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10 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet 2020

Flat feet can cause a lot of problems when they are paired with an unfitting pair of shoes. Although many people tend to overlook the issues, flat feet can be a major disabler of an individual from day to day activities. 

There is no easy permanent cure for people having flat feet, but with a little care, one can completely remove the disadvantages flat feet cause in normal day to day lives.

One of the most popular and useful ways to lessen the kind of discomforts one has due to flat feet is wearing a supportive, comfortable and well-fitting footwear. 

Although there are many options of shoes for the people having flat feet, here are the best running shoes for flat feet that can help one to get rid of the issue and live an active and joyful life without ever having to care for the conditions of their feet.

Best Running Shoes for flat feet
Check Current Price for Men
Best Running Shoes for flat feet
Check Current Price for Women

This brand is famous for producing plenty of popular shoes. People know it that Brooks will come up with a new improved version of running shoes with all the required capabilities for runners. 

Brooks shoes are popular as multipurpose shoes that can satisfy most of the runners, including the ones having flat feet. The GTS Series where GTS stands for ‘Go-to-shoe’ is a great shoe to help people with flat feet and the 18th version is in no way negligible when we look for the best pairs.

Brooks is a company which focuses on making running shoes and the GTS 18 comes at an affordable price. The new feature added in each new pair of shoes is what makes it an impressive Brand is the GTS 18 model is one of the best versions they have made to date.

The best feature of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 is its lightweight and a substantial cushioning provided to it to balance its support and provide a comfortable experience to its users. The look was fresh and promising when GTS 18 was released and the softness of both the sole and the upper shoe was incredible in all ways. 

It definitely makes sense for flat feet runners to carry this pair of shoes with them while they are on the go to take less stress on their feet and also to avoid any kind of injury.

The sole is the most important part of a pair especially when it is a running shoe. Brooks sole unit has a special feature of Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) which means it has both plastic and hardened foam to keep it stable for long. It is also very safe and protective for people with flat feet. 

The BioMoGo included throughout the sole is a biodegradable matter used in place of EVM foam. This is great change brought by Brooks which to make highly comfortable and easy to balance running shoes for people having flat feet.


  • A very attractive upper design.
  • Soft colors mixed intelligently.
  • Lightweight shoe, easy to run with complete support
  • Lightweight shoe, easy to run with complete support


  • Not very well constructed
  • High heel drop clashing at times

2. ASICS Gel Kayano 25

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Check Current Price for Men
Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Check Current Price for Women

When we talk about the great stability of a pair of shoes, ASICS Gel Kayano 25 is the one which definitely comes on top. 

ASICS has launched many pairs of shoes in 25 years of existence but this one is surely one of its best launches to date. The brand has a commitment to come with new features and excellent stability every time. 

The Kayano 25 has some glorious colors to please people looking for style and good looks. Overall, it is a very reliable pair and is among the best running shoes for flat feet.

The most appreciative feature of Kayano 25 is that it is extremely capable to withstand long runs because it has a great mix of new and old technologies and is an improved version of a shoe series that has seen many seasons. The stability in terms of its quality, reliability and running capability is smooth and unbeatable. 

It gives a needed push and bounce that makes it easier for people with flat feet to run comfortably and avoid injuries. It is definitely good for those runners who are aspiring to run longer distances such as for marathons or who are intending to buy a reliable pair of shoes for harsh training.

The upper of Kayano 25 is impressive and it is neither too loose nor very tight for the feet. It fits well and keeps your feet in hold for a longer time. Brooks has used Jacquard mesh upper which keeps it stable for the feet and does not make it saggy or loose for you. 

A lot of pairs of shoes lack the durability needed to runners. The Kayano 25 is highly durable and will not break down even after running for miles for a long time. 

The shoe lets air pass through it and makes it really comfortable for the feet to rest inside. It has the quality of drying up quickly and not soaking in water for a long time which is also required in case you run in wet conditions.


  • Better improvisations with good quality technologies used on it
  • A very reliable sole and a midsole with two parts
  • Cushion-like feels, better hold and stable while running.


  • The sole unit is a bit bulky than others
  • The high-end price can be a put-off for many runners
  • Not many people have like the new color options

3. Saucony Redeemer ISO 2

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Check Current Price for Men
Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Check Current Price for Women

With too many shoes being manufactured according to people’s preferences and comfort, there is a huge confusion among flat feet runners to decide which is a more suitable pair for them and which is not. 

Certainly, if we talk about Saucony Redeemer ISO 2, it is one of the best-rated shoes built with traditional technologies with decent good looks and stability. It is very well constructed and is always reliable when it comes to staying fit. 

It is a high-end pair which is made intelligently with all details fit for the people with flat feet. Other than the fact that the heel of the shoe is way too wide, the overall pair looks stunning and is capable of long-running sessions as well.

Since the sole unit of any shoe is a prime feature, it is important to check if it is comfortable for your feet or not. The Redeemer has put quite an effort to make its sole extremely soft but responsive. It is a well-constructed sole which looks premium and is absolutely stunning with the impressive ISO fit system. 

The sole is flat and is made with standard foam which makes it sturdy and high in terms of stability. The complete EVERUN layer makes it even softer and gives it a bouncy feel while landing on the ground.

There are very few pairs of shoes that satisfy runners with both the inner and the upper side. Along with its excellent sole unit, Redeemer ISO 2 has an upper which seizes your attention for a while. 

It is very flexible and is absolutely comfortable because it is made of Saucony’s ISO fit system that makes the shoe sturdy and a fabulous fit on your feet almost seamlessly. 

Though it can be a bit warm for summers it is still breathable to a great extent.


  • A stable pair with good construction and sole
  • Made with EVERUN cushioning
  • Soft Sole
  • Impressive upper unit


  • A wide heel which makes feet slip
  • The inside is way too warm for summers

4. Brooks PureCadence 7

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
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Check Current Price for Women

After Brooks PureCadence 6 model that definitely set some high standards in the terms of its sole and design, the 7th version was long awaited by Brooks fans. 

For those expecting too many variations in the sole unit, they must know that it is just the same as 6. The height of the forefoot is increased a bit which makes it good for people who tend to get big holes in their shoes.

For longer running, it has a comfortable fit which is liked by many and is definitely soothing. The upper of this pair is reworked and looks more supportive than the earlier one. 

It is a bit floppy and lighter than the 6 which is an add-on for sure. It is a good product launched by Brooks and the height and width of the ankle of the shoe is an advantage for the flat feet people.

One of the prime features of Brooks PureCadence 7 is the rarely found midsole material that customizes on the basis of the feel of the feet of the runner such as their fit, weight, speed etc. so that they can get a comfortable ride all time of their run. The shoe is made with BioMoGo technology which makes it eco-friendly as well. 

The grip of the pair has gained many compliments since it gives a tight fit to the feet and keeps it in control while running. It also protects the feet from getting injured or facing any issues when used by the flat feet people.

Many flat feet runners face this problem that most of the shoes are not just true to their sizes and so the wearers have to rather compromise with either a loose pair or a tight one. PureCadence 7 is definitely awesome in this criterion. 

It gives a very effortless fit and style for runners. The upper fit looks great on the legs which make it even more appealing than the 6 models. 

The best change notable in this pair is, however, definitely the increased height of the heel.


  • Cushion-like sole and very responsive
  • Lightweight in structure
  • Higher and solid heel
  • Quite stable and supportive


  • Might be loose from the heel
  • It can scuff in forefeet

5. Mizuno Wave Inspire 14

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
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Check Current Price for Women (Black)
Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Check Current Price for Women (Dapple Gray)

There is hardly any complaint about this amazing pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 14. It is one of the finest running shoes for flat feet with absolutely no setbacks. 

It’s not that this is the first pair which is so excellently built but all the models of Mizuno till date has been great. It is continuing to produce some very soft and stable pieces which fit well enough and are also very comfortable for the flat feet. 

Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 is definitely one of the best out of the lot. The first impressions for the pair of shoes have been impressive for most of the testers of the shoe.

Though there have been some minimalistic changes from the earlier models, less is more for this brand. They continue to have a traditional design on upper and in the midsole that is only done by Mizuno and no other brand till date. The height and weight have definitely hit up, but the shoe is still very substantial for flat feet.

The upper of the shoe is just one of the highlighted features about it. It is not very seamless or is not made of knits but is still very supportive and looks amazing in design. When we talk about comfort, it is difficult to beat this amazing pair. It is very good in fit and keeps your feet stable for a long run. 

You would not want to stop using this pair for a long period of time; it is that incredible. Perfect from all sides be it to heel, midfoot or the toe, the pair has a mesh upper with a synthetic layer on it. It fits well and does not restrict your feet in any manner.

The next big and important thing in this pair is its ultra-soft sole which is a commendable change. The midsole is made of two different foam compounds which are absolutely lightweight and is also responsive. The thermo-plastic wave in the entire shoe makes it highly stable for runners. 

The ultimate power of the pair is its softness, right stability and of course a comforting underfoot.


  • A soft cushion like structure
  • The attractive and comfortable upper side
  • Excellent stability
  • Locked heel, good fit and wrapped midfoot


  • A little bit expensive
  • 12mm drop can be a bit on the high side for few runners

6. ASICS Gel DS Trainer 23

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Check Current Price for Men
Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Check Current Price for Women

Asics is a popular name in the field of running shoes. It is continuing to prove its worth with every other model it is launching. It has won many hearts with this DS Trainer 23 due to its support, design,and excellence in performance. 

It has again launched its best uptown trainer with some additions and improvisations with a mesh upper that wraps your feet on just the right places.

The 23rd edition brought by ASICS is one of the best pairs of the brand is subsequently the longest standing shoes for runners with flat feet. It is a flagship shoe which is great and when compared with other models of ASICS, it does not lack in any feature at all. 

It is a medium supportive running shoe which is priced good. It is really great in running for long duration and gives notable extra support to the feet.

Despite no bigger changes to its sole from the earlier DS Trainer 22, it has come up with this new fancy Flytefoam midsole which is in comparison a lot lighter than others. It is proving to be quite sturdy, firm on feet and looks promising to last long. 

The sole in the forefeet is excellent because it provides an extra grip and holds to the feet and gives proper support even in demanding conditions. 

There has been a 10mm drop and use of best technologies like Dynamic Duomax medial foam and the Propulsion Trusstic plastic shank makes it stable and strong option for runners with flat feet.

The shoe has always been known for its narrow design which is its USP and people know it now well in the 23rd model of the DS Trainer series. This time the upper is changed with ‘Adapt Mesh’ which can wrap your foot and keep it sturdy throughout. 

The pair is very comfortable and is breathable optimally. It is very convenient for bad weather conditions and stays in control even in wet and warm conditions. 

The stretch of the pair might be a little issue, hence going a size up can be effective.


  • Reliable for training and is supportive
  • Light in weight
  • Midsole is bouncy
  • Better upper unit with an Adapt Mesh


  • Less stretchable with a narrow fit
  • Fewer color varieties

7. Hoka One One Gaviota

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Check Current Price for Men
Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Check Current Price for Women

A less weighing pair of shoes having best sole quality, a good upper unit and a supportive structure make it none other than Hoka One One Gaviota running shoes. 

It is one of the significant and best running shoes for flat feet and no one shall deny its utility. It is a perfect, stable pair of shoes which has all the features required to runners having flat feet. The shoe weighs less, has a 5mm drop and a motion controlling technique and is also super comfortable. 

On the basis of its look and design, there are chances to dislike it a bit as most of the motion control running shoes tend to look less attractive and same is true with the Hoka shoes as well. But the stability, comfort, and materials used are the stuff no one can complain about in this pair of shoes.

Gaviota is no different than other models of Hoka, it is also a pair with high sole where your feet get wrapped in the midsole getting rightly aligned for the time of running. 

The sole unit of Hoka is what everybody talks about. It is made of RMAT i.e. a mix of rubber of the brand and EVA which is a great combination and keeps the shoe lightweight giving it superior cushioning. The sole is exceptionally soft and responsive and is effective for all runners with flat feet.

There are different types of styles one can find in the upper unit of the shoes and it gets difficult at times to know what works best for whom. There can be knitted uppers or sewed ones with foam, and then there are these 3D printed overlays upper which give a kind of structure to the shoes and also keep it protected with a nice fit. 

The fit of the heel and the midfoot is something people would like in Hoka One One Gaviota as it is not too tight. It is very good even for those who have very flat feet. Your feet will not slip or get uncomfortable inside and will rest nicely without causing any problem whatsoever.


  • A cushioned sole that is soft but responsive
  • High stability and good fit
  • Lightweight and very comfortable
  • Number of different colors to choose


  • Narrow toe box making it uncomfortable

8. Nike Air Zoom Structure 20

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Check Current Price for Men
Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Check Current Price for Women

Nike is the top brand difficult to beat by others. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular brands that we have and all for good reasons. It is known because of great style, quality, and comfort. 

This pair of Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is just perfect for all flat feet people as it has all the right things in right places. It is important to pick a pair which is comfortable to wear and is also stable and secure from pronation which is common with flat-feet people. This pair has the best technologies right from the heel to toe. 

It has a dynamic fit and is made with great materials to keep it flexible for long running. It is very lightweight and has an excellent design like all its other models and there is nothing wrong if one falls in love with its effortless design and structure.

When it comes to performing well, Nike is a brand that never lacks behind. It has always done best in the industry and has managed to satisfy its customers with all its models till date. Same is with the Air Zoom Structure 20. The product promises great stability for the runners with flat feet even for long runs. 

The midfoot is supported by the dynamic fit technology whereas the laces are made with Flywire cables for nice support in the front. The Deep Flex grooves add flexibility to the pair which increases its capability and performance. It is suitable for both hard runners and joggers and is extremely comfortable.

Different materials are used in making the shoe comfortable and strong at the same time. The fact that this pair is so intelligently constructed that it is breathable and is also durable at the same time. 

The shoe is made up of seamless Flymesh which enhances its overall quality even more. They are well-cushioned on the inner side as well for the best use even for daily purposes. 

The drop in this pair is 10mm for both men and women which is quite decent. Overall, it is a high stability pair and is responsive for flat feet too.


  • Long-lasting and supportive for runners
  • Breathable upper for best comfort
  • 12 different colors
  • Great cushioned fit


  • No reflective surfaces

9. Nike LunarGlide 9

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Check Current Price for Men
Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Check Current Price for Women

Most of the people prefer buying a simple yet elegant pair of shoes which can keep their feet comfortable and help them in running effortlessly. Nike LunarGlide 9 is a very comfortable and simple pair which gives a classic look of running shoes and also holds your feet for long-term running. 

Since people wish for lightweight shoes yet responsive, this is one of the best-suited pairs of running shoes which shall satisfy all needs of a person having flat feet. It has best technologies such as Dynamic support, Flywire cables and crash pads for comfort and security. It is a superbly built pair efficient for flat feet that also comes in various colors and styles.

Though this pair has a bit of narrow fit, it fits excellent to people having medium size measurements and not very large feet. It is made with exposed foam on the heel and the forefoot areas which makes it highly comfortable and flexible and also supportive for overpronation. 

Dynamic support technology is extremely commendable and enhances its performance to a great level. The upper part of the shoe is a little bit different from the previous models. It is made a bit thick keeping in mind the injuries flat feet people tend to get while running.

The cushioning and sole is obviously important, and people cannot ignore this feature while picking the shoes for themselves. The built of this pair is very strong and stable because of the fact that it is made with Lunarion cushioning which consists of two different types of foam. One is firm foam carrier, and another is lightweight foam core. 

This extra support is a great add-on to the pair and definitely makes it reliable.


  • Excellent support with Dynamic technology
  • Variety of colors and simple design
  • Crash pads for better stability
  • Lunarion cushioning for comfort


  • Not able to incorporate custom orthotics
  • Narrow fit

10. Asics GT-2000 5

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Check Current Price for Men
Check Current Price for Women

Considering it from the point of users and their liking, ASICS has been one of the favorites because of its continuous improvements and better models, and the company has become the finest producer of running shoes especially for flat feet. 

All of its models have been of top-notch quality and so is the GT-2000 5. 

This pair is known to be incredible because of its strong support, vertical flex, and a flexible groove which make it super comfortable for people having flat feet. It has that cushioning which protects feet from any shock or injury.

This model is specifically made for people to deal with overpronation and protect flat feet while running. This problem usually occurs when your body weight is shifted to the edge of your feet rather than the ball of the feet which makes your feet flat and low-arched. 

The pair is made with a technology that increases the shoe’s overall performance and also makes it very durable and stable.

Comfort and cushioning are the USP of ASICS shoes. They have a heel drop of 10mm which is equally supportive for flat feet. 

Forefoot cushioning is of DURA sponge and the outsole is made of AHAR rubber taking the shoe’s durability to a whole new level apart from making it very comfortable and good-feeling.  


  • DURAsponge outsole for comfort
  • 10mm heel gradient for durability
  • Variety of colors


  • A bit expensive

Buying guide for running shoes for flat feet


The design and structure of the running shoes are most important as usually shoes for flat feet are bit heavier due to its material and extra input; hence people look for lighter weight shoes which can be easily chosen from the varieties available these days.


Most of the people having flat feet do not become serious about the issue and stay careless for it. It is important to note that the right running shoes are a must for flat feet in order to avoid any injuries and stay free from pain. 

The pair of shoes you choose must be of good stability and comfort and should be well constructed from hell-to-toe.


No matter what we buy, budget and price is something that plays the most significant role in decision-making. The more you are willing to pay, the better features you. 

But then, finding the right and most suitable running shoes in your budget is the key. 

Buying running shoes for flat feet can be expensive than regular running shoes for sure hence it is necessary to invest in a worthy pair of shoes for your flat feet.

FAQs related to Running Shoes for Flat Feet

1. Is it possible to run with flat feet?

Flat feet is not a problem which can resist you from running, the only deal is that you should use specialized running shoes for flat feet which are made to give comfort and stability to the feet just how it wants and protects it from overpronation.

2. Do flat feet men and women have separate running shoes?

It depends on the model and brand of the running shoes you prefer. These days most of the brand are launching unisex models and thus it gets easier to pick for both men and women. Still one should research well before picking and choose the most suitable one only.

3. How to know if a pair of shoes is suitable for flat feet?

You always have to research and find out your best pair rather than just randomly keeping your hands on something you regret later. 


Try and read more and more reviews of the brand and the model before deciding and look for its description which will help you to understand its stability, comfort, sole unit, material, upper design, structure, and ore just like the list given above.

4. How to get a perfect fit for my running shoes?

The fit can be a big problem for flat feet people and hence one should re-measure their foot size more often than they do in order to know the right size they need to pick. 

Sometimes a pair too tight or loose can make it uncomfortable for runners and thus keeping a check on your size is the key for it. Try and take advice from those who have flat feet or read reviews to get a clearer picture.

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