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10 Best Shock Absorbing Running Shoes 2023

In this article, we have reviewed the 10 best shock absorbing running shoes along with a comparison table and detailed buyer’s guide & FAQs at the end to help you choose the best pair of shock absorbing running shoes.

Most ardent runners would unanimously agree that good running shoes make quite a difference. This observation stems from the fact that frequent running takes a toll on your feet, ankles and knees. 

Therefore, having a pair of best shock absorbing running shoes can reduce the stress with each stride and provide a perfect rebound to allow effortless running experience. Shock absorbing running shoes tend to minimize risk of injury and alleviate joint pain thereby providing longevity.

Nowadays, multiple class of footwear are available related to all types of outdoor & indoor activities with separated class dedicated to males, females, Unisex(Both) and not to forget, kids too

Here’s a dedicated review of top 10 shock absorbing running shoes meant for Men, Women & Both (Unisex) Athletes.

1. QTMS Unisex Running Shoes Fashion Sneakers for Women & Men


QTMS unisex running shoes have seen tremendous growth in sales over the last year and continues to feature as AMAZON’s Choice till at the time of writing this article. The shoes have caught the imagination of the customers since QTMS shoes are UNIISEX (both male & female). Besides, the shoes are tailor made to provide a perfect running experience.

The upper features ultra-light yet extremely tensile breathable Mesh structure which provides extremely good support and superior fitting without hindering any range or plane of movement. The extremely porous & breathable upper ensures that your feet remain cool and dry at the same time during long hours of strenuous running. The lace up region is carefully designed to fit along with the cusp of your feet for perfect glove like fitting.

The most noteworthy feature of QTMS Unisex Running Shoes is the midfoot design. The midfoot is made with triple density than usual running shoes which lends maximum shock absorbing capability to your footwear. 

Apart from impressive midfoot design, the heel outer casing is semi-transparent with a robust load balancing mechanism installed. The mechanism keeps the heel balanced during running on uneven surfaces and keeps the load evenly distributed to prevent risk of injury.

Last but not the least, the outsoles have unique waffle structure grooves, providing athletes with much needed traction while maneuvering turns or sudden change in direction. These extensive features have ensured that QTMS unisex running shoes stay competitive and ahead of their time.




2.TiAnge Mens & Womens Unisex Couple Athletic Running Shoes


TiAnge Mens & Womens Unisex Couple running shoes radiate a classic 70’s design but with a dose of latest upgrades. The shoes have deliberately been given a classic look to delineate them from the label of male and female choices. Hence, the shoes are tagged with Unisex label for both genders.

One key thing that is guaranteed with TiAnge running shoes is unparalleled comfort. The upper is designed in a low top fashion, constructed from woven fabric with superb strength and excellent breathing capabilities. The inner is extra smooth but layered with vice like material which grips your feet to provide exact fitting. 

Its unique ingrained tongue design feature ensures you don’t have to worry about adjusting the tongue while wearing. All you need is to simply take the shoe and slip in. Contrary to expectation, the lace design is extremely efficient in tightening the upper around your Foot Bridge & toes.

Moreover, Tiange Mens & Womens Running shoe has an extremely pleasing insole design. The insole includes isolated grooving to eliminate resistance for complex movements. The insole grip on most of the surfaces is at par with those for professional athletes shoes. 

The grooving extends all the way to the sides which ensures you don’t have to worry about slipping during running around wet surfaces or running during rainy season. The outsole has an extremely thick padding tapering from shoe end to the forefront. The sole is designed in such a way to provide support, cushioning and maximum shock absorption during running gait cycle.

Overall, Tiange running shoe stands out as an ideal candidate for the purpose of walking, running and jogging on different types of surfaces with an added advantage of easy putting on and off.




3. York Athletics: The Henry Lightweight Running Sneaker


Clearly, York Athletics needs no introduction. Ever since its launch in 2016, the company hasn’t set a foot wrong. Come 2018, the company hasn’t diversified its departments but rather focused on improving its existing fitness products with every new range.

 The “Henry Lightweight Running Sneaker” has totally been a success story with thousands of pieces sold till date. Being UNISEX has grabbed attention for both gender athletes. The shoe is built with a vision to provide athletes with a product which doesn’t burden the athletes at all, but is rather capable of providing high intensity roadwork with minimalistic effort. The shoes weighs a mere 8.3oz.

With “Henry running shoe” you feel the ground more due to its responsive midsole design. The midsole allows you to feel the surface and provides the perfect reaction and acts as sink for shocks that come during the course of high intensity running or free motion. The shoe is a perfect shock absorbing specimen. Moreover, the shoe features an extremely breathable upper mesh which keeps you ventilated and dry, providing a slipper like feel and barely a sense of wearing them.

The shoe features separate compartments for heel fitting and toe box. The highly tensile heel compartment material ensures that your heel stays perfectly in place and literally eliminates the misalignment probability which can cause ankle injury. The outsole is well designed to provide traction and rapid gripping for instantaneous halts. 

The heel includes superior quality polymer which negates the high impact stress in case of sharp turns and rapid deceleration. Moreover, the specialized sole material is much durable and lasts longer and not to mention the superb heel-midfoot design to provide an effortless heel-to-toe transition.




4. Salomon Unisex S-Lab Sense 6 SG Running Trail Shoes


Salomon Unisex S-Lab running shoe is an excellent solution for runners or athletes who prefer to run at a fair pace or indulge in intensive running. The shoe is an extremely light solution with an extremely robust design. 

The shoe can be used in rugged environment like free running around hilly passes with loose soils or uneven ground surfaces without any damage. The shoe exhibits excellent durability.

A closer look reveals why the athletes prefer Salomon Unisex S-Lab running shoe as a top contender because of its critical combination of support and breathability. The synthetic High strength mesh ensures your feet stay dry and happy without comprising strength at the same time.

The quick lacing system is extremely handy for easy put on and take off. The bottom sole features an extremely effective lug pattern which provides wet traction. The heel part offers Contagrip sticky traction for rapid deceleration and extends running ability on any trail. The Toe box is designed with perfect room to allow cyclic expansion and contraction of toes to aid movement at high speeds.

Moreover, the outsole, midfoot and toe box are isolated from each other to provide extended plane of motions without probability of wear and tear. The heel curve design is supreme in terms of its capability of fixating the heel in its proper resting place to minimize stress on the ankle and offering precise control.




5. Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoe


For the Unaware, Mizuno has been in the fitness industry for over 100 years. The Mizuno Men’s wave Inspire is a subset of Wave family launched by Mizuno a couple of years ago. 

The shoe is specially built for people with flat feet problem. The initial wave catalyst (featuring X10 Technology) launched by Mizuno design gained a wide acceptance and popularity among the flat foot athletes. Ever since, Mizuno has added several upgrades but has retained the unique outsole design (X10 technology).

The upper is constructed from breathable Airmax mesh material that is lightweight, soft and extra strength at the same time. The shoe provides an exact fitting thanks to the Dynamotion fit technology, which is basically an added layer of stretchy material on the upper part of the shoe. 

The shoe also takes care of the comfort especially for people with over pronation problem. The inside of the shoe is lined with ortholite sock liner which provides much needed cushioning and dual purpose of absorbing moisture and odor to keep your feet dry and happy.

The other key feature you notice in Mizuno shoes is its classic wave plate technology which locks your periphery above the shoe floor into the movement zone, thereby preventing unnecessary side movements due to flat feet problem. This prevents overloading of joints and lowers risk of injury without decreasing range of motion.

The final key feature is Mizuno’s very own indigenous patented U4ic material. This material is used inn literally every Mizuno shoe, it exhibits great structural support, capable of handling high stress (even if you’re overweight), provides reaction from the ground and works in combination with SmoothRide technology to improve gait movement through natural rolling mimicking.




6. Adidas Men's Ultra Boost Uncaged


Adidas brand of fitness products and shoes have time and again proved why they are indeed the benchmark for comparison. There are multiple range of adidas running shoes available for long distance, short distance, high jumping and other domain specific applications.

Specifically, Adidas Men’s Ultra Boost Uncaged shoe targets the elite class of running athletes. The shoe follows a simple principle “the more you put in the ground, the more you reap”. 

The shoes are basically built for power. The shoes provide unlimited energy by propelling you with every bit of thrust that an athlete’s foot applies on the ground.

The shoes upper is constructed from Primeknit mesh upper with excellent air exchange to help your feet stay dry throughout residence period. The tried and tested Boost cushioning with molded heel design counter ensures smooth ride with optimum performance right from touch down to toe off.

The outsole provides isotropic traction and trajectory depth adjustment to promote stability to aid running on almost any terrain. It’s absolutely yet another gem of a product form adidas.




7. New Balance Men's 990v4


New Balance Men’s 990v4 is a progressive upgrade representing 4th generation of shoes for the new balance company’s long continuing legacy of over 75 years. It’s the latest among the Made in USA series.

New Balance 990v4 features the highly Air permeable mesh design, extremely durable pigskin over-lays and a novel design shoelace keeper on the tongue. The upper fits extremely well and feels totally smooth on the inside.

The midsole is built with ENCAP technology which makes you experience the power that this shoe brings to your stride every time your midsole touches the ground. Its core consists of highly elastic ACTEVA LITE which provides unparalleled cushioning in conjunction with sturdy rim of polyurethane material to eliminate and correct overpronation problem.

The rubber outsole (special blown) ensures that instability is thrown out of your running experience. The heel material includes high quality blended polymer capable of absorbing 95% shocks everytime your feet makes a miss-aligned impact with the ground.The outsole provides the highest level of stability even at high speeds and with heel firmly placed and provides high traction to ensure you stay sure footed even on the most treacherous of terrains.

Overall, New Balance Men’s 990v4 presents an extremely durable solution for athletes with a knack of running on rugged tracks. The shoe is sturdy & robustly built to withstand the abuse in the long run.




8. ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 20 Running Shoe


ASICS is currently one of the hottest brands when it comes to producing shoes for Athletes. GEL-Kayano 20 shoe features FluidFit upper technology which includes state of art multi-directional stretch mesh which adapts to your foot structure to provide glove like fitting. This feature allows you to perform swift movements with utmost precision.

The enhanced DuoMax system lends support and stability. Its unique Heel clutching base ensures you stay balanced while running on rugged terrain. If you are involved in free running around stairs or small obstacles and walls, it’s the perfect option to cover all aspects of your feet.

 Moreover, ASICS GEL-Kayano 20 is fitted with Rear-foot and Forefoot Cushioning systems. This system extrapolates your range of motion through different planes during freestyle movement. Overall, it’s one of the most complete shoe which is well rounded in all departments.

The latest update in ASICS shoes is FluidRide midsole technology. If you are slightly overweight, absorbing the shocks while running becomes a high priority feature. The FluidRide technology ensures that your shoes absorb the shocks and the landing & Pickup are totally effortless. 

It can be touted as the perfection ground reaction handling technology which provides perfect bounce and cushioning to reduce your weight and stress tangibility (feeling the stress).




9. NIKE Women's Free Running Motion Flyknit Shoes


Nike Women’s Free Running Motion Flyknit shoes are exactly what its name suggests. The shoes are totally built to provide you speed and a perfect delicate balance of typical features a runner desires.

If you are a frequent runner with Low-to-Mid arch, the shoes provide excellent means of shock absorbance due to its excellent midfoot design. The midfoot includes a thicker padding in the center which provides cushioning and support for flat foot runners.

The toe box is specially designed with a slightly upwards concave curvature to allow stability during high speed running. The shoe upper is made with isotropic strength mesh and features regular high strength stripes to provide a perfect blend of strength and flexibility.

Nike Women’s Flyknit shoes are built for speed and minimize the resistance which an athlete encounters during running. Its aerodynamic design prevents any buildup of air resistance around the leading part of the foot, thereby allowing you to reach higher velocity than usual. 

One quick glance at the shoe structure and it’s evident that leading part of the shoe, specially the toe box is slightly tapered with the right aerodynamics to achieve the Optimum performance.

The free running Motion design in this product is realized through delineated outsole. The delineation of sub regions of the shoe imparts extra freedom to heel, midfoot and the toes. This results in enhanced speed during running, allowing you to hit peak speeds regularly.




10. Brooks Women's Glycerin 14


Brooks Women’s Glycerin14 is next generation & successor of Glycerin13 running shoe. The shoe is itself a testimony of how well the sales and demand of Brook’s women running shoes have zoomed onto the next level ever since its arrival.

Brooks Women’s Glycerin14 helps you literally slice through each mile like butter without even breaking a sweat.The reason being its thought and the dedicated research that has been put into its manufacturing, which guarantees top athletic performance every-time.

The upper is constructed from synthetic high modulus Mesh. The 3D fit print overlay provides excellent structural support at low weight. The stretchable TPU cage provides enhanced and customized glove like fitting. The lace up closure is also extremely well designed. As usual, the shoe features plush tongue and collar. 

The in-shoe fabric lining is smoother than previous generation and provides a great feel. Overall, the shoe inside is totally updated with Entire length of Super DNA midsole to provide maximum energy return, Maximized cushioning and superb support.

The outsole is segmented to isolate the key regions of movement as well as supremely designed to absorb impact shock during landing for optimal plush. This results in smoother gait cycle transitions and high energy efficiency. The rounded heel design feature forces the center of mass alignment with the heel which helps in load balancing and ankle stress reduction. 

The fully articulated outsole means high flexibility.The forefoot (toe region) is constructed with precision to provide superior gripping, cushion and room for movement. The outsole delineation ensures that pressure distribution does not exceed in the mid foot region, the major pressure distribution occurs along forefoot and the heel region, hence allowing longer runs without midfoot stress and fatigue.




Buyer's Guide for Best Shock Absorbing Running Shoes:

Here’s a quick Know how and what to look for,while choosing a pair of sneakers. The basic idea behind selecting a sneaker involves knowing the different components which constitute a shoe. Once you are familiar with the function of the different parts of a shoe, it becomes relatively simple to delineate the different shoe types, allowing you to select the perfect pair located on the shelves right before you.

The other key information you need is knowing whether you have flat feet (genetics to blame) and the application you seek the shoes for (Fairly simple to assess, i.e. Running, Track & Field or Crossfit etc.)

The key elements of a shoe are outlined as under

1. Upper

Location: the entire shoe above the sole

What to look: Take notice of the material it is made from. It could be a combination of mesh and fabrics or amalgamation of the two. The other key thing is the shape and design, how its shape resembles to your feet structure. It must not be loose and tight in different places.

2. Ankle collar

Location:The wrapping around to keep heel in place (cup shaped)

What to look:Check whether your heel slips and whether it can cause inflammation of Achilles tendon. Always pay attention to how your ankle is supported by the collar.

3. Heel Counter

Location:a semi-rigid material at the back end of your shoe (Supporting your heel)

What to look:Pay attention to the Range of Motion it providesand how well it accepts your center of mass to support you in stable feet landing and minimize ankle overloading.

4. Saddle

Location:the area around the instep or area supporting your toes.

What to look:Firstly, know whether you have flat feet or (Low arch, Mid or High Arch). As per your natural arch, assess whether the saddle is flexible enough to mimic the arch of your feet. (Comfort during running)

5. Toe Box

Location: the entire upper shoe side lining from eyelets to the back end (Circumference)

What to look:Reverse your running shoe, check that toe box does not cramp the toes during running, it can provide contraction and relaxation during running, i.e. landing and Leaping Cycles

6. Outsole

Location:The part of your shoe which comes in contact with the ground.

What to look:Check it for the level of stiffness, its weight contribution to the shoe (Too much weight causes easy separation from Upper). Ensure its durable & Provides some bounce as well.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Shock Absorbing Running Shoes:

Q.) Do running shoes differ from Shoes for Athletes and Other sports?

Ans: Yes, of Course they do. Running shoes are built to minimize stress on parts of your leg like Knees, quads, hamstrings and Protect your ankles from getting injured. More so, these are specifically built for different types of feet (Low, Mid and High Arch). Properties like Bounce, stress Handling capability are fine-tuned to enhance shock absorbing during running, thus allowing longer runs without any risk of injury.

Q.) What types of shoes are currently available online?

Ans: Currently, a wide range of shoes are available online on e-commerce sites meant for both Women, Men & Kids. A special range of running shoes meant for Both Men & Women (Unisex) shock absorbing running shoes are also provided available online. Thetypical range includes sneakers for walking, Running, Athletics 9Track & Field), outdoor team sports, outdoor activities like trekking, shooting & Hunting. Similar range is available for women and specially designed shoes for kids are also available online.

Q.) I am not sure about the size; what size should I opt for?

Ans:To ensure you are purchasing the right size, It’s important to Understand the difference between US & UK size conversion kindly visit ( Usually there’s a wide range of sized available for both UK and US origin customers.

Q.) I am extremely flat footed, I have no idea what features should I look for in running shoes?

Ans: For flat feet, firstly you should opt for a shoe with good Mid-foot design. The outsole must provide support to your mid foot and also provide greater support to your heel for proper load balancing. Other features like Toe Box & Upper should also be given due weightage.

Q.) Does the surface you run on affect how your shoes break down? If so, what is the typical time for discarding shoes?

Ans: Yes, it affects the lasting period to a great extent. The typical lasting time depends on the different types of sneakers (mentioned above). The wide range for discarding running shoes is 30-84 weeks depending on long term & rigorous use.

Q.) Can I return the shoes or interchange the shoes in case I am not satisfied with the delivered product?

Ans: In most cases, Yes. Leading e-commerce sites list sellers who carry product return policy.In case you wish to return or interchange the sneakers with another pair, you can do it within a stipulated time period. To be sure, do check return policy marked on every product available on e-commerce sites.

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