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10 Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees 2020

Knee problems are a pretty common issue for the athletes and non-athletes can also have bad knees for numerous reasons. However, bad knees are a major reason for temporary disability and it makes people inactive. 

There are plenty of solutions for bad knees, including medications and exercise, but the most useful and easiest solution for many kinds of bad knee issues is wearing footwear that helps in the right alignment of feet.

Running shoes have been a critical help for people with bad knees. However, since the footwear market is full of different varieties of running shoes, finding the right shoe for relief from bad knees is not a very easy task. 

We have compiled a list of 10 best running shoes for bad knees and these shoes are different from the peer group in terms of comfort, protection, and support they provide to people who have various knee issues.

1. ASICS Gel Venture 6

Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees
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Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees
Check Current Price For Women

This is a wonderful pair for runners. A trail shoe designed intelligently to support the runners and their bad knees as well, the small details and efforts taken care of while making this pair of shoes is commendable. 

ASICS Gel Venture 6 supports runners for long as well as short running spells. The pair is highly supportive and is known for its durability.

The ASICS brand has launched various models of running shoes but Venture 6 is probably the most improved version for runners with bad knees. It has a new midsole and an attractive upper unit designed in order to give complete comfort and prevention from any shock while running. It is an ideal pair of running shoes for bad knees with excellent features and an affordable price.

Increased breathability is a prime feature of Asics Get Venture 6. It is a lot more seamless, breathable and responsive. The upper of the shoe is made of synthetic mesh material along with a design that keeps the foot dry and cool. 

The overall design is made in such a way that it provides enough airflow to the foot and lets it breathe while running. The support provided to the feet by the pair is incredible and it definitely helps in countering the uneven terrains smooth and easy.

The shoe is designed to perform at its best and stay strong whether it is on the uneven terrains or the tracks. Made with innovative technologies keeping in mind trail running, the outsole of the pair is made with AHAR rubber that makes it a very supportive pair and is an excellent design to make the pair last longer. 

The midsole is made of gel and is super comfortable on the feet. Along with the durability and stability,in the long run, the mesh material on the upper unit makes the shoe a great option for optimum performance and comfort. It is a good choice for runners having knee pain to run for a long distance without feeling much discomfort.


  • Helps in absorbing shock
  • Allows inserting your own orthotic
  • Highly durable
  • Budget-friendly


  • Can be a bit lose
  • Less-attractive design

2. Saucony Cohesion 11

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Are you looking for a multipurpose shoe fit for all your running requirements? Cohesion 11 is a well-built pair of shoes having everything that is suitable for a runner with bad knees. It is stable and durable and has the best technologies to meet the various requirements of a runner with bad knees.

With a flexible platform that keeps the feet under control without being very strict towards movements, the shoe offers dependable support to runners. The forefront of Saucony Cohesion 11 is made by IBR+rubber that is soft for the feet. The midsoles of the shoe are made of the same rubber to provide maximum flexibility. 

The pair provides great traction while the XT-900 carbon rubber of the outsole is supportive enough to handle unexpected shocks while running on the uneven surfaces. The overall verdict for the shoe is excellent due to the support, stability and durability and comfort the pair of shoes provide to runners with knee issues.

Protection is one feature that this pair possesses and the updated outsole of the shoe is proof of its increased level of protection. The Carbon Rubber outsole protects the feet and bad knees from any unfortunate occurrence while running with speed and stability. 

The foam cushioning along with injection molded EVA are useful for abrasive situations too. Despite upper being light and made of mesh material, it can save your feet from distress. The responsiveness of the pair is also notable.

The entire shoe is supportive from all angles. The cushioning on the midsole is extremely comfortable and provides immense support. The upper of Saucony Cohesion 11 is made with overlays that keep the shoe in control and offer stability to the feet. It is good for both roads as well as trails that are unexpectedly uneven. 

The people with bad knees and wanting minimal support can rely on Cohesion 11 and have a safe and secure running experience without having to spend time getting used to the shoe’s fit and composure.


  • Upper mesh is quite flexible
  • Sole is also very stable
  • Affordable price


  • Narrow fit
  • Half a size large for fit

3. New Balance 1080V7

Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees
Check Current Price For Men
Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees
Check Current Price For Women

The New Balance brand has come up with yet another model of running shoes for bad knees that is a reliable pair with some technologies and functions that make it exceptional. The 1080V7 model is a part of the Fresh Foam series and it is definitely a pair to consider if your knee issues are interfering with your running routine. 

It is easy to get rid of knee issues with the support and comfort provided by this model.

The extra cushioning and that comfort provided by the fresh foam are unique and are well appreciated by both professionals and amateurs. It is a great example of a shoe built with podiatric technologies to support and comfort runners in need of external support. 

Cushioning is a major requirement when dealing with knee pain issues and that is rightly provided by this model. It is a good training pair for marathons but can also be considered for hitting the gyms as well.

The piece of fresh foam in the midsole of the shoe is a major highlight of the shoe and it is really helpful in providing some extra comfort and support to the wearer. It helps in dealing with your knee pain while running and makes it a bit easier. 

The firmness of the midsole has got nice feedback from the avid runners while the sock-like fit provided by the upper unit is also appreciated and reviewed positively. Overall, the shoe has a great performance and is apt to give that edge and bounce needed for running for a long time.

New Balance 1080V7 is a strong and durable pair of shoes. It fits well and looks promising for a longer time. The top-notch quality material used makes it one of the best running shoes for bad knees. The shoe is cushioned well, gives a nice fit and is designed nicely. It is recommended when the knee problems are acute.


  • Shock-absorbing technology
  • Stays for a longer time
  • Made with durable rubber
  • Extra cushion for comfort and support


  • Little Expensive
  • For neutral foot

4. Mizuno Wave Rider 20

Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees
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Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees
Check Current Price For Women

Mizuno, a prime brand that makes fine sports accessories and great running shoes is a Japanese company that was found almost a century back. The shoes are designed in such a way that they meet almost every requirement of a wearer wanting a comfortable and stable running shoe for daily use, hard training sessions, or marathon.

Mizuno has come up with multiple different models of running shoes in the past years and Wave Rider is a classic series of shoes that have seen gradual improvement over the years. The Wave Rider 20 has great functionalities and is a lightweight, stable, durable and extremely comfortable model suitable for running when one has a bad knee.

The outsole of the shoe is an important thing that everyone should notice before buying any pair of running shoes for bad knees. A good nicely cushioned sole can prevent knee pains and other injuries as well. 

The outsole of this pair is made up of both hard and soft rubber while one can find hard Carbon Rubber that gives support to the feet and in the areas near the forefeet. There is a satisfactory grip of the shoe for the feet while running that makes it a good pair for knee problems.

The best change that has come into the Rider series in the 20th version is definitely the weight. The shoe is way lighter and represents a stylish pair of running shoes that are nicely built a modern design and features like comfort, breathability, stability, and flexibility. 

As compared to other versions of Wave Rider series, the weight has been decreased to the tune of 100 grams to let runners rely on the brand for a good fit and optimum comfort.


  • Very lightweight
  • Breathable from the upper unit
  • Sole with cushioning and soft rubber
  • Absorption of heel strike


  • Fit is narrow
  • Not good for terrain

5. Nike Dart 12

Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees
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When it is about running shoes, Nike is one of the biggest producers that is highly popular amongst users. This model of Nike is a specialized pair of running shoes for bad knees. It is specially made in order to address people’s knee pain problem and help in preventing the same. Nike Dart 12 is an excellent pair that makes sure no issues crop up while running effortlessly.

The pair is helpful in preventing bad knees and gives the runners a comfortable yet stylish ride. Most of the specialized Dart 12 shoes are comfortable, attractive and stable and come with a great design. The pair is made in such a way that it comforts the feet while being responsive which makes it a great and a must-have product for runners, especially if they suffer from knee issues.

The durability of the shoe is unquestionable as it is made with Carbon Rubber high-quality outsoles that help them last longer and stay durable for long. For running extra miles and a longer period of time, these shoes are out of ordinary. 

They have mesh-vents that help increase the ventilation inside the shoe and let it breathe superbly to make it comfortable for the runners even in warm conditions. It has good cushion and a solid structure that is good for daily use & for non-professional runners as well.

Nike Dart 12 has a full-length midsole that can protect the feet from any shock or injuries as it is padded inside to give extra comfort to the feet. The stability and extremely responsive design help the shoe provide stability while the solid arch support provided by the shoes molded midfoot is notable too. 

The shoe is extremely lightweight and makes it easy for the runners to carry on even for longer runs. The supportive pair is a great option for general people that offers an excellent fit without being too loose or too tight.


  • The outsole is durable and long lasting
  • Quite budget-friendly
  • Breathable
  • Great fit


  • Sizing issues

6. Hoka One One Bondi 5

Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees
Check Current Price For Men
Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees
Check Current Price For Women

Hoka is known for the confidence it has in the Bondi model and its one of the smoothest options for the people having bad knees. It is one of the best running shoes for bad knees currently. It is easy to carry, very stable and a comfortable pair that provides great fit and stability to the feet while running.

It is the first trail running shoe and a lot of hard runners rely on it for outshining performance. With an EVA midsole for best comfort and soft ride, One Bondi 5 has a fit better than the older versions of the series. Be it the lightweight or the 3D print puff, it is a very reliable and stable pair of shoes for daily running, workout, and marathons.

For providing ultimate comfort and a great experience, this Hoka One Onemodel has come up with a full-length midsole made of EVA and some of the best technologies to increase its smooth ride and comfortable experience intact. It is good for bad knees too as it gives extra support on the heel and the upper to prevent the feet from any injury even on long-running sessions. 

It is neither too tight nor too loose to make things work during the running sessions. It is a road running-shoe perfect for marathons or trail roads and can withstand most of the demanding situations a runner may face while running on uneven trails.

The One OneBondi 5 running shoes balances exclusive features and lightweightness with the 3D print puff frame on it that makes it lightweight yet do not feel bulky or heavy at all. It is always important to pick lightweight shoes for long runs or it can cause problems or injuries apart from increasing knee pain as well.


  • The toe box is wide
  • Quite stable for long-running
  • Feels lightweight
  • Various color options
  • Well-cushioned


  • Uncomfortable fit Initially

7. Brooks Glycerin 15

Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees
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Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees
Check Current Price For Women

The best and foremost highlight of Brooks Glycerin 15 model is definitely its high mileage. It understands the requirements of a runner and knows well about the needs of a heavy-duty marathon runner. 

Brooks is a great brand and has been doing very well in the field and this model is one of the best models that is nicely cushioned to give comfort and support to the runners having bad knees.

Glycerin 15 is intelligently built to give a mileage that helps people run faster for a longer time. It can be difficult to keep running for a longer time without any hassle and the mileage plays an important part in longer running sessions. 

This model is great to overcome the stress and also helps in overcoming potential injuries in between. It is lightweight, supportive and a nicely designed shoe that can woo anyone with its performance and looks.

The sole of Brooks Glycerin 15 is made to lessen the impact of the ground on the feet so that the feet rest well inside the shoe and does not feel any stress. The resistant rubber used between the midsole and the ground helps in absorbing shocks or injury liable to the feet during running. 

It also provides better traction with its grooves and has excellent flexibility. With great performance and support to the foot joints to have full articulation for better comfort and stability, Glycerin 15 is an airy shoe for tough runs.

The upper unit is a highlight of the Brooks design and is made up of 3D stretch print overlays that look attractive and are comfortable for the feet. The 3D stretch can satisfy both the requirements of having a breathable and flexible shoe at the same time. 

It lets the air flow without any blockage and keeps the feet cool and dry for a longer time. In short, in terms of stability, breathability, and stretch-ability, Brooks Glycerin 15 is an outstanding option or runners with bad knee issues.


  • High Mileage
  • Highly cushioned for good support
  • Looks appealing
  • A better fit


  • Can cost a bit more

8. ASICS Gel Kayano 24

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ASICS is once again proving its mettle with an excellent model of Gel Kayano 24. A loyal model for all the runners, especially for those running for marathons, as it is compatible with all their requirements including maintaining the pace and quality to match the high standards. 

There have been slight improvements in this model compared to the earlier version but still, it is a lot similar to the Kayano 23. It has kept in mind the complaints of the wearer about the 23rd version and has incorporated the changes in this one. 

The toe space of the shoe is wider, the comfort level is better, and the stability is more palpable. There are lots of other features in the Kayano 24 that can satisfy people having bad knees. It is protective and the sole is quite soft and comfortable.

The main feature or highlight of the shoe is definitely its outsole that is made with ASICS IGS or Impact Guide System that was incorporated keeping overpronation in mind. It is a very smart feature that saves the foot when it is lifted upwards and when it strikes back on the ground. 

This decreases the chances of an injury and helps in dividing the weight of the body to not just effect on the edge of the shoe to reduce overpronation.

The upper of the shoe is made with ASICS’s own Fluidfit technology where the upper unit of the shoe is made with a mesh that feels like a glove and offers extreme comfort to the wearer. This feature lets the feet breathe and lets it stay more flexible while the feet transitions from one mode to another while running. 

The toe box is less tight than the previous models, an improvement that makes the shoes more reliable and comforting to the people with bad knees. However, there is an advice to go for half a size up for better comfort.


  • Stable for overpronation
  • Heel made with gel
  • Breathable and flexible
  • Reliable in performance


  • Can't find any

9. New Balance 890 V5

Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees
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Featuring in the list of top 10 best running shoes for bad knees, the New Balance 890 V5 is one of the top 5 models of the brand. Built nicely with features for people with painful knees the shoe offers some of the best results and running experiences to runners. 

New Balance has made some changes and updates to let the shoe perform exceptionally good at high temperatures and the shoe is very responsive, comfortable, and supportive at the same time.

The 890 model is for people needing comfort as their first priority as it gives that needed support to the feet while running for longer times. The cushioned sole is its USP and the midsole made up of REVlite material to keep it soft yet supporting for bad knees makes the shoe exceptionally supportive.

 It prevents knee pain and saves the feet from overpronation. It makes a huge difference for the people suffering from knee pains with the comfort and stability that deserve mention without a second thought. The 890 V5 is one of the best and most reliable models of New Balance.

Despite the updates and changes are done in the model from the previous ones, the breathability function of the shoe remains almost the same. People can still feel the airflow from the upper unit that is made of mesh material to allow the airflow, making it easy for the feet to rest in. 

This may cause a bit of problem in the winters or cold weather but the V5 is still a great shoe. The shoe fits perfectly and does not make movements difficult which makes it totally worthy to spend money on for a better and more cohesive experience.


  • Fantom Fit design
  • Extremely Breathable
  • Responsive cushion made with REVlite
  • Easy fit and good grip


  • A bit narrow toe-box

10. ASICS Gel Nimbus 20

Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees
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Check Current Price For Women

The ASICS Gel Nimbus series has reached its 20th model which makes it obvious to realize that the series is doing well and satisfying people’s needs to a great extent. It is a marathon shoe that delivers results for the people having bad knees suffering from constant knee discomfort. 

It has the features people look for in any running shoe. It has good mileage, it is comfortable, it looks good and relieves pain as well.

The ASICS Gel Nimbus 20 is a neutral shoe fit for your long runs and competitive enough to beat the rest. There are some smart technologies used in the making that gives it a perfect heel region to support and balance the feet. A gel sole is also included in the design for softer experience and comfortable ride.

Heel Clutching System is a highlight of the shoe that lets the kind of support needed for people having bad knees. The system improves the support and also gives a great fit at the back of the shoe. It enables the feet to rest effortlessly while running and does not cause any pressure on the knees as well. 

The sole also has soft rubber that wraps the feet biomechanically without causing any hassle. Overstriding is also not an issue with this model.

The Fluidride technology used in the sole for extra cushioning is a great effort and a notable change in the shoe. It increases the overall durability of the pair and makes it last longer for better performance. These technologies are used without making the shoe bulky while the pair stays lightweight and comfy when used in rigorous conditions as well. 

The Gel in the midsole is similar to the previous models and works for the runners well enough. The toe box is wider to let the feet breathe and move properly and not to make it constrained in the front.


  • Heel area makes it comfortable and stable
  • The midsole is nicely cushioned and is long lasting
  • Breathable upper
  • Nice colors and designs


  • Still Narrow

Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees Buyer's Guide:

Following are the important factors to consider while picking the best and most suited running shoes for bad knees:


No matter what one is willing to pick for normal daily jogs or looking for strict running shoes for bad knees, comfort is always a critical priority for runners. People need to pick shoes that do not irritate or cause any kind of discomfort due to the sole, the upper material, or the overall size. 

Consider all the factors wisely before picking a running shoe for knee problems.


While running, the feet need extra support from the running shoes to hold up and control the pattern of the feet nicely so that there is no injury and the feet stay protected from overpronation. The heel gives maximum support in a shoe and one needs to keep this in mind while making a purchase.


When you are making a choice for normal running shoes for jogging or running, protection might not be that important but when you are finding a pair for bad knees, protection is non-avoidable at any cost. Make sure you buy a pair that protects your feet from pains, supination, and injuries.

Long Lasting

Nobody would like to invest in a pair that breaks down after a while. Since the best running shoes for bad knees ask for palpable investment, it is important to look for a pair that is durable and can stay intact for a longer period of time.

FAQs related to Running Shoes for Bad Knees:

What are some important features of running shoes?

The best and most significant features that one needs to look for in a pair of running shoes are a comfort, support, durability and cost of the pair. It, however, depends on the brand you are choosing and the amount you are willing to pay for your shoes. 

Make sure you take the right decision based on the budget you make and the comfort you get in return.

What is the price of buying a good running shoe?

Well, it depends on a lot of factors and there is no exact price that can be determined as there is no limit on how much one would want to spend. But an ideal price can be around $50 to $100 which is a large bracket for anyone to get what you need from a good and a reliable brand. 

It is, however, necessary to get a pair of shoes that fits your requirements and does not burn a hole in your pocket as well. You can check out the buyer’s guide to know the important factors for making a good and relevant choice.

Why do people with bad knees need to run?

It is not necessary for people to run with bad knees and they should first consult a doctor and look for prominent measures to cure it. But still, there are people who wish to continue running despite a knee pain. 

They may be prone to painful experiences while running and it is always better to take precaution in advance than later regretting it and having a worsened condition of the knees. People can purchase specialized running shoes for bad knees so as to continue running without the fear of getting injured or experiencing pain in the knees.

Why is considering the terrain necessary?

A smooth terrain offers a different experience than the difficult one. Running shoes might help in successfully achieving the goal but the results may vary. No matter how many features your running shoes may have, it doesn’t guarantee completerelaxation. 

Therefore, it is always recommended to choose a smooth terrain for the better running experience. A smooth terrain is always better for injured knees as it helps in reducing the discomfort and pain apart from saving the shoes from breakdown.

What protection can running shoes provide?

Specialized running shoes are made to protect your feet from injuries and help in preventing knee pain or other issues of the feet. The technologies in the running shoes, including the shock absorbing quality that helps in preventing the feet, the feature of detecting whether the feet are up or are resting on the heel, there can be many protection measures that can reduce the efforts you make. 

The good running shoes offer an altogether better experience while running if the right brand with the right features is chosen in times of need and according to the conditions of the feet.

We really hope you get the idea of choosing the best running shoes for bad knees.

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