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Best Shoes For Heel Spurs in 2023

In this article, we have reviewed the 10 Best Shoes for Heel Spurs in 2023 with a detailed buyer’s guide and a comparison table to help you choose the best pair of shoes available in the market.

Every day millions of people walk around in unnecessary pain due to heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. For them, the pain is a part of their daily life and an unavoidable aspect of their health, that they are reminded of every time they walk.

The good news is that the pain from heel spurs is avoidable with the right selection of shoes and one can lead a normal, almost painless life while walking around and getting stuff done.

Let us first try to understand what heel spurs are so that we can take the necessary preventive measures to avoid them wherever possible and also, give us a better understanding of the need for special shoes for dealing with heel spurs.

What causes heel spurs?

A heel spur is defined as a calcium deposit resulting in a bony protrusion on the underside of the heel bone due to normal movement of the foot over due course of time. On an X-ray, a heel spur can extend forward by as much as a half-inch, and Without visible X-ray evidence, the condition is sometimes known as “heel spur syndrome.”

The deposition of calcium is a slow process and until the damage is done from the deposition we don’t feel the pain from the heel spurs. Anytime sufficient weight is put on the heel spurs, a sharp pain is felt around the area- the pain is sharp enough to stop any normal movement and walking.

Heel Spurs are of two types: Inferior Heel Spurs and Posterior Heel Spurs. Inferior Heel Spurs are the result of Plantar Fasciitis while Posterior Heel Spurs appear at the back of the foot at the insertion of the Achilles Tendon. The latter often requires surgical removal.

Lifestyle modification is the only viable long-term solution of avoiding and curing heel spurs – the inclusion of regular exercise to strengthen the calf muscles, correcting foot alignment, and most importantly, the right choice of footwear.

This brings us to our list of Top 10 Shoes for Heel Spurs. This list is an attempt into helping the readers on their journey of lifestyle modification and making sure they choose the right footwear to fit their healthy lifestyle.

After researching and analyzing the footwear available in today’s market, the following list of the Top 10 shoes for Heel Spurs has been compiled, and it is as follows, in descending order of ranking:

10 Best Shoes for Heel Spurs in 2023:

Best Shoes For Heel SpursRockport Eureka4.4/5
Best Shoes For Heel SpursSkechers Go walk 44.3/5
Best Shoes For Heel SpursECCO Track II Low4.6/5
Best Shoes For Heel SpursDansko Marta4.1/5
Best Shoes For Heel SpursNew Balance MX608v54.7/5
Best Shoes For Heel SpursBrooks Ghost 104.5/5
Best Shoes For Heel SpursTiosebon Athletic Shoes4.4/5
Best Shoes For Heel SpursOrthofeet Asheville4.2/5
Best Shoes For Heel SpursDansko Loralie4.6/5
Best Shoes For Heel SpursNew Balance 990V45/5

10. Rockport Eureka

Best Shoes For Heel Spurs



A value-for-money shoe, combining comfort, stability, and aesthetic design – thereby, making them suitable for all occasions, be it work or a casual outing. The best part of the Rockport Eureka is its wide base, which makes it stable under all circumstances and the fashionable leather upper with the breathable upper makes it a worthy product.

The high-quality rubber outsoles provide great durability irrespective of the surface it is being used for. When it comes to cushioning, the latex foam footbed does a great job, combined with the EVA foam midsole for shock absorption. It is both lightweight and flexible to provide a pleasant experience for long periods of walking.

The San Crispino base on the outsole is extra wide for stability and support for all purposes. Our focus is on how it helps in dealing with heel spurs – The Rockport Eureka is a good shoe when it comes to both Inferior Heel Spurs and Posterior Heel Spurs. The Padded comfort collar helps in reducing itches and blisters, while the lace-up design allows fitting, in need.

The breathable lining has moisture-wicking properties that add value to this shoe over its competitors. Pricing is always an important factor when choosing a product. The Rockport Eureka is a value-for-money product giving excellent features and benefits for its price range.

If you are looking for a budget shoe that is a jack of all trades, the Rockport Eureka is a good candidate for it.

  • Latex Foam Footbed
  • Moisture Wicking Lining
  • Leather Upper
  • Rubber Outsole
  • EVA Midsole
  • Break in Period
  • Size runs narrow

9. Skechers Go walk 4

Best Shoes For Heel Spurs


Nearly everyone has heard of the brand Skechers – they are fast becoming a household name with the youth when it comes to comfortable casual footwear.

They are well known for making comfortable shoes with excellent cushioning and shock absorption features, found in both their professional and performance lineups. To top it all, they provide high-quality products at affordable prices.

The Skechers Go Walk 4, with its superior midsole and seamless design, provides one of the best walking experiences, and a definite relief for people suffering from heel spurs – both inferior and posterior heel spurs.

The Skechers Goga Max Insole, which is the brand’s own proprietary design offers both cushioning and support, and the tapered midfoot design hugs the arches of the wearer – and makes sure the wearer walks with a correct gait cycle. This is much more beneficial for people suffering from heel spurs as it takes the pressure off the heels.

The footbed is actually lined with bamboo which provides anti-bacterial odor control.

Skechers is always known for providing good comfort and the Go Walk 4 is no exception. The upper of the shoe is designed such that it is lightweight but provides ample comfort under all conditions. Not to mention, the suede looks gorgeous and is fit to be worn on any occasion.

When it comes to pricing, The Go Walk 4 does not lag behind either- excellent, affordable pricing with lots to be offered, makes them an attractive proposition. They are the best fit for someone with average arches and needing a lightweight shoe with good cushioning and shock absorption, good enough to be worn and walked in for long periods of time.

  • Tapering Mid Foot
  • Suede Upper
  • Responsive 5 GEN Midsole Synthetic Overlays
  • Seamless Inner
  • Goga Max Insole
  • Size runs small

8. ECCO Track II Low

Best Shoes For Heel Spurs


The brand name ECCO is synonymous with high performance and comfort, and the brand has been around for over half a century in the market- though not many are aware of the brand, it can be regarded as a niche brand catering to perfectionists.

It is the perfect choice for those suffering from heel spurs and needing good support, cushioning, and an all-weather wear shoe.

The ECCO Track II Low is also a very durable product when compared to its competitors. Do not be put off by the techno-name and brand image, this product is a viable choice for all occasions. ECCO shoes are designed to take the pressure off the forefoot, providing for a wide toe and a snug foot over the heel and the instep.

This results in plenty of stability while making sure there is minimal foot pain. The Track II Low has a removable insole enabling cushioning of the feet with each step taken by the wearer and also resulting in plenty of air circulation. The Track II Low is lined with anti-bacterial and odor-resistant materials.

The shoe consists of anatomically correct Polyurethane Soles which make sure that the shoes last 2-3 times longer than other shoes. The soles provide plenty of shock absorption, flexibility, and all the while not need much time to be broken in. The material also retains its shape for a longer time than others, thereby giving performance and experience even after being used for long periods daily.

The only downside to the ECCO Track II Low is that they are pricier in comparison to its competitors. They should be looked at as a one-time investment for a product that will outlive the rest of the options, whilst not comprising the performance.

A little-known fact about this shoe is that the leather used in the shoe is made from the company’s own tanneries, thereby maintaining higher standards of quality.

It is an all-weather product due to the GORE-TEX membrane being used during the production process.

  • Full Grain Leather Upper
  • Moisture-absorption Lining
  • Removable Insoles
  • Waterproof
  • Stylish
  • High Price
  • Size Runs Small

7. Dansko Marta

Best Shoes For Heel Spurs


Dansko is a name synonymous with healthy footwear. Dansko is a brand most recommended by healthcare professionals, servers, and teachers – people in professions that demand a lot of foot movement for longer periods of time.

With anatomically correct footbeds, high-quality leather-wrapped PU outsoles featuring a rocker bottom for easier walking, as well as, the right amount of cushioning, the wearer will have a pleasant experience wearing these shoes, especially if they have heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, or both.

In addition, these shoes look good both on casual and semi-formal occasions, as they are aesthetically designed; yet, comfortable enough to wear all day. The best part of the Dansko Marta is that they come with the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

The toe box of the clogs is softly rounding which provides ample space in the forefront area. The clogs also feature a cushioned, leather-wrapped footbed that provides excellent arch support- something which is ideal for people suffering from both interior and posterior heel spurs.

The shoes also come with an adjustable leather strap at the back to allow the wearer to wear the shoes as tight or loose as they want to. The Outsoles which are made of PU, are slightly elevated at the front and this allows for lower stress on the heels and also more return of energy, resulting in making each next step as comfortable and easy as the previous one.

Dankso is in no way a budget product and as such, the Dansko Marta does come at a premium cost. The high-quality leather and high-quality soles do contribute to the higher price but what needs to be remembered, is that these products are very durable and will definitely outlast most budget products.

The best part is they look and feel the same years after use, as they did on the first day.

  • Full Grain Leather Upper
  • Roomy Toe Box
  • Leather Lined Foot Bed
  • Arch Support
  • Energy Returning Outsoles
  • Break-in period
  • Better suited for narrow feet

6. New Balance MX608v5

Best Shoes For Heel Spurs


The New Balance MX608v5 is a pair of trainers that have become quite the hit amongst its user base as they provide excellent comfort. This product laced with the latest innovations from New Balance is a durable and stylish leather upper having the no famous ABZORB cushioning that is there for the full length of the insole.

The best part is that this New Balance product is eligible for Medicare reimbursement in some cases, thereby making them the perfect pair of shoes to take care of heel spurs. New Balance is known for its performance lineup, catering to top athletes and the rest of the products also have the core performance features in them.

The midsole is made out of injection-molded EVA and offers shock absorption and support, while the footbed is made out of EVA foam. The collar of the shoe is made from dual-density foam which prevents irritation in the ankle area and also protects the wearer from the posterior heel spurs.

The shoe also consists of a padded tongue, while the leather upper is flexible to allow for comfortable walking under all conditions. The best part about the shoe is that it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It provides a comfortable and pain-free experience for the wearer.

  • Leather Upper
  • EVA Foam Mid Sole
  • Arch Support
  • Phantom Liner
  • Medicare/ HCPCS Code =A5500
  • Eligible for Medicare reimbursement in some cases
  • Narrow Toe Box

5. Brooks Ghost 10

Best Shoes For Heel Spurs


The Brooks Ghost 10 is an ideal product for people with medium or high arches and provides excellent cushioning and softness to the wearer. They are a technologically advanced product and the shoes are designed with 3D-printed overlays on the mesh which are flexible and adapt to the wearer’s feet perfectly.

These shoes are not only a perfect choice for runners but also for those who suffer from heel spurs, heel pain, or plantar fasciitis. These sneakers are the perfect wear for everyday usage and have also been tagged as giving what is popularly called a ‘walking in the clouds’ feel.

The midsole consists of the Brooks’ BioMoGo technology which combines environment-friendly materials with proprietary Brooks DNA and provides a highly responsive midsole to cushion each step taken. The shoe also comes with what is called a Stability Crash Pad to adapt to the gait of the wearer with each step and irrespective of how the foot lands, it adapts.

This is a durable product that is meant to be worn for a long time even after everyday usage. The Brooks Ghost 10 falls into the upper echelon when it comes to pricing, but it should be looked at as an investment in the long run.

The Brooks Ghost 10 is for those who do not want to compromise on quality and comfort- it is definitely one of the more viable options for those suffering from heel spurs to have their pain reduced during normal foot movement.

  • Gender-specific cushioning
  • BioMoGo DNA Midsole
  • Durable outsole
  • Breathable, flexible upper
  • Flexible forefoot area
  • Size runs narrow

4. Tiosebon Athletic Shoes

Best Shoes For Heel Spurs


The Tiosebon Athletic has been made keeping in mind its functionality of reducing pressure on the heels by being lightweight and flexible. This is a shoe that has been designed specifically for catering to the requirements of issues related to heel spurs and other heel-related issues. The shoes have a latex arch insert, are slip-on, and are breathable.

The walking experience brings the walker into the lap of relaxation and is the perfect choice of footwear for leisure or light walking. The best part is that the shoe comes in a rainbow assortment of colors and there are colors to match every outfit.

Being lightweight, they are great at reducing the pressure due to the lifting of heavier shoes, and also, the lighter steps result in a lighter impact. The breathable environment promotes better foot health and also stays cooler during warmer days or longer periods of usage.

What makes the Tiosebon Athletic a really attractive choice of footwear is the budget-friendly pricing. Lightweight, comfortable, and made out of good quality materials, this is a definite choice of footwear for people suffering from heel spurs.

  • MD Outsole
  • Breathable
  • Slip On
  • Later Arch Insert
  • Lightweight
  • Size Runs Narrow

3. Orthofeet Asheville

Best Shoes For Heel Spurs


Orthofeet Asheville is a product made specifically for people suffering from diabetes, arthritis, neuropathy, and pain issues in the heel, arch, ball of the foot, knees, or metatarsal area. The Orthofeet Asheville features a wide and comfy design that allows for plenty of room for foot movement and an adjustable hook and loop closure that can be used to customize the fit if needed.

This shoe is a perfect choice for both interior and posterior heel spurs, as they provide good orthotic support through the contoured midsole with anatomical arch support and a cushioned heel which ensures that the wearer does not suffer any unnecessary stress while walking for longer periods of time.

The shoes feature Orthofeet’s patented Ortho Cushion system which is a lightweight sole with plenty of shock absorption features that take the stress off all the joints in the wearer’s feet as well as the knees and the hips.

The shoes help in adjusting the gait cycle of the wearer so that the feet are in the correct position with each step and offer propelling energy that helps the wearer to walk, irrespective of the level of tiredness.

The Ultimate selling point (USP) of the Orthofeet Asheville is the affordable price tag of the product, despite the premium quality and high-end features of the shoe. This shoe can be worn both inside the house and for outside occasions. It is the perfect choice of footwear for people suffering from heel spurs or any related medical conditions.

  • Leather Upper
  • Seamless, Inner Lining
  • Cushioned Heel
  • Shock-absorbing midsole
  • Hook & Loop Closure
  • Better suited for indoor use

2. Dansko Loralie

Best Shoes For Heel Spurs


The Dansko Loralie is the second Dansko entry in our list of top 10 shoes for heel spurs. It is no mystery given the high-quality lineup of Dansko shoes, that we are in awe of their products.

The Dansko Loralie is an excellent choice of footwear if you want a quality product that the wearer can dress up or down as needed while ensuring a comfortable and stable fit. The shoe comes with a hidden heel in the wedge, which ensures a 2-inch elevation and this in turn not only removes the stress from the heels but also provides plenty of support and cushioning while walking.

The Loralie model also features a removable insole that can be substituted with custom orthotics, for those who need it. Not only that, but the shoes also have a removable footbed that is contoured which provides plenty of arch support, as well as memory foam cushioning to keep the wearer comfortable throughout the period of walking.

The molded PU wedge offers excellent support and stability in the heel area. This shoe is the perfect solution for those suffering from posterior heel spurs because the back of the heel features a padded section that sits where the Achilles meets the heel bone. Dansko has also lined the shoe with soft textiles for all-day comfort during extended periods of usage.

The Dansko brand name does mean that you will end up at a premium for the product but the price is well worth this feature-rich product. It should be looked at as an investment for the well-being of your feet. Not to mention, it is aesthetically designed to suit both formal and casual occasions.

  • APMA- Accepted
  • Leather Upper
  • Accommodates Orthotics
  • Contoured, PU Footbed
  • Memory Foam Cushioning
  • Tight Toe Box

1. New Balance 990V4

Best Shoes For Heel Spurs


The numero uno on our list of the top 10 best shoes for heel spurs is the New Balance 990V4. This is the second New Balance entry on our list and it is rightly, crowned the best of the lot available in the market at present.

New Balance is a made-in-USA brand, well known for high-quality and high-performance products, much popular amongst the younger generations. The sole of the New Balance 990Vv4 is made for superior shock absorption and cushioning and it gives the wearer, the trademark ‘walk in the clouds’ feel which has become synonymous with New Balance products.

Their comfortable experience has led to their happy customers calling them the ‘Cadillac of the footwear world. This is a technology-laden product and it’s clearly evident from the midsole, which features the latest technological innovations to provide the wearer with comfort and stability.

There is not too much flexibility which is actually a blessing for those suffering from heel spurs. The midsole also incorporates ENCAP technology which uses ACTEVA LITE foam to provide plenty of cushioning and shock absorption.

The PU rim has much higher durability than most other shoes and the blown rubber is excellent for walking on roads or any such conditions, by providing a combination of cushioning, traction, and duration.

The collar of the shoe is padded with a dual-density foam, which is a much-needed feature for those suffering from posterior heel spurs. The upper is made out of pigskin mesh for providing breathability and comfort, at the same time giving stability and sure footing due to the lace keeper. The lace keeper prevents the tongue from moving and the laces from becoming loose.

The New Balance 990V4 is not only at the top of the list but also the most expensive of shoes on our list. New Balance is a brand known as a top athletic gear manufacturer and as such, does not come cheap.

But it is the best investment to be made for those suffering from heel spurs for high-quality and high-performance products offering cushioning, comfort, stability, and durability. Plus, this shoe can be regarded as an all-occasion wear shoe.

  • ENCAP Midsole
  • Foam cushioning
  • Breathable, mesh, and pigskin upper
  • Medicare / HCPCS code= A5500, which is eligible for medical reimbursement in most cases.
  • Multi-color variety
  • Hard to find any

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Shoes For Heel Spurs:

The list of the top 10 best shoes for heel spurs has been made using a certain framework consisting of various parameters to analyze the performance and quality of the shoes. The same parameters can be used for deciding the selection of other footwear too. The parameters are as follows:


The most important parameter for any kind of footwear selection, and more so if you suffer from heel spurs (or want to prevent them), is the level of support the footwear offers for your specific foot type. Correct support ensures the feet are in the right position throughout the walking period and that no undue pressure or stress is put on one part of the foot.

The most important support you want to have in your next pair of shoes is arch support. Footwear that hugs your arches in the correct way can make a difference between footwear you can walk miles in, and a pair that will start hurting your feet just steps after walking in them.

The arch of the foot is the curved lower part of the foot that starts at the ball of the foot and extends to the heels on the inner side of the foot. Everyone has a unique foot and as such, there is a distinction between low, normal, and high arches.

Each type of arch requires a different level of support for comfortable walking and also for proper alignment and no unnecessary shock on the joints in your body, including the ankles, knees, hips, and back. The insoles and midsoles hug and support the feet in the right way. The midsole provides a stable but flexible surface to absorb shocks as the wearer walks and the insole gives additional cushioning.

For people suffering from heel spurs the pair of shoes need enough support so that your fascia is not under pressure, which will stop your body from producing additional calcium buildup to protect the arch. Some people even require a removable insole for fitting in their own custom orthotics.

Ample heel support is always a must, as it ensures that the heels are closely hugged, without any unnecessary pressure on the bottom or at the back of the heel, and will help in the proper placement of your feet when walking, standing, and running.


Another important parameter to be kept in mind is the gait cycle control. Heel spurs are often the result of incorrect foot placement while walking and the correction of the gait can positively impact the heel spurs.

The right footwear will promote a natural gait cycle which includes the elimination of overpronation and under pronation, which can bring your ankles out of alignment, put unnecessary stress on the inner or outer part of your feet, and toes, and affect your whole body.

A slightly elevated rounded heel is also advisable as they help with the distribution of stress on the whole foot, instead of allowing it to affect just one part of the foot, such as with high heels or completely flat shoes. The ideal heel-to-toe drop is approximately 10-30 millimeters, as this is the best heel height for optimum comfort.


Another important factor to look out for is flexibility as it is closely connected to the support you get from your shoes. Sometimes, heel spurs can occur from wearing shoes that are too flexible. This means that you need your soles to be of a certain shape so that walking and running are even possible.

That’s why the ideal pair of shoes for heel spurs will have a rocker’s toe. This means that when looking at the footwear sideways, it will have a raised toe that does not touch the surface below.

Shock Absorption

The ideal pair should be good at absorbing shock from walking or running, regardless of the weight, pronation, or type of gait cycle. The shock-absorbing properties of a shoe are located in the midsole; and are there due to the materials used, such as ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) which comes in various densities, thus levels of firmness.

The softer the midsole, the more shock absorption it will provide; however, it will wear down faster. That’s why, with conditions such as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and hallux rigidus, a firmer midsole is preferred, as it will provide more stability and support.


In order to make up for the firmer midsoles and more rigid soles of the shoe, especially for people with heel spurs, the shoes will have to provide you with ample cushioning.

The best materials to look for are, gel, silicone, and memory foam; all of which will provide plenty of softness you will appreciate when walking long distances, or on hard surfaces. All products on this list include some level of cushioning.


In order for a pair of shoes to be comfortable enough for all-day wear, you need to make sure the upper fits you, just as well as the bottom. Otherwise, an ill-fitting upper can, actually, make you alter your style of walking, which may put too much pressure on certain parts of your feet.

Choose a pair of shoes that will fit you well in width, especially across the toe box. If your toes are able to spread out comfortably inside the shoes, this will ensure that you can use this part of your foot completely, relieving some of the pressure you would, otherwise, put on your heels.

It is, also, a good idea to get a pair of shoes with a flexible upper, made of mesh, leather, or suede.


If there is, simply, one piece of criteria that needs to be met when choosing your next pair of footwear, it would have to be a good fit. Never, ever, wear shoes that do not fit you correctly.

Look closely at sizing charts before you order online, and take the time to read the reviews on how a pair of shoes will, actually, fit (some will run large, while others will prove to be smaller than other shoes labeled to be the same size). If you can, visit a brick-and-mortar store and be fitted for a shoe before ordering online.

If this is not an option, you can order two or three sizes; then, return the ones that don’t fit well. It is, also, a good idea to wear your shoes around the house for a bit before taking them outside. This way, you can make sure that there aren’t any fit issues that are, otherwise, not only noticeable with wear but they will still be undamaged; thus, still eligible for a return.

Also, choose your fit according to you; that is, listen to your feet. They will, gladly, let you know if something is quite not right, or if the fit happens to be just perfect.

Some uppers will stretch more than others (e.g. leather versus knit), and this is something to consider, as well. It can become frustrating to find the ‘perfect’ fit, as it were, only to lose the glorious fitting via a stretched-out upper.

So, pay attention to the material of the upper when mulling over the concepts of the fit, as this will give you a clearer idea of what to expect in the long term.


Finally, the last criterion is durability. For footwear purchased to address heel spurs or plantar fasciitis, it is important to get a pair that will serve well for a longer period. All footwear will lose shape and become less supportive of wear, so it is crucial to make sure you have the right amount of arch support and cushioning, as long as you wear your chosen footwear.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is surgery the only way to treat heel spurs?


If you are not sure whether you have heel spurs, it is best to consult with your doctor who will do a thorough examination, including an X-Ray to make the correct diagnosis. If you, indeed, have developed a heel spur, your doctor can prescribe different treatments, depending on how severe your condition is, as well as, other factors including your weight, age, and physical fitness.

While most heel spurs can be treated with non-invasive methods, it is possible that you will be prescribed medication or that you will need surgical intervention.

Q: What does a perfect pair of shoes for heel spurs include?


If you have heel spurs, your perfect pair of shoes will offer plenty of support in the arch and heel area, will be well cushioned, will fit perfectly, and will have a harder sole with a rocker’s bottom to ensure the correct foot position, pronation, and gait cycle.

Q: Can I wear regular shoes / running sneakers / high heels if I have heel spurs?


Unless your shoes of choice match the description above, you would be best advised to put them away and opt, instead, for a pair of shoes that are appropriate for your condition.

Most running shoes are too soft and flexible for people who have heel spurs (some even so far as to say that they are often the cause of heel spurs), high heels are out of the question, while other flat shoes may be too narrow or offer too little cushioning and shock absorption to be considered appropriate footwear.

Q: I need to look a certain way at my workplace / on a special occasion. What type of formal shoes should I look for?


If you work at a corporate job, chances are, you can’t go to work wearing sneakers. A good idea is to wear the most comfortable shoes possible for your commute, then change into more appropriate footwear once you are at your job/the event you are attending. Your formal pair of shoes should provide plenty of support, be cushioned, fit well, have plenty of room in the toe area, and not put too much stress on any part of your feet.

It could, also, be a good idea to invest in a pair of inserts that are, specifically, designed for heel spurs which can make your shoes more comfortable and less likely to cause any further damage to your feet.

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