with the fitting so check before making a purchase.
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How to Choose the best baseball cleats

Baseball cleats come with many features which make it difficult for people to make a choice. Are you planning to buy a new pair of baseball cleats for the next baseball season? If yes, then there are some key pointers to help you choose the best baseball cleats for men.


When it comes to making a baseball shoe purchase people tend to research well. It is the correct thing to do as the best baseball shoes are a tad bit expensive. Hence, before you shortlist a few shoes from the affordable list of shoes we have given above you ought to set a budget in mind for the purchase.

With a number of brands offering cleats and too many options on the platter, you might get tempted to buy something that is outside your budget. Hence, prefixing the budget based on the use and the quality you want to own should help you set a realistic budget for your purchase.

Cleat Types

For all amateur buyers, here is a little brief about the types of cleats available, their advantages and their downsides as well. This will help you filter out the best baseball shoes for you.

Metal Cleats

Metal cleats are the most widely used and most commonly purchased cleats. The other types of cleats, i.e. rubber and plastic entered the market much later. Baseballers love metal cleats. This is because metal cleats tend to offer a more secure grip by fixing and piercing well into the ground or grass.

However, metal cleats can get very dangerous at times and hence at very immature ages like in high school and young club leagues metal cleats are not allowed. Always check with your league before making a purchase of metal cleats.

Rubber and Plastic cleats

If not metal then rubber or plastic cleats are best suited for a good game of baseball. These are extremely safe and offer equally good foot grip on all kinds of surfaces.

However, yes unlike the sharp spike of metal cleats, plastic and rubber cleats sometimes do have a problem penetrating through thick ground and dirt on the ground packed hard together. They are not recommended for pitchers who need more support while throwing the ball.

Molded Cleats

While molded cleats are cheaper for purchase but overall, in the long run, they may turn out to be more expensive as you might have to purchase more of them over a shorter period of time than the detachable cleats. Thinking, why?

This is because molded cleats, be it of plastic, rubber, or metal are fixed in the shoe. This means that when you want to change the cleats you will also have to change the shoes. Hence, for that reason, they are lower on utility than the detachable cleats we are talking about ahead.

Detachable Cleats

These are removable cleats that can be replaced on the shoe. These cleats are more expensive on the purchase but turn out cheaper over the long run when you just have to replace the cleats with newer studs. These cleats are preferred as they tend to affix longer studs which offer better traction on all kinds of baseball fields.

The beauty about these cleats is that you can choose studs based on the weather, and the conditions of the field and opt for long, short or medium studs. You can replace the studs when you feel they are worn out.

While we are talking about the best baseball cleats we should also highlight the most commonly used alternative of turf shoes that can be used for light practice and for playing on the turf, if you do. Turf shoes perform well on the turf and offer enough traction on synthetic surfaces.

These shoes, however, cannot be used on the playing field or mud grounds. This is because they do not have studs to penetrate in the soil or the playing field.

Do note, that they are definitely more flexible and more comfortable than cleats used on the ground.

The comfort of the Cleats

When you are busy playing a good baseball match you don’t want to concentrate on the shoe. You’d rather concentrate on the game.

So, how do you search for comfort in baseball shoes? Check for,

  • Rubber soles offer enough cushioning to the feet.
  • Exterior and interior padding of the shoes. This feature supports the ankle and offers maximum support to the foot.
  • Lightweight shoes help the baseballer run better and faster, heavy shoes weigh the runner down.
  • Look out for shoes with tongues, mesh exteriors, and perforation s as breathable shoes make it more comfortable for the runner.

Comfort to a great extent will be delivered by the ankle support that the shoes offer. The ankle support and the overall support to the shoe will be delivered by the cut length of the cleat.

The best baseball shoes offer good ankle support. Here is how you differentiate support based on the cut of the shoe. Read about the different types of cuts.

Low-cuts: These low cuts stop low, they stop below the ankle. This offers little to low support to the ankle. This is for players who indulge in more running and need agility and nimbleness to move around using the rotation of the ankle.

Mid-tops: These are the most popular and widely used cleat cuts. These cuts stop offering protection right near the ankle. They, of course, offer more protection and support than low-cut. At the same time, they offer more room and flexibility than the high-tops discussed next.

High-Tops: High tops are also known as ⅝ cut. They primarily offer stability to the entire foot and from the ankle to knee area. They restrict freedom of movement to a great extent. They are mainly used for players who indulge in a lot of lateral and sideward movements.

Stylish and On-the-Go Shoes

Who doesn’t want their shoes to be stylish? Everyone loves fashion, including men. If you too are looking for a stylish feel then do check online and offline stores for a wider variety.

You can find a massive variety of old and new models of the best baseball cleats online while in the store you might find only new stock.

Nonetheless, do keep the style in mind while scouting for a pair of baseball shoes.

Warranty & Care

Baseball is quite a rough game and can be hard on the shoes you might use during the play. Hence, make sure that you check the warranty of the shoe on the purchase. The longer the warranty on the pair the better for you. You definitely want it to last for a couple of seasons, right?

Baseball is a dirty game, played outdoors and on the grass with mud and muck. Not only do the shoes go through physical wear and tear but they also get filthy with dirt and grime which makes it difficult to clean them. Mud, dirt, and grains tend to stick on the shoes quite easily.

If you are lazy to clean then choose cleats with exteriors made of synthetic or leather. They usually are easier to clean and the dirt and muck get cleaned faster.

You can also opt for darker colors to let the shoe go unattended for a longer time. However, most good brands do give a set of cleaning instructions and tips on how to keep a pair of baseball shoes clean.

Do make sure you read those instructions before making throwing the shoes for a wash.

These are some are some of the main pointers that will help you choose the correct type of cleats and will streamline your buying process for faster checkout and yes, a more satisfactory baseball play.

The Best Baseball Cleat Fitting Guide

So, how do you know you have landed your hands on one of the best baseball cleats? Here are some signs that you are making the right choice.

  • The biggest sign that you have made the perfect choice for a pair of baseball cleats is that the shoe fits extremely well, snug to the forefoot and the back of the heel.
  • Try walking or maybe doing a small sprint in them and check for pain, any type of pressure from the studs; distributed or concentrated pressure or if you experience pressure while running, standing or walking. Walk around in them with a pair of socks for a real feel of the shoes.
  • While walking also assesses and judge the shoes for adequate comfort and flexibility for more rapid and agile movements that require flexibility in a baseball cleat.
  • Check whether the shoes are fitting well. Checking the stretchability is important as synthetics don’t stretch while the real leather cleats do tend to stretch well.
  • You can also try stretching in the cleats to check for agility in movements which is stationary. Try all movements to gauge the comfort of the shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Baseball Cleat?

Baseball cleats are specially designed shoes used by baseball players that are affixed with studs at the base of the shoe. There are various types of studs. These studs help the baseball player get a better grip and traction while playing on-field.

They also support the foot with a lace set-up for better adjustment and support to the foot. Earlier baseball players used to play with turf shoes but now cleats are widely used for baseball play on all kinds of fields. Baseball shoes can sometimes be used for as soccer shoes but one needs to check the features.

A wrong shoe type for a game type can lead to massive damage.

Can I wear Baseball cleats on turf?

No, not recommended. This is because the baseball cleats will have studs that will glide on the smoother surface or the turf. This will lead to injury. Natural surfaces like muddy grounds and grass best support the best baseball cleats.

Use only turf shoes on the turf as they will be smoother for the surface and still offer adequate grip against slippage of any type.

What is a TPU cleat?

A TPU cleat is a Thermoplastic Polyurethane cleat. It has become a new standard for plastic that is recyclable. It is used in most cases where the manufacturer mentions the use of plastic cleats. It is also used for the manufacture of hard plastic outsoles that contain the studs.

These offer lesser penetration through grass and ground, unlike metal cleats that dig in deeper.

What is the difference between a football and a baseball cleat?

Primarily it is the cleat pattern that differentiates between a baseball cleat and a soccer cleat. Soccer cleats don’t have toe spikes as they are required to kick the ground and hence they do not require friction near the toe.

It is the diamond cleat in the baseball shoes that offers distributed support throughout the shoe.

Can baseball cleats be worn for softball?

Yes, they can be worn for softball. But one needs to check the shoe specifications before doing so. Softball players find the metal cleats comfortable for all-day play due to added traction offered on the ground.

Do all cleats offer the same function?

Yes, all cleats offer the same function of adding stability and support to the shoe. However, the interesting part is that not all cleats are the same. Each game requires a different type of cleat. This makes the function of each shoe for a particular game different from the other.

Soccer shoes, baseball shoes, and softball shoes all differ as the players put pressure on the shoe at different points. Hence, outdoor sporting shoes mainly differ from each other by the cleat placement, for instance, the diamond placement for cleats is used by many brands for baseball shoes. Misuse of cleats leads to injury to the player and damage to the shoe as well.

Clearly, buying a pair of the best baseball cleats is not an easy affair. There are a lot of factors to consider and a tonne of specifications to check before picking the cleats that will be best suited for you.

This guide above should help you make the right choice for the best baseball cleats for yourself, or for your child. Are you ready for a home run?

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