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10 Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet 2020

Although there are lots of options for running shoes in the market, finding the best running shoes for wide feet should not be a daunting task if you do a little bit of research. There are shoes that do look good but are too narrow to fit well with wide feet. 

Finding the right pair of shoes is not only important to feel comfortable while wearing the shoes, but it is also not a healthy practice to wear shoes that do not fit well.

People having wide feet usually tend to compromise with their comfort levels to zero in on running shoes that are not meant for them. While it is secondary whether the shoes you choose are costly, it is nonetheless not a very tough task to find a pair of shoes that fits ideally even if your feet are wide.

In order to provide you with actionable help, here is a list of top 10 best running shoes for wide feet that can shield you from the disadvantages of having wide feet that too often makes running in shoes a matter of embarrassment.

1. Brooks Ghost 10

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
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If we consider the best running shoes for wide feet, the Brooks Ghost 10 women’s running shoes are not omissible. These unique yet gravity-defying shoes designed for serious athletes offer neutral support with lightweight cushioning and flexible response. 

It is good for road surface and can help you go on long distance runs without putting too much of efforts. The 3D fit print technology used to design the shoes is a unique technology that helps you provide with the optimal breathability and moisture management as well.

The brooks ghost 10 has a lace-up closure with padded tongue and collar which provides stability while running. The soft-fabric lining supplies a great in-shoe feel for an enduring run of 50-100 miles in a single stretch.  

The little extra room in the toe area when they are untied may look too spacious but once the shoes are tied, that uncomfortable feeling fades away. Moreover, the high arches feel supportive enough while running and the extra room inside the shoe is great for wide shoe comfort.

The Brooks Ghost 10 has an Air Mesh Fabric design for breathability and moisture control that makes it comfortable for the runners to get airflow to keep the feet dry and cool from the heat generated while running. The shoe also has a Synthetic sole which makes it even more comfortable and flexible to wear. 

The 3D fit print technology on the upper makes the shoes look stylish apart from making them extremely comfortable, thanks to the padded tongue and collar which make it even comfier.


  • Best for endurance pavement/ road running
  • Fit comfortably on wide feet
  • Great for someone with foot pain, hot spots, hip pain, ankle pain or shin pain


  • Not ideal for gym
  • A bit heavy in contrast to other choices

2. ASICS Gel Nimbus 20

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
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ASICS is definitely one of the finest brands in the market for running shoes, especially when the issue of wide feet is concerned. It is a must-have pair of running shoes for every runner as it has got all those qualities which make it suitable for all purposes. ASICS is a renowned company popular for adding both comfort and design to running shoes to make them become out of ordinary and the same thing applies to the Gel Nimbus 20.

The Nimbus series was produced with excellence keeping in mind. Their priority was utmost comfort which is a basic requirement of every runner. So, in its 20th edition,the Nimbus 20 has been made with some ground-breaking technologies that let the shoe outshine its peer group.

The outsole of the shoe is designed to absorb shock and help people with wide feet perform fearlessly. It is extremely helpful in preventing an injury on the feet and is also safe for people having wide feet. The forefoot and rear foot are adorned with ASICS’s patented gel technology which provides a firm cushioning from the heel to the outsole giving the wearer complete comfort while running with the shoes on.

The Nimbus 20 is a highly durable shoe made for longer runs for a longer period of time. The midsole has the brand’s patented Flyte foam technology to give a little bounce on the feet while the person is running to let the runner avoid injury and obtain responsiveness that makes running a matter of joy.

Fluid Ride Technology also makes the shoe quite durable and lightweight at the same time. Being considerably lightweight, it is a good choice for people looking for a reliable pair of running shoes for their wide feet for longer runs or marathons. 


  • Great cushioning on the sole
  • A breathable upper mesh
  • Supportive Features
  • Variety in colors


  • May turn smelly
  • Not very appropriate for professionals

3. Mizuno Wave Rider 20

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
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Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
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Mizuno Wave Rider is extremely well in terms of its design, comfort, stability and everything else that is usually attached to the Rider series. The 20th edition is one of the best shoes that create an impression that comfort and durability are by safeguarding the feet from any kind of injury or shock from the ground while running fast. 

The Japanese company behind the Wave Rider 20 has used the best of technologies and streamlined features to make the shoe perfect for people having wide feet and other fitness issues.

The outsole is made so intelligently with the combination of both hard and soft rubber that gives complete comfort and support to keep the runner in pace and does not cause any hassle on the field. The hard carbon rubber is used in the heel to provide support while soft rubber is used in the forefoot for comfort and stability in this running shoe.


The midsole of Mizuno Wave Rider 20is made with molded foam with dual-density that makes the shoe 33% more bouncy and responsive. It gives great flexibility to the wearer and is constructed very nicely.

The upper of the Wave Rider 20 is made with mesh, synthetic leather, and urethane to make the shoe extremely lightweight and comfortable. The materials used in the shoe give it a delicate feel and very soft experience while running.

The ventilation of the shoe is still intact like the earlier ones while the breathable upper gives an airflow which keeps the feet dry and cool not letting the runner feel suffocated within at all.


  • Ease in breathability
  • Lightweight
  • Heel-strike absorption
  • Highly cushioned


  • Not suitable for rough terrain
  • Not suitable for wet surfaces

4. New Balance 1500 V4

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
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Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
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New Balance 1500 V4 is one of the best running shoes for wide feet with all the features and qualities every runner seeks in a shoe. People with wide feet love it because they need not choose between comfort and safety as both of these qualities are available in this shoe. It is difficult for people with wide feet to carry a narrow fit pair that does not let them breathe inside the shoe and 1500 V4 offers enough freedom from that worrying feeling.

The comfort, flexibility, and stability are all commendable while the New Balance 1500 V2 comes in various plus sizes which are available with very few other models. It is a select item in the list of running shoes for people who have wide feet.

The shoes upper is seamless while the looks of the shoe are also good. It is lightweight which lets the runner have no irritation or itchiness inside the shoe. The 1500 v4 model has an arch support that keeps the comfort levels intact without the runner having to adjust the feet in order to feel safe while running in terrains.

The REVlite technology used in the underfoot is an intelligent application that increases the comfort while the TPU shank used ensures stability. The upper of 1500 V4 is made with FantomFit, a breathable upper mesh fabric that makes the airflow in the shoe possible to let the feet stay dry and cool in tough running conditions as well.

The outsole made of rubber and the midsole designed with REVlite foam offers adequate support to the feet all the time while running and also saves it from any injury or damage. Overall, the shoe is a great choice for runners having wide feet issues.


  • The REVlite foam used in underfoot
  • Upper is seamless for more comfort
  • TPU shank increases flexibility
  • Very lightweight with arch support


  • Fewer color options available
  • May feel bulky
  • Toe comfort may be compromised

5. Nike Air Zoom Structure 19

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
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Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
Check Current Price for Women

Nike has made a name in the industry with its reliable running shoes that not only perform well always but also look stylish. The Air Zoom Structure 19 is a great version of the beloved series and indeed provides the best style and power apart from comfort and stability that are trademarks of the Nike brand. 

The pair has worked wonders for people with wide feet and to provide enhanced comfort levels, Nike has made slight changes in this 19th version that are clearly noticeable to differentiate it from the previous models.

Rubber is the sole structure of the entire shoe. From outsole to midsole to the rear part of the shoe, rubber has been used intelligently. The outsole is made of soft blown rubber used in the forefoot whereas hard carbon rubber has been used in the midsole and rear part to give the much-needed support to the runners who need power-packed performance in toughest running conditions.

The shoe has a dual density foam and increased cushioning in the midsole for extreme comfort to the wearers. Phylon, a renowned compound for providing extreme support, is used in the midsole of this shoe. Nike has used thinner and softer material in the rear to give the feel of the ground to the runners while Nike Zoom Air Technology in the forefoot makes the shoe very responsive and flexible in nature.

The upper of the shoe contains Nike’s Flymesh material which is comfortable and offers a great fit. The runners with wide feet get a snug fit without any suffocation or tightness. The Air Zoom Structure 19 is an extremely breathable shoe as well and the ventilation of the shoe is also exceptionally efficient.


  • Lightweight with Flymesh upper
  • Breathable quality
  • Grips well and good traction
  • Comes in various colors


  • Not so good heel support
  • A bit heavy than usual
  • Less flexibility

6. Hoka One Bondi 4

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
Check Current Price for Men
Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
Check Current Price for Women

The Bondi series launched by Hoka in 2011 was renowned for the unique plush feel but its bulkiness and the gigantic structure was also notable. It was quite heavier than the usual running shoes but the plush comfort in the 4th model of the series has brought with it is definitely worth praise.

The shoe is comfortable, stable for long runs and quite durable for long runs. The improvements are clearly visible in this version of Bondi, and it is one of the most trusted running shoes people have used till now. 

The traditional form of rubber makes the shoe lightweight while the EVA rubber distributed differently in the different areas provides extreme durability and performance during long runs.

With a better quality of EVA material in the soles and the upper with lycra mesh panel,the shoe is one of the lightest in terms of weight felt while running. The overlays used in the lower areas and the rear foot of the shoe are meant to provide adequate support to the runners. 

The wide toe box is very helpful for people having wide feet as they can use the shoe for long distances or marathons and experience the best comfort among all current running shoes.


  • Comfortable for long runs
  • Highly cushioned
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Comes in plus sizes till 2E


  • Not that wide as people want
  • Arch support is less
  • Little Expensive

7. ASICS Gel Foundation 13

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With the Gel Foundation 13, ASICS is back with a bang with another model of the Gel Foundation which is indeed one of the finest and long-running stability shoes available in the market currently. The 13th version is a mix of finer qualities and new changes in the upper that makes it a good deal for the runners with wide feet.

The latest version does not lack any comfort, stability, and/or support but unlike the previous versions, it comes in only one color. With the same outsole like the earlier ones of the series which were highly comfortable and had great reviews, the outsole remains unchanged with the Dura Sponge to make the shoe utterly comfy.

The AHAR material used for the formation of crash pads in the heel side to ensure better durability and for shock absorption makes the shoe perform better than its previous models in extremely demanding situations while running. The upper of the shoe has seen the most number of changes. 

With great quality and style quotient, it is as breathable as the previous ones. The shoe is made with seamless construction in order to reduce any irritation or stress to the runner. Further, Comfor Dry Sockliner has been used for moisture control, absolute cushioning and a perfect fit, making the shoe one of the best and most responsive in the entire Gel Foundation series.


  • Very durable and comfortable to wear
  • Can fight against overpronation
  • Can help in relieving any muscle pain or injury


  • Not very supportive
  • A bit narrow
  • Only one color

8. Brooks Addiction 13

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
Check Current Price for Men
Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
Check Current Price for Women

Brooks is a brand that takes care of its customers and makes products which are useful and comfortable for them. It keeps in mind the basic needs of all athletes, especially runners. The Addiction 13 is exceptionally well-built with all excellent features, such as space for any insoles or inserts to increase the stability and durability of the shoe to perform the best on the field.

The shoe offers a heel to toe drop which is just right for the runners. It has a crash pad that provides balance and helps in absorbing shock with great arch support necessary for those suffering from overpronation. 

For optimum cushioning, Brooks uses its own Hydroflow technology and DNA adaptive cushioning which makes the shoe super comfortable for the runners on the long run.

Coming to durability, the shoe is capable of running hundreds of miles without a break. It is made with top-notch quality materials that last longer and do not get worn out easily. There is enough space for people having arch issues to insert insoles for extra needed comfort.

This pair is stable and very reliable for all runners and exceptionally useful for those having wide feet, pronation problems or arch issues. A bit costly but it is totally worth the investment.


  • Wide for larger feet
  • Great cushioning
  • Recommended by doctors
  • Goof for weak ankles


  • Not a good color option
  • Can be narrow at the front end

9. Altra Olympus 2.5

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
Check Current Price for Men
Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
Check Current Price for Women

The Altra Olympus 2.5 is a versatile pair of running shoes made for those who are willing to own a minimal stability shoe rather than those who want to survive at harsh road conditions or rough trails. 

It is neutral trail shoe for less problematic situations on the road. It is not too bad on bad trails but it performs its best on better roads and mild trails. With great flexibility and easily molding nature, this is a great pair for daily use.

It is right for daily jogging, occasional long runs and has gone through few changes and updates from its previous versions. It is apparently quite roomy for people having wide feet and is very supportive and comfortable for mild runners.

To give the best traction and durability to its wearers, the shoe has a Vibram mega grip material in the outsole. The outsole is also wider which makes the shoe provide even better traction. Most of the runners love the grip provided by the shoe as it keeps the feet in control and does not let runners face any injury or pain.

The extra amount of cushioning done in the midsole is great though it is no very different from the earlier one. The midsole is chunky with about 32 mm of cushioning and uses EVA materials with A-bound compound in it. The upper of Olympus 2.5 has seen a whole lot of changes, making the latest version softer and more durable than the previous ones. The complete snug fit offered by the pair is also good and very supportive for the runners.


  • The toe box is wide
  • It is lightweight and fast running
  • Breathable upper
  • Responsive and durable


  • Not very stable
  • A bit heavy
  • Can be a bit wide

10. Under Armour Charged Bandit 3

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet
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Under Armour has come with some excellent changes and technologies which has made it one of the best shoes for people having wide feet. It has made drastic changes from the Bandit 2 model and has brought totally new and unimagined features in the 3rd version. 

It is a lightweight shoe with quality and plush feel that makes running comfortable and charming for even the most professional runners.

A very versatile shoe with a lot of comfort and flexibility that helps the runners on longer routes, it is a great shoe for harsh training, marathons and rigorous workouts. It does not let you down and makes sure that you get a comfortable ride throughout the running sessions even when the conditions are demanding. The shoe is also great for wide feet people and relieves from numerous other problems as well.

Flexibility and durability are the two key features of the Under Armour shoes which are instilled in the outsole of the shoe made using a durable rubber material which is ultra-soft and very comfortable for the runners. UA has also added extra reinforcement in the tallest areas in the shoe, including the heel and the midfoot regions.

It is a very lightweight shoe that is useful for its durability which protects the feet from any injury or pain while running on long journeys or on marathons. UA has made sure that the shoe remains light and gives complete comfort without adding any extra weight.

The upper of the shoe has been completely redesigned to give more room and breathability to the feet. The starting of the upper is made up of UA Speed Foam which is a breathable material that gives an excellent fit just like the custom pairs. It is a very comfortable pair with sufficient protection for rough runners and hardcore professionals.


  • Highly cushioned
  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


  • Not good for wet conditions
  • May look bulky
  • May turn smelly

Buyer's Guide for best running shoes for wide feet:


Be it shoes or anything else, comfort is something none of us can compromise on and should not as it determines a person’s interest, mood, performance, and calmness which gives the strength and power to run better than usual. If comfort is lost from a piece or apparel, there is no point of carrying it whatsoever.

For shoes, comfort is the first point which people need to look at no matter how the shoe looks or feels like, it is a waste of your precious money if the shoes do not provide comfort. Make it a point to check the comfort levels of the shoe by trying it a few times and then decide whether to buy it or not.


A common mistake made by most of the people buying running shoes is that they do not give attention to the fit of the product. The fit is extremely important as it can affect the performance of the person or even tend to give them injury. 

In case if you are running shoes are way too lose or way too tight, they can make you feel irritated, and troubled while running. That is why it is important to try the right shoes and see if they fit you well or not.


This is pretty obvious that running shoes are quite expensive and people invest a lot in getting the best pair. What if they get out of order after a few days, will you like it?

It is better to be sure of the durability of the shoe so that you know it will last longer for your running experience. Durability can be checked through reviews and the ratings of the product before hand-picking any of them.


Everything that you buy seems a satisfactory purchase if you buy a good product within budget and get as many features and qualities as possible. Every person goes with a budget to buy a product and that is why the price is an important factor while buying running shoes. 

Make sure you are buying the right pair of running shoes that fit your budget and gives you the best support and comfort while running.


Stability is also a factor that gives a clear picture of how long your shoe is going to support you, in what conditions or whether it is just for jogging on ideal conditions or can be trusted for rough trails and demanding situations as well. 

Since runners face many difficult situations and worse weather conditions, it is necessary for the shoe to support you and stay stable so as to give you strength on those trails.

FAQ’s Related to Running shoes for Wide Feet

How much wide a shoe should be for wide feet?

Every person has different width of the feet and hence there is no fixed width of the shoe that can fit everyone with wide feet. Though the standard width available is M, other than that, there are more variable widths available in different stores for running shoes.

How to get a perfect shoe for wide feet?

There is no mantra to get perfect shoe for wide feet other than trying new and reliable models of running shoes. One has to try out shoes made for wide feet and look for their perfect size and model that fits them well and are comfortable in nature as well.

One should go and check for reviews, read people’s experiences for a particular shoe and then try them out to get the real feeling of that fit. The list of 10 best running shoes for wide feet mentioned above may help you in determining your perfect pair of shoes with their pros and cons.

How to get the right size of the shoe?

There are different sizes of all manufacturers, brands,and companies who make running shoes, hence there can be no standard size which can fit all. People should always keep their current size measures in mind and then compare it with the size chart of the particular shoe before picking it for use.

This reduces the chances of getting the wrong sizes. You should also read the reviews which will tell you about any sizing issues in the shoe that you are going to buy.

Which is the best brand that makes running shoes for wide feet?

There are many brands which are doing exceptionally well these days and make excellent running shoes. One can check out the list of top best running shoes for wide feet and see all the top models from different brands and choose for whichever looks suitable to them. It is a personal choice of an individual for which brand one would like to go for.

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