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10 Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 2022

Plantar Fasciitis, an inflammation of the foot ligament is nothing less than a nightmare for active individuals as the excruciating pain in the heels associated with the condition plagues and affects the normal day to day activities palpably. 

Since walking, running and even standing still becomes painful when an individual suffers from the condition; Plantar Fasciitis makes it almost impossible to carry on with various daily tasks. 

Although there are medications to treat the painful condition, wearing the right kind of footwear is an effective and popular idea for many.

Finding the right pair of shoes is, however, not a very easy task. In fact, since there are many shoe brands that call themselves the savior from Plantar Fasciitis without having any dependable reason, it is hard to choose a good pair of shoes that actually helps you from getting rid of the uncomfortable heel pain the condition brings with it. 

There is no reason to feel bemused though. 

Here are the 10 best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis that will not only help you continue with the day-to-day activities without feeling the pain but will also let you look stylish while keeping your heels cushioned in the most desirable way.

1. Orthofeet Avery Island


Orthofeet has been producing shoes that provide dependable help to individuals suffering from various foot problems, and Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most major conditions among them. 

The Orthofeet Avery Island offers the perfect cushioning effect to the heels while also reducing the jarring effect people feel while walking with the shoes on.

The special feature to note with Orthofeet Avery Island is the extra layers of cushioning the layered sole provides that makes the shoes feel like marshmallows due to the spring-like effect the insoles of the shoes exert.  

The shoe is also comfortable as it offers enough extra room to the toes, making the feet feel the warmth as well as a wiggling effect that helps the feet stay away from getting hurt or having some other unwanted foot problems.

Orthofeet Avery Island, like all other popular forms produced by Orthofeet, is palpably lightweight which does not offer a feeling of having to do some extra effort while walking or running with the shoes on. 

The shoe may not be the best in terms of stylish looks but it is neither a shabby pair that can’t be worn to work nor is it too pricey to burn a hole in your pocket.

Avery Island is also a very popular shoe that can be bought without having to do much of hard work as the availability is affluent due to the popularity of the brand. 

However, some critics have pointed out that there is a drawback of soles wearing out in ardent conditions. Provided a little care is taken, this should not be a major problem though. 

The overall positive features of the shoe, however, easily outweigh the negatives and the most notable point to consider while buying a pair of Orthofeet Avery Island is that it is probably the most comfortable shoe you can find when you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.



2. Klogs USA Women’s NAPLES Mule


There are quite a few names in women’s shoe segment but Klogs’s Naples Mule is probably the most comfortable among them. 

With 30 outstanding styles to choose from, this comfy pair of shoes comes with some very notable features, such as genuine leather uppers, long-lasting synthetic soles, anti-microbial footbed, Polyurethane non-marking anti-slip outsoles,and extra padded collars.

Popularly dubbed as the “Best pair of shoes for nurses,” it is easy to see why women love the Mules so much. The shoe is made from high-quality lightweight materials to offer the wearer an airy feel while setting out for some very demanding situations. 

Naples Mule also offers extra to room without having to bother about stumbling upon due to the extra-long front and since the shoe is completely noise-free, it makes the Klogs’s popular brand a nice choice for silent environments, such as hospitals, libraries, and schools.

The Klogs USA Women’s Naples Mule is also a very stylish pair that comes with some of the most attractive prints that make the pair a desirable product for the style-conscious women who want their shoes to make a good impression and a lasting fashion statement. 

But don’t just go for the loons, Naples Mule is also one of the most durable pairs of shoes you can probably get at your nearby shoe store.

With impressive synthetic soles that absorb all the fatigue-causing shocks and a super smooth inside feel for extra comfort, this popular shoe brand is renowned for manufacturing some of the best pairs for women suffering from foot problems, such as Plantar Fasciitis. 

The shoes’ insoles can be easily replaced by orthotic inners which make the shoes super useful and comfortable on demand during a demanding situation. Not required to mention here that such a capability of changing the soles saves enough money too.

The Naples Mule shoes are very easy to wear, and having no shoelaces or buckle that needs regular adjustments makes them the perfect pair for people who frequently remove and re-wear shoes for personal and professional reasons. 

The slip on and versatile designs make these shoes stand out from the crowd due to numerous reasons, such as anti-fall and odor-free features.



3. Alegria Women’s Pesca


The Alegria Women’s Pesca is highly sophisticated but still a fun and playful shoe option that is very versatile in terms of design too. 

Skillfully and thoughtfully made to suit all the needs of the female foot, the Alegria Pesca is a perfect for the warm season as they offer an airy and comfy feeling even in the high temperature and humid conditions. 

The Alegria Pesca Shoe is probably the most suitable option for looking stylish in both casual and professional settings.

Alegria likes taking care of women with plantar fasciitis with a modern yet smooth-feeling design, containing a polyurethane loaded footbed and an ultra-comfort memory foam to offer an out of the world comfy feeling. 

The shoes also look very stylish and provided they are taken good care of, Pesca shoes retain the new looks for a considerable period of time.

The thinner, low profile sole used in the product offer palpable more flexibility than other shoes in its peer group and the shoes comes with the feature of removable footbed that allows you to insert your own orthotics which means you can have more than one experiences with the same shoe pair which is also great for various stages of Plantar Fasciitis.

Pesca shoes also sport stylish embossed or burnished leathers that are known for excellent ventilation and style. There is an adjustable hook-and-loop closure strap with a metal stud ornament that offers a perfect custom fit for one and all. 

Soft leather interior inside the shoes remove unwanted and unhealthy foot moisture to keep the feet stay healthy and dry and the combination memory foam, cork, and latex footbed make this pair a special one that not offers great looks but also extraordinary comfort especially when you have a painful heel.

The PU outsole of Pesca is built to reduce heel and central metatarsal pressure and the flat bottom increases stability while offering perfect control in slippery and wet conditions. 

The mini-rocker outsole helps during the gait cycle, helping one to have a natural motion from the heel to toe, making the common day to day activities a bit more convenient and less tiring.



4. New Balance 574


The New Balance 574 is a classic, easygoing and lightweight pair of sneakers that are a retro running-inspired line of shoes with stylish looks and comfortable fit for the people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. 

The New Balance 574 sneakers are a heritage style pair that perfectly fit with modern ‘on the go’ lifestyles.

With varieties for men, women,and kids New Balance 574 shoes are offered for all sizes. Built with a variety of materials including suede, jersey textile, leather and synthetic, the 574 model is an iconic shoe that builds everlasting impressions no matter where and when.

The most mentionable point here is the new kid on the block, the New Balance 574 Sport that is sportier and sleeker than the original model. 

The 574 Sport offers a contemporary take on the casual, everyday look to make the shoe pair an outstanding choice for people who love to look sporty even in a formal setting.

Finished to utmost perfection, the New Balance 574 is a favorite option for people having Plantar Fasciitis for the comfortable inner sole that has a special engineering design to offer optimum condition even if the heel pain is excruciating.

Available in an array of colors, including black, red, gray, blue and much more, the New Balance 574 casual sneakers have a classic styling and sturdy, comfortable construction that offers maximum comfort to the healing heels. 

With Suede upper panels, mesh ventilation panels and an ENCAP midsole these shoes bring back a familiar, supportive feel that’s ideal for a variety of activities, including running the errands, hanging out with friends or visiting the gym.

These retro New Balance sneakers come with a removable insole, allowing you to easily pop in your preferred insert for personalized and variety of feelings. These comfy shoes also offer a great semi-rigid insole that helps people suffering from plantar fasciitis carry on with the daily activities with optimum ease. 

Being hugely popular, New Balance 574 shoes are available everywhere and if you need something that really makes sense for your Plantar Fasciitis, this sporty sneaker is a great choice in a mid-range of the budget.



5. Vionic Men’s Preston Loafer


Irrespective of the type of feet, the podiatrist-designed Vionic Preston Shoes for men are meant for an ever-expanding array of foot and leg problems. These shoes have a distinct casual look perfect for work and they are perfect for weekends as well. 

Built with the best leathers available in the market, Vionic has been producing valuable footwear constantly and the Preston Loafer is in sync with the company’s quality outputs. 

The Vionic Preston shoes are made with the finest, premium leather exterior with a lightly padded top line to cushion the sensitive feet from getting chaffed. Preston’s leather is smooth and it does not break down in acidic or greasy as well as wet conditions. 

The full grain, box leather is famous among leather industry bigwigs for the exceptional look and texture, and Preston enjoys the same kinds of stylish and superior looks due to the use of the finest quality leather.

The orthopedic, moc toe loafer is lightweight and flexible and its EVA midsole provides superior shock absorption upon impact. The Orthaheel technology offers unmatched comfort, superior support to heels and the shoes are meant to provide perfect stability in wet and slippery conditions.

The clinically proven shoes are meant to relieve several common causes of plantar fasciitis and are one of the best footwear available in the market for the condition. 

The ultra-lightweight material used for the construction of Preston shoes make it look sturdy and tough on the outside but it is very easy to wear due to its extremely lightweight that does not cramp the feet even when worn for long hours. 

The deep heel cups of Vionic’s Preston brand is perfect for foot realignment whatever the type of feet it is. 

The shoes are also suitable for narrow feet and it does not leave any odor even after use in sweaty and humid conditions thanks to its airy and puffed inside.



6. Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat


The Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat shoe is precisely is for the eternal happy feet of women who are both active during the day and love to use their shoes for casual occasions as well. 

Undoubtedly one of the most likely shoes to become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, the Alergia has been built keeping the everyday wear and tear plus the need for an aching heel in mind. 

The unassuming and simple looks of this shoe will impress everyone who does not want to look too wild yet want the best in terms of quality and comfort in day to day life.

The shoe has an attractive Mary Jane button detailing and a sturdy and tough outsole designed to roll naturally that makes the experience of wearing the Paloma an ultimate feeling. 

The shoe offers enough room for personalization and people suffering from foot problems like plantar fasciitis would love to play with the options this simple yet very useful shoe has to offer.

With a removable footbed made from cork/latex that allows the speedy insertion of your favorite pair of orthotics and a super cushioned heel area, Paloma makes enough sense for the Plantar Fasciitis affected ‘on the go’ females who do not want to compromise their day due to an unwanted pain in their heels. 

The airy pair of shoes is comfortable during the summers, and its plush exteriors instantly offer a rich and tender feeling for any onlooker who’s interested more to judge a woman by her footwear.

With its breathable leather, comfy inside and a special impression that makes everyone look at it with awe, Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat is an ultimate jewel for every woman who wants to enjoy the comfort no matter how the weather or climate is around. 

Although the price tag is a bit on the higher side, the Paloma range is Alegria’s safest bet when it comes to offering the right shoes irrespective of the costs it entails.



7. Dr. Comfort Wing Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Dress Shoe


Dr. Comfort Wing Therapeutic Dress Shoe is a lightweight shoe that makes styling fun with its super smooth looks and an equally interesting design that perfectly helps individuals with various foot problems, including Plantar Fasciitis. 

Dr. Comfort is already a renowned brand for shoes that offer maximum heel protection and this one is not excluded from that possibility either.

The timeless classic is very easy to distinguish from other similar looking options with just one glance. Even a schoolboy would immediately realize that Dr. Comfort has paid enough attention in manufacturing this particular shoe to look well-made at the very first sight. 

The sleek, polished leather surface exterior and a moccasin toe with spectacular, invisible stitch detail with the ultimate lightweight construction makes the Dr. Comfort Leader Dress Shoe a definite winner when it comes to the value addition a shoe offers in your day to day lifestyle.

The finest leather craftsmanship along with a fully breathable design to remove the moisture from your feet away makes this shoe an outstanding candidate in our list.There is leather lining in the inside to offer you a comfortable, dry, fresh and free from friction and injuries feel. 

With a full top grain leather trainer and an arch stabilizer for extra support, the rigid plastic shank and rubber soles with superb shock absorbency help this shoe to relieve the stress and fatigue of standing, walking and running off from your psyche.

The rubber soles with greater traction to ensure a reliable grip with every step and a padded heel cuff and tongue offer the ultimate feeling of wearing men’s shoe. 

The removable footbed that truly accommodates personalized orthotics is another feature that might make this gem a favorite while you are still suffering from the discomforting episodes of heel pain due to Plantar Fasciitis.

The shoe easily accommodates internal braces and AFO’s and its special design makes it an excellentoption for arch pain, heel pain, Diabetes, Edema, Hammertoes, Posterior Tibial Tendonitis (PTT), and Arthritis. 

Manufactured following stringent medical grade specifications, Dr. Comfort shoes are one of the best if you are seeking the ultimate heel protection.



8. Alegria Kayla Clog


If you do not consider Alegria Kayla clogs, the list for top 10 best shoes for people with Plantar Fasciitis will remain incomplete. Alegria Kayla Professional is considered among the most decent clogs for people having foot problems. 

This pair of great shoes is comfortable, long lasting and created from quality materials and it is available in all the suitable sizes to offer everyone the great experience of wearing quality footwear made to ultimate perfection.

Alegria has always been surprisingly decent footwear brand. With stain-resistant leather upper in a classic clog silhouette Alegria’s benevolent offering, the Kayla Clog is one of the most durable clogs available in the market. 

The clogs are superior in comfort and its interior is built with utmost caution to offer people with heel pain a suitable cure even in highly demanding work conditions. Alegria has always been on the lookout for a perfect solution in the footwear industry and this pair seems to support that point of view.

The Kayla Clog has a slip-on design for quick and easy on and off which makes it one of the best options for people on the go. 

The shoe’s external design and the comfortable inside is among the best for people with Plantar Fasciitis because it not only protects the feel from getting cramped but also provides an extra toe room for enhanced comfort. 

The extra padding around the collar and comfortable leather interior that wicks away all forms moisture are meant to offer the best experience even in warmer and temperature-intensive conditions.

The footbed of the shoe is a mix of cork, memory foam and leather-covered latex, which attached itself in all forms to the natural contours of the foot. The footbed is also removable in order to let everyone an opportunity to apply their custom orthotics for a better and personalized feeling. 

With a lightweight yet modern design, the Alegria Kayla Clog is one of the best options to choose for heel comfort that might be a major consideration in case you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.



9. Brooks Men’s Beast 18 Running Shoes


Fighting against plantar fasciitis and all sorts of foot issues with the right footwear needs to consider a lot of factors, and Beast is probably the only one real ultimate solution if you are considering running with a painful heel. 

The Beast is a well-engineered design meant to offer the maximum cushioning to sensitive feet while running and without having to mention, in walking too.

The Brooks Beast 18 is a refined male version of the Ariel 18, and it is designed specifically for only men. The features to notice at the very first interaction with the shoe are its no-sew overlays and an engineered mesh upper. 

The comfortable running shoe is designed to help with conditions such as over-pronation and Plantar Fasciitis and The Beast is available in a variety of widths, colors and sizes that are meant for better personalization.

The shoe is adorned with a Super DNA midsole that offers at least 25 percent more cushioning and adapts more to the foot shape and style than the standard midsole shoes. 

The Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar helps to avoid over-pronating and to keep the feet in their most natural positions. There is the additional Segmented Crash Pad that guides your feet into a natural and suitable position irrespective of the fact how your foot lands.

The upper of the Beast 18 comes in a breathable form, and the shoe is built with a design that wicks away moisture and offers a spacious and roomy toe box feel. 

The Beast has a removable sock liner so it can be taken out and washed as and when needed. The upper of the shoe has a structured saddle allowing you to tighten or loosen the support whenever necessary.

For people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, the external heel counter of the Beast provides extra stability and better comfort than most other running shoes in the market. 

The outsole on the Beast 18 is constructed of HPR Green, which works equally well in wet and dry conditions, so the shoe is versatile as well as useful all-round the year. 

The rest of the outsole is made of rubber that increases the durability of the shoe manifolds. 

Additionally, the Omega Flex Grooves used in the manufacturing of the shoe enhance the flexibility to allow the feet to move more naturally and with optimum comfort.



10. ASICS Men’s Gel Nimbus 20


If walking is becoming more and more difficult for due to Plantar Fasciitis, the Vionic Walker shoes with highly advanced design may provide you the solution you need. 

A casual-seeming sneaker sports walker on the outside, the ASICS Nimbus 20 houses a water-resistant and super durable leather upper that makes it a super comfy shoe for people having issues with their heels.

The Podiatrist-designed comfy walker comes with unique, biomechanical and removable orthotics that are treated with anti-bacterialfeatures to ensure the most hygienic conditions no matter how the weather outside or storing conditions of the shoes are. 

The Vionic Walker boasts of the APMA Seal of Acceptance that is nothing short of a great distinction to the superb build and makes of the ASICS brand. To guarantee a great fit, the Men’s Gel Nimbus 20 incorporates the EVA mid-sole and some meaningful rubber traction to prevent slips.

The shoe has the lightweight FlyteFoam cushioning and other advanced technologies that help the Nimbus 20 cater to all neutral runners of all ages and levels. 

Its gradient jacquard-mesh FluidFit upper adapts to the foot’s natural motion while the 3-D printed overlays provide some additional support to offer a customized fit.

The FlyteFoam technology used in the shoes offers excellent bounce-back and responsiveness irrespective of the distance. It uses organic super fibers to reduce packing out. 

Rearfoot and forefoot Gel Technology Cushioning Systems allows movement in multiple stages of the motion as the foot transitions through the gait cycle.

Additionally, there are independently placed eyelets to disperse the lace tension that helps in creating a customized fitting environment and enhanced top-front comfort for the people who need extra help during their issues with the heel.



Buyer's Guide for Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 2019:

When people have heel pain due to plantar fasciitis the most notable factor to look in a shoe is how it is designed to alleviate the pain and prevent any further damage to the injured area. 

Shoes that do not provide enough support to the heels can turn out to be a troublemaker in the long run.

However, choosing the right pair of shoes is not a matter to be taken casually. The right shoe can help palpably to mitigate the pains and reduce the discomforts a person with Plantar Fasciitis has to face. 

But picking the right shoes with the right features is possible only when you pay attention to the following points.


The idea to depend upon for heel spurs and/or painful experiences is to look for the maximum cushioning so that the shoes can prevent your heel from experiencing more pain by limiting and absorbing the shocks during impact. 

It is advisable that people looking for the right shoes understand that if the shoe fails to provide any support during impact, the very situation of heel pain may exacerbate, making day to day activities more inconvenient and painful.

Therefore, the shock absorbent quality of shoes worn during an episode of Plantar Fasciitis must be top notch and spread out over several layers at the least. 

Multiple layers and superior cushioning ensure that the feet touch the ground in the most comfortable and painless manner possible and that is the most important consideration for anyone having heel pain.


The best boots for heel pain or the best heel pain sneakers that provide exceptional stability comes with a superior combination of ergonomics and maximum padding to provide the much-needed comfort that may be compromised during movements.

 Ergonomics are important because they streamline the body posture and movement while paddings provide a sufficiently packed-in and comfortable fit. 

Stability is a matter of concern not only because people feel discomfort in maintaining the posture but it is also a much-needed factor that determines the quality of the shoes you are going to wear for at least a couple of hours most of the most active times during the day or in the night.

Arch Support

This is another critical point to note that when the plantar fascia tissue is damaged or injured, the foot arch develops inflammation, which makes performing activities like jogging, running, walking, and sometimes even standing still a painful task. 

So, logically speaking, the sneakers that offer phenomenal arch support are the most instrumental in reducing the uncomfortable feelings while getting active with Plantar Fasciitis.

Shoes with great arch support provide enough support to the underfoot region and are also helpful for people having flat feet. 

As the entire weight of the body plus the additional impacts normally fall on the heels, shoes that have great arch support transfer the pressure to evenly spread across the entire arch area.

Removable Insoles

The most notable reason why removable insole feature is important is because custom orthotic insoles are a reality in today’s world. 

These orthotics provide your feet with that much-needed relief from inflammation, swelling,and pain caused by heel spurs and plantar fasciitis to provide you the optimum comfort when doing any activity while having painful heels are existent down under the feet. 

It is also a fact that the insoles provided by the orthotics specialists are undoubtedly better than the standard soles of some of the best shoes for people with Plantar Fasciitis.

FAQs on Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

What causes plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is often caused by exceeding pressure on the foot. Those who have very high arches, stiff ankles and calf muscles, flat or near-flat feet, and people who engage in frequent repetitive activities that impact the feet are usually more susceptible to plantar fasciitis.

I do have heel pain. How do I know if I have Plantar fasciitis?

If your heel pain persists for longer periods of time—even after the uncomfortable shoes have been removed and the feet have been rested if the pain and discomforts do not resolve on its own, it could be a sign of plantar fasciitis.

How long does it take for plantar fasciitis to go away?

The plantar fasciitis pain and flare-ups may last between two to three weeks. In some cases, however, the pain may exist up to six weeks.

Is it okay to walk with plantar fasciitis?

If you have Plantar Fasciitis, after walking, stop and stretch your feet. Continuing to walk helps you heal the condition further. It may take some time to get back to your regular pace and distance but trying to walk is natural and helpful.

If I only have pain in one foot, can I only wear one Heel Seat?

Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs occur in one foot many times. People are therefore tempted to use only one Heel Seat, but this may destabilize the biomechanical balance and heal apart from causing you to trip or stumble.

What is an Orthotic?

Orthotic devices are inserts for the shoes to reduce or treat various types of pain and discomforts of the foot, ankle, leg, knee,and hip. Orthotics are not just simple arch supports, and they can alter the way in which the foot strikes and functions across a walking surface.

What are the treatment options of Plantar Fasciitis?

There are multiple treatment options, including stretching, icing, massaging, anti-inflammatory medication, custom orthotics, specific shoes and rest for Plantar Fasciitis.

How can I prevent plantar fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis can be treated with shoes that support your arches and provide a cushion for the heels, and exercises that strengthen the legs, ankles, plantar fascia,and Achilles tendon. Custom orthotics can play a key role too.

Can I wear a custom orthotic in a dress shoe?

Yes. A custom orthotic can be in any type of shoe, as long as the shoe is wide and deep enough to accommodate the orthotic. Some women’s dress shoes, however, are too narrow to insert an orthotic, so they cannot be inserted in these insufficiently spacious shoes.

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