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10 Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints 2020

Shin Splints can be a major problem threatening you to withdraw from your daily schedule consisting of running, and there are reasons to do so because splints make running a very demanding activity as the painful shins stop you from being fully active in your day to day life. 

Not needing to mention, a shin splint is also a very painful and debilitating condition runner often face which is pretty common in all parts of the globe.

There are numerous treatments of shin splints but the most effective and least pervasive one is to wear fitting footwear that augments the natural orientation of the shin. 

However, choosing the right pair of shoes or a pair of running shoes for that matter is not a child’s play. Provided you are interested enough to know about the best options available, here are the 10 best running shoes for shin splints that can work wonders in alleviating the major symptoms, including the discomfort that plagues you temporarily.

1. ASICS Gel Kayano 21

Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints
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Asics is a fast-growing company which is in no mood to stop producing best running shoes for all and pretty frequently too. Kayano 21 is again a great product which came up on the 21st anniversary of the brand. 

The series of Kayano model has been taken very positively by the users. People have liked the model ever since it has hit the markets and that is the reason it has reached so far to produce as many as 21 versions of the shoe.

It is definitely a level higher from the previous ones and has come up with more comfort, stability,and support for people having shin splints. It is a great pair for feet problems and is rather one of the best running shoes for mid to long distances with shin splints usually. The smart technologies used in the making of the shoe have made it lightweight and extremely reliable.

The outsole heel pad which is surely a wise take as it can reduce the number of injuries people get while running and can also determine foot strike to avoid overpronation along with absorbing the shocks received while running. Injuries are very common for runners especially for those doing it for longer distances, hence it is necessary to balance your feet on the heel and have cushioned sole to help in safeguarding your feet from any kind of shock or injury. 

The model gives the right cushioning for best support along with hard rubber that extends in the inner side to ease the balance and landing of the feet on the ground.

The design of upper of Kayano 21 is made with mesh material and ASICS’s very own FluidFit technology. This technology and design of upper unit makes it fit like a glove and gives the perfection runners look for while taking strenuous routes. 

Even though it fits very well, it is not at all suffocating and is quite breathable on the upper side. The air flow remains adequate and it is a plus point of this pair. An inner lining has been incorporated in the shoe which ensures comfort and heat insulation with optimum flexibility.


  • Very stable and comfortable
  • Sock liner included
  • Very lightweight
  • Well-structured


  • Not so good flexibility
  • Bad traction and responsiveness
  • Size can run smaller

2. Mizuno Wave Inspire 13

Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints
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Wave Inspire series of running shoes does not need an introduction to the runners. It is a very popular line which is continuing because of its great performance and people’s excellent response and love towards it. 

Mizuno has come up with yet another Inspire 13 which has a more specialized and unique system for controlling pronation and is also very stable for shin splints.

The model has a good amount of cushioning and has incorporated its own Wave technology which is a commendable choice for running enthusiasts. This technology has been used in other neutral shoes of Mizuno as well but in Inspire 13 it is put in to increase the stability for runners having shin splints. It is not very reliable for long runs but with the right cushioning and a bit more stability, it is good for daily jogging or running for few miles occasionally.

The most notable highlight of Wave Inspire 13 is definitely the increased cushioning in the sole. The shoe has been made with two types of cushioning material, one is the U4IC cushioning which was earlier used in the other models and has made a comeback in the midfoot area. 

It gives padding for better responsiveness and also makes the shoe lightweight. The other is the new U4ICX cushioning that is incorporated in the heel to give a better ride experience to the runners apart from supporting them while running fast.

Upper unit of a shoe is a very important area – with the looks that it creates, the comfort is a more relevant issue with the upper as it decides how good a shoe can be for you. The upper unit of Inspire 13 is highly progressive and is made with Airmesh fabric which makes the shoe lightweight and extremely breathable. 

The best part about the upper is the Dynamotion Fit technology that ensures a perfect fit to give you good comfort and ease while you are running with shin splints. The insole of this pair is removable for people who would want to insert orthotic in it to allow more personalization and comfort for oneself.


  • Excellent upper design with mesh material
  • Very breathable and lightweight
  • Good stability and durability
  • Best fit and responsive
  • Broad toe box


  • No reflective features
  • Cushioning can get flat with time
  • Heavier than the earlier model

3. Saucony Zealot ISO 2

Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints
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Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints
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Saucony has come up with many running shoes in the past and has been doing well with its models that are specialized to heal pain and other issues faced by runners. Zealot ISO 2 is one such model which not only gives comfort and nice custom-like fit but also ensures no issues for shin splints while running. 

It is a good and reliable pair for most of your requirements from a shoe when you are suffering from splints.

The cushioning and fit are the most notable highlights of the model. It has used the ISOFIT technology to give the personal and desired fit from your shoe as if it is just made for you. It fits like a glove but that does not mean that it lacks in other features like support and stability. It is a stable and breathable pair with right responsiveness for daily runners.

The best highlight and improvement in this model of Saucony is definitely the increased cushioning. It has increased about 20% cushioning from the earlier models making it of 9.5 ounces approximately. The cushioning is relevant for shin splints since people need the kind of support and comfort from the sole which can enable them to run faster without any fear of getting hurt or feeling any pain in the legs. 

The Tri-flex sole composition is used to make the shoe able to widen the area of dispersion and make it capable for better traction.

Another new and surprising thing about this shoe is the PWRGRID + midsole which stays stable and increases the life of the shoe. The Flexfilm upper is also used to ensure the best fit possible. This technology makes sure that the shoe rightly adapts the size of your feet and also makes it comfortable for you to adjust with its sole and supportive grip. 

The cushion in the sole makes it easy for runners with shin splints to avoid chronic injuries. The shoe is a bit expensive as compared to other shoes but the feedback till now has been excellent.


  • Saddle for great stability
  • PWRGRID+ midsole used
  • Upper with Flexfilm
  • Flexible sole made with Tri-Flex


  • Narrow fit
  • May run small

4. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 11

Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints
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Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints
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Whenever someone has to purchase sneakers or running shoes, Nike is probably the first brand that strikes their mind. It is a popular and known brand in the shoe industry and it has earned a solid reputation for the reliable designs and structures that give both comfort and stability along with an attractive look.

Vomero series from Nike is nothing else but purely perfect models of running shoes. It meets almost every requirements of a runner in their day to day life. In comparison to all its other models, this is a complete shoe with excellent features and great comfort. It has a good fit, a comfortable cushioning in the outsole, a flyknitupper and a lot of other attractive and useful features.

The first Vomero model was launched in 2006 and has gone through many updates and improvements to reach the 11th version. Overall, it is a responsive and durable pair of shoes that can augment every runner to run better and with a solid grip.

The outsole of Air Zoom Vomero 11 is built very intelligently keeping in mind the needs of a runner with shin splints. Nike has taken care of the details and problems faced by people having shin splints to make the outsole which uses unique BRS1000 technology to ensure that the Hard Carbon Rubber used on the sides of the heel provides support while the soft blown rubber on the side of forefoot offer enough comfort and ease. 

Though the design of outsole is not very different from the previous models, the cushioning has been improved in making it much more reliable than before.

Not many companies and brands take care of a feature which is incorporated smartly in the Vomero 11. The heel and forefoot of the shoe have been built with Nike’s Zoom Air bags which make it easy for the runners to land back on the heel and get a stronger cushioning so as the feet stay protected from any kind of injury. It just works like airbags.

Nike has used Lunarlon technology and EVA foam in the sole for better ride and responsiveness from the shoe. It is soft with Flymesh upper and is lightweight, breathable and flexible at the same time.


  • Good cushion, support from Nike Zoom Air Bags
  • Comfortable Flymesh upper
  • Attractive design with options
  • Protective for shin splints


  • Not breathable and flexible as compared to others
  • Little heavy

5. Brooks Glycerin 14

Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints
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Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints
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Brooks knows it well that comfort is the priority no matter what the purpose behind looking for running shoes is. People can be in search of running shoes just for daily use or for specialized issues, such as pain issues like shin splints.

Brooks has kept in mind that comfort is a critical factor when the runners hit the roads and cover long distances. With great cushioning, the midsole technology used and an excellent design for providing the kind of support needed by the runners, Brooks Glycerin 14 is surely one of the best running shoes for shin splints. 

The impression of this pair has been great and people have loved it heel-to-toe. The shoe fits well and also gives effortless support from all sides. It is a go-to running shoe for all your requirements.

Brooks is known for making its exceptional upper units which are made in such a way in Glycerin 15 that it gives a good fit, a hassle-free airflow,and complete flexibility. The pair uses its own 3D stretch print overlays on their upper which keeps it subtle yet very responsive for the runners. The upper is lightweight and is stable being made with mesh stays to make the shoe breathable and also to give it the flexibility needed by runners. Overall, it meets the expectations of a good pair.

The most important part of running shoes for those having shin splints is the sole of the shoe. The midsole of Glycerin 14 is made up of Super DNA rubber profile which is an update from the older models. Brooks used to make the midsole with BioMoGo earlier, but they did not repeat the same in this model.

The DNA rubber provides 20% more cushioning than the previous models and feels very comfortable on your feet from the heel area to the forefoot. The overall looks of the shoe are also quite noticeable.


  • Looks attractive
  • Great cushioning
  • Plush collar incorporated
  • Good fit


  • Nothing worth mentioning

6. ON Cloud

Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints
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Not very old but definitely a bold brand for sports shoes, On is a footwear company based in Switzerland. Their journey was incredible, and their shoes did wonder. The On Cloud running shoe is known for its smart cutting-edge technology and athletic apparel which are unique and work for runners aptly.

On’s shoes have been so extraordinary and innovative that it won them an award as well. Cloud has been the brand’s greatest innovation since it is the only shoe which is so lightweight despite being fully cushioned. It is also named after the experience that you get while wearing it -it feels as if in you are on the clouds due to its high cushioning and airy weight.

On Cloud is very different from other running shoes. It is not even a competitor of other brands as it is unique in all senses. Most running shoes use rubber to make the outsole but this one has particularly used a form of foam in it which is normally used in the midsoles. It has also used hallowed foam which in turns gives rise to the On’s own CloudTec technology.

The padding in the Cloud has been done exceptionally well with grip pads. It does not feel compressed at all and gives complete flexibility to the feet. The shoe is a good option for long distances and also prevents from shin splints or any other pain for that matter to the runners of long distances.

The upper of On Cloud is built in such a way that it just looks like any other casual sneaker than a running shoe. One cannot imagine the amount of cushioning done in the shoe and the comfort and speed it provides to runners. It gives a feel of canvas and is made with mesh material in the forefoot. 

It weighs so light that you will not feel that you are wearing some hard-running shoes meant for training and marathons, but you will still be able to feel the cushioning and comfort that is well enough to let you feel flying.


  • Excellent comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Variety of colors and options
  • Cutting-edge technology


  • Can attract debris
  • Narrow fit

7. Asics GEL-Nimbus 18

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Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints
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One of the constants in our list is the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 18 which is a popular model and has done quite well in the market. It is listed in the best running shoes for shin splints because of its technologies and the comfort it provides to the people suffering from any injury or pain in the legs. 

Nimbus series has been one of the most amazing launches that ASICS had and the 18th version of Gel Nimbus is just another proof of the fact.

It is a top-notch quality running shoe that can easily meet the high standards runners want whether they are daily joggers or marathon runners, Nimbus 18 can surely keep the satisfaction intact with the stability and support it provides to them.

As the name of the shoe suggests, GEL is the main highlight of the shoe as it gives the extra comfort and cushioning which no other pair provides. The GEL is placed right in the midsole to give that bounce and cushioned feeling to the wearer along with more responsiveness that makes the shoe exceptional.

The gel is also capable of absorbing shocks when the runners place their feet on the ground while running in a flow. It is more for durability and cushioning and ASICS has used the FluidRide technology to make the shoe become exceptionally supportive and comfortable at the same time.

The upper of the shoe is also very intelligently made by using engineered mesh fabric that keeps the shoe light in weight and enables breathability in it. Both the factors are majorly significant as heavy shoes are difficult to carry and if there is less airflow, it becomes difficult to live in the shoes.

The feet become wet and suffocated with less-breathable shoes that fail to provide comfort in the long run. The seamless construction of the shoe makes sure that the feet remain free and gets a goofy fit without any hassle. The FluidFit technology helps in achieving the right fit and additional comfort for the wearer with shin splints as well.


  • Very stable and supportive
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Highly cushioned from the midsole
  • Great traction
  • Variety of colors


  • Not very responsive
  • Narrow fit

8. Hoka One One Clifton 3

Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints
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Though Hoka One One is a new brand in the field on running shoes for shin splints, it has gained quite some recognition because of its good performance and plush cushioning. 

It is the third model introduced in the Clifton series, but Hoka One One has done a great job altogether. The shoe strives to achieve the level of comfort and the amount of cushioning needed by people having shin splints or otherwise.

It has managed to give higher protection to people so that they can prevent their feet from any injury during the time of running.

Running can be really tedious at times and thus being prepared for everything beforehand is a better option than regretting later. Clifton 3 is a good pair of shoes and can surely fulfill your running needs letting you concentrate on your performance and allowing the shoe to work wonders while you do so.

The midsole is the main highlight of the pair which is very lightweight and highly cushioned. It is made from CMEVA or Compression molded Ethylene Vinyl Acetate which keeps it lightweight despite so much of cushioning in the sole. The bouncy effect that you get from the midsole is commendable which makes the shoe highly comfortable and very responsive. 

The durability does not lack to make the pair a stable and long-lasting running shoe suitable for long distances.

Lightweight is a requirement of every runner no matter what he or she is picking up particularly for shin splints or even normal for jogging. People wish to have lightweight shoes so that they do not feel any strain or heaviness on their feet while running. 

Clifton 3 has done a great job by decreasing the weight of the shoes up to 8.6 ounces in reference to men’s shoe size 9 and 7.4 ounces in reference to women’s size 7. It has been a great change and people have appreciated the iterations more than just normal.


  • Superb comfort with cushioning
  • Very durable and responsive
  • Very good fit
  • Breathable with the wide toe box


  • A bit heavy still
  • Need more flexibility

9. Merrel Vapor Glove 2

Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints
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This good-looking shoe is trail running shoes known for its lightweight and extremely breathable nature. It is a very comfortable shoe that is not much known to many but is still a great choice for people having shin splints. It is a very comfortable shoe which can also be worn in hot weather without much discomfort due to its breathable quality.

The shoe is made up of washable mesh which is again an advantage to people who wants to keep their shoes intact for a long time. The shoe is highly flexible and can adjust its shape according to the foot. The fit is almost perfect and with natural looks, it does not feel stuffed or tight at all. 

It is very reliable for daily training and running for a few miles. If you are looking for a shoe with minimalist design, this shoe is recommended for you.

The outsole of Vapor Glove 2 is made with Vibram Outsole TC1 which is a high-quality rubber compound that makes the surface of the shoe soft and smooth. As it is a trail shoe, it delivers good traction and grips the feet nicely on any type of surface. The gripping feature can help you in preventing shin splints or any other injury as the shoe will keep your feet in control even in the compromising road situations.

The upper of this shoe is highly commendable and comprises of textile, synthetic, and air mesh which all combine together to give excellent comfy support. The air mesh material is also very soft, thin and long-lasting; hence the shoe does not get worn out easily. 

Its flexibility is also a point to consider and overall it is a great pair which can provide extreme breathability and protect your feet from heat and dryness. The outside edges of the pair are made of TPU for keeping it durable. The laces are made in such a way that it gives a fine and snug fit to the runners.


  • Very breathable and secure materials used
  • Durability is the key
  • Good traction and arch support


  • Less protection from injuries
  • Narrow toe-box
  • Can break easily

10. Brooks Ghost 11

Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints
Check Current Price for Men
Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints
Check Current Price for Women

Brooks needs absolutely no introduction when it comes running shoes or any athletic apparel. It is a known brand for all the right reasons and Ghost 11 from the brand is the best pair of running shoes Brooks has produced ever since it invaded the markets. 

With every model that the brand comes with, it has brings improved changes and better updates which makes it one of its kind in the shoe industry.

One of the most popular series of Brooks is Ghost and people have really liked it all together. The design and the features of the 11th version look appealing from the previous versions. There have been few changes in the shoe which are worth talking about, but the shoe itself is a hit with the older features as well. Ghost 11 is certainly a better and fresh version of Ghost series which has given a lot more reasons to trust Brooks for quality and renovation.

Though there have not been many significant changes to the Ghost 11 from the earlier version a great change that has been incorporated in the shoe is the midsole that has been completely redesigned. It has changed the midsole intelligently on the basis of need of the runners for shin splints. The midsole of the Ghost 11 is firmer and has increased the density which gives a satisfactory feeling for runners with feet problems.

The seamless overlay is the signature design of Brooks upper. It has been doing all this all the while and has managed to impress people with the classic look and comfy feel from the upper. 

Runners have liked the upper mainly due to its breathability which reduces heat from the shoe and keeps the feet cool and dry. Runners using the shoes in warm climates can rejoice the sweat-wicking mesh which is a new and important addition to the model. It gives comfort and reduces irritation or discomfort in higher temperature situations.


  • Very natural feel and supportive
  • Sweat-wicking upper
  • Comfortable midsole and durable
  • Lightweight flexible


  • Bad performance for hard and long trails

Buyer’s guide for best running shoes for shin splints


Running shoes are a major part for your running experience. It does not matter whether you are running on rough trails, outside your house or in training, a pair which is reliable and supportive is always necessary. 

Never pick a pair of running shoes which cannot support in rough situations or harsh weather conditions. Go for those that are made for tough trails and conditions and can last longer than expected.


Comfort is something we all need from anything to everything we wear- clothes, accessories or the running shoes. Comfort is always a priority and a requirement which cannot be compromised. There is no point of buying a running shoe which starts irritating you after a while or does not suit your feet. 

Check and try so that the shoes you are willing to purchase fit well, are cushioned properly and are breathable. There are many other factors that make a shoe is comfortable and make sure to apply them before investing your money.


The most common mistake which we all make sometimes or the other in life is picking those shoes which look appealing to us not going by their features which is absolutely wrong to do. 

Looking good is one factor but seeing the features is more important especially for people who have shin splints. Make sure the shoe is cushioned well, is made of good material, has to shock absorbing qualities and can prevent other injuries before buying it.


It is very obvious that none of us would want to invest money in a pair of running shoes that breaks down after a while and cannot be trusted for use in the longer term. Since specialized and best running shoes for shin splints are pretty expensive, make sure you are investing right and not picking something that does not last even for a fortnight. 

In the reviews mentioned above, you can get a clear picture of which shoe is durable and which is not.

FAQs Related to Running Shoes for Shin Splints

What happens in shin splints?

A lot of people might face this issue but not know what this exact problem is names. When a person is having acute pain in the lower leg or also called shin which is the part between ankle and knee, it is termed as shin splints. 

It happens with a lot of runners in daily lives, but they do not seek consultations of any doctor and simply ignore it. Getting the right running shoes to counter this problem can help and prevent it from happening.

How can shin splints be treated?

There are many measures that can be taken in order to prevent shin splints and the first and foremost is to consult a doctor and see the exact condition of it. Second, can be buying running shoes for shin splints which can help in giving right support and comfort to the feet and reducing the chances of pain and injury to legs. 

People can also consider wearing compression socks which enable the blood flow in the muscles and help in healing shin splints.

Which is the best running shoe for shin splints?

Well, there is no particular shoe which guarantees the prevention and cure of shin splints but there are many great running shoes of known brands that are making shoes capable to reduce the chances of splints. The list of top 10 best running shoes for shin splints with their features and pros and cons can surely assist you in finding the best pair of shoes to treat your shin splints.

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