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11 Best Shoes for Standing All Day 2023

The shoe we wear serves us in many ways. They not only protect our feet but also act as a cushion for our body weight. You can play sports without the fear of hurting your feet and also look fashionable at the same time. 

But, if you are one of those who need to stand on their feet for a long time, it is important you pay a little extra attention while choosing a pair of shoes. There are a number of factors you need to keep in mind other than the make and the fit. 

If you are looking to purchase best shoes for standing all day, this piece of information is just for you!

If you are wondering as to why we need to emphasize on the importance of finding the best shoe for standing all day, the below mentioned advantages will throw some light on it.

The Importance of Finding the Right Shoe

If you are shoes are tight or too loose, they do not provide sufficient support to your feet. This can cause stress on the legs, the ankles and also on the other joints. If the pressure is ongoing, it can as well lead to pain and bad injuries.

Poor footwear can also lead to injuries, and if you need to walk or stand for long, it can even cause postural issues and can also be the reason for back pain.

The shoes also have an impact on the way you walk, and when you stand for longer durations and walk, the pair of shoes needs to provide cushioning and help prevent foot pain.

It is important to match the shoe you are wearing to the activity. For example, people who walk and stand a lot can opt for walking shoes that come with “shock absorbing heel” and also have a flex near the ball.

Let now have a look at pros and cons of some of the best shoes that are available for purchase online.

Shopping for a pair of shoes online can be little different from shopping for gadgets or clothing. When buying shoes, you certainly need to have an idea of what you want to wear these for and details of the size and the make. 

Well, of course we do pay attention to the “brand” as well! So, let’s get started.

1. Nike Tanjun

Best Shoes for Standing All Day
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Best Shoes for Standing All Day
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If you are looking for a durable pair of shoes, your search ends right here. Nike Tanjun has a simple design. The name “Tanjun” means simplicity in Japanese. These are the best shoes to choose if you have to deal with standing most of the day. 

Comfort – These shoes are known for the comfort they provide and these can be used for hiking or even for running. They are your ideal partner for work too and are very light in weight. The shoes have a flexible midsole and provide a lot of ventilation to the feet as well.

Stability – Nike Tanjun have a cushioned foam on the mid as well as the outsole. This is one of the reasons why they absorb the shock well, when you stand for long hours. So, after you get back home after long work hours, you feel absolutely no pain at all.

Breathable – The shoes come with a special fabric lining that is very breathable. So, the wearer can expect a good air flow and the feet do not sweat a lot even when there is a lot of activity involved.



2. Timberland Icon 3 Eye

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These are those perfect pair of shoes that are made to provide comfort to your feet. Most of the times, the comfortable shoes are not attractive and this does not hold true for Timberland Icon 3 Eye. You can proudly flaunt these shoes by wearing them to every place. You no longer need to feel embarrassed for wearing those bulky comfortable shoes anymore.

The shoes have a unique style and look premium. With technology advanced features, the shoes are available in easy to pair colors and boost of an impeccable construction.

Comfort – The Timberland Icon 3 Eye is can be customized when it comes to perfect fit as it comes with a rawhide lacing system, that covers the entire feet. So, if you wish to tighten the shoes, you can not only tighten it near the foot but it can also be tightened at the back as well. This is one feature that adds to its comfort.

Stability – The underfoot of the shoes have an EVA insole and also come with an extra layer of Poron, which provides the much needed cushioning. The stable outsole provides a perfect grip for the foot, which reduces the pressure on the feet, and keeps it upright. This thus helps eliminate pain and fatigue.

The price of these can be a little higher when compared to the others on the list but the shoes are still considered a good buy by many as it has a wide range of comfort features.



3. Skechers Sure Track Trickle

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If you are looking for a comfortable wear, it is time you choose Skechers Sure Track Trickle. The shoes are durable and come with a flexible midsole. These are more than perfect if you need to stand for longer time during your work hours. You certainly do need a comfortable pair of shoes like these for that.

Comfort – The shoes are extremely comfortable, thanks to the memory foam used. The shoes thus provide a plush ride and overall comfort. The insoles can be removed          and you can add your own insoles if needed. The shoes are slip resistant too and hence can be worn on wet floors too without any worry.

Stability – The shoe can be termed as supportive and provides much support near areas like the heel or the arch. The sole too is designed to provide the best fit. The breathability of the shoes is good.

The memory foam used in the shoes is of high quality and it helps reduce pains in the tendons or the muscles. Skechers are also known to be stylish shoes, especially due to their classic design. They look professional and hence can be worn to work every day.



4. Work N Cushion from Reebok

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If you need to stand all day, be it work or occasionally, the Work N Cushion shoes from Reebok are a must have. The shoes provide excellent support and are comfortable at the same time. While the brand has a number of comfortable shoes, nothing works better than these when it comes to style, durability and comfort.

Comfort – The upper of the shoes is made using leather and it provides an excellent fit. The shoes have a low cut shape and hence are mobile. With very durable construction, the shoes last for long and are sturdy.

Stability – The shoes have cushion near the heel area which provides an additional support. The shoes may not be stylish but are excellent when it comes to comfort.

Breathability – Breathability has been a complaint when it comes to these shoes. As the shoes have leather, they are less breathable when compared to the others. If you have sweaty feet, these might not be for you.

The shoes are not expensive and are often available at a discounted price online.



5. Grasshopper Windham


Though a slip-on, Windham from Grasshopper is stylish and provides total comfort if you have to stand all day at your work. The slip-on’s look more like boat shoe and have an Ortholite insole which is made using quality memory foam. This is what provides you a perfect fit every time you wear them.

The shoe is also made of anti-bacterial material which also absorbs moisture and all these keeps your feet feeling fresh all day. The shoes also have a soft jersey lining and have the Purefit cushions near the arch. All these increase the comfort and provide the user with a pillow like bounce.

Comfort – As mentioned the shoes have Ortholite insoles which use an open cell structure. The insoles keep moisture away from the feet this creating a very cool and fresh shoe environment. This is hence ideal for those who need to stand for longer durations.

Stability – The memory foam used in the insole provides comfort and the unique boat like design makes it look stylish.

Breathability – The shoes are made using anti microbial material, which keeps the feet fresh and prevents the formation of mildew or bacteria. As these are slip-ons, they are breathable as well.

If you are looking for a cheapest pair of shoes, the Grasshopper Windham are a must buy as they define style and provide comfort. The moisture wicking properties of these shoes also makes them perfect for those who suffer from Athlete’s foot.



6. Propet Life Walker

Best Shoes for Standing All Day
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This premium quality shoe is just more than perfect for walking or standing. The shoes have a removable footbed and are also available in different sizes. Hence, you will be able to find the perfect fit without any trouble. The Walker shoes come with a firm heel counter which is not only flexible but also stays well in its place. They provide comfort and a sturdy support when you stand.

Comfort – The shoes are pretty comfortable, thanks to the unique design. Most of the shoes have a perfect fit and are ideal for those who have wide feet too. The upper of the shoes have bands that can be tightened for the right fit if needed.

Stability – As mentioned, the shoes have a firm heel counter and this makes it comfortable even when you need to stand for many hours.

Breathability – The shoes are Medicare approved and can also be used by people who suffer from diabetes. These are breathable and provide respite from sweaty feet.

The shoes are very reasonable priced and are a good buy. They provide a high level of comfort and come from a well known brand and hence are worth every penny spent. 

The craftsman ship of the Propet shoes is well known and the materials used in the making are of top quality and hence every pair of shoes always exceeds the then industry standards.



7. Gel Excite 4 from ASICS

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Shoes from ASICS, a popular brand are known for their unique features and for the comfort and breathability they provide. The shoes are stylish and are perfect for casual occasions. Perfect matches to your trendy outfits, the Gel Exicte 4 provides much more.

Comfort – The Gel Excite shoes come with a rearfoot gel cushioning that absorbs the shock and provides utmost comfort even when you are standing for long. These shoes are known to be narrow but the toe box is wide enough and provides the needed space. The shoes are not heavy either.

Stability – As the shoes are light in weight, they are said to be perfect for those who are looking for arch support. People who have medical orthotic can also remove the sock liner and are also ideal for people who have pronation or under-pronation.

Breathability – The shoes are breathable and can be worn to work without a second thought.

The shoes are durable and are also available in different colors and can be paired up with causal outfits too. With a wallet friendly price, these pair of shoes are a must buy.



8. Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2

Best Shoes for Standing All Day
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Sleek and stylish, the shoes from Saucony are your perfect choice for all day work. You can even wear them for your casual Fridays or for a special Sunday brunch. The shoes not only look good but are a must have if you spend long hours standing or walking. We will now see why we have these shoes on our list.

Comfort – You can stay comfortable and yet true to your classic style when you wear ProGrid Integrity ST2. These are the popular choice among those who love walking shoes. The shoes also have a lot of cushioning and the special rubber used makes it extremely durable.

Stability – The shoes do not have a high heel or high sole and hence provide more support. They also have a heel ProGrid that provides extra protection when you are walking. 

Breathability – The shoes are made using premium quality full grain leather and hence are breathable.



9. Asics Gel Venture 6

Best Shoes for Standing All Day
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If you need a pair of shoes form a high quality brand, Gel Venture 6 might be your perfect pair.

Comfort – The shoes have a GEL technology used in the midsole which helps in absorbing the shock. The use of AHAR rubber keeps feet comfortable by minimizing the shock. The mesh on the upper keeps your feet for long, thus reducing the risk of formation of blisters.

Stability – Believe it or not, a number of runners have shown their love for these shoes and as per them they are quite supportive. The rubber used in the making is durable and the shoes have a thick cushioning that protects the feet. 

The shoes also have a sock liner that is removable and users can replace it with their own liner if needed.

Breathability – The shoes come with a synthetic mesh on the upper which allows the movement of air, thus keeping the shoe environment fresh.

The shoes have a sturdy outsole and thus they do not look slim or nice. Instead they are a little bulky but look classy too. If you are looking for affordable shoes from a reputed brand, these are the ones to opt for.



10. Saucony Cohesion TR10

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Best Shoes for Standing All Day
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Saucony is of the companies that offer the best shoes for standing all day. The shoes come with a unique outsole which makes it easy when you walk or stand for long. The shoes are also perfect for trails but are also praised for being the best among the walking shoes available.

Comfort – These are the shoes that provide comfort. The shoes have extra padding and this is what makes them perfect even for those who have problems with the heels. 

The fit is perfect and you can use the laces provided to adjust how tight or lose you want them to be. The insole has extra cushioning but you can remove it easily if you do not need it. Both the tongue as well as the collar comes padded.

Stability – The shoes even have a rubber toe bumper and these take good care of your toes. Also, there is a special system implemented where the heels happen to be the center of shock absorption.

Breathability – The shoes have a lining that uses breathable fabric. There is also a mesh on the upper to let air in. This keeps your feet nice and happy!

The design of Cohesion TR10 is interesting and the shoes are available in different colors as well. The favorite of all is the one in grey that has pink accents. 

Despite the color combinations, the shoes are perfect for work.



11. New Balance WW577

Best Shoes for Standing All Day
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Best Shoes for Standing All Day
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The New Balance WW577 is indeed the next big thing when it comes to walking or standing shoes. 

The shoes are simple and proudly flaunt their minimalist design but we can assure you that you are going to just love it when you slide your feet inside them. The shoes are designed for walking and standing but let’s have a look at the additional features of these.

Comfort – The shoes come with a padded cover and this provides additional comfort and with a cushioned midsole, all you can expect is a snug and comfortable fit. 

These are just perfect for people who often complain of having wide or narrow feet. All you need to do is to adjust the tightness using the laces provided.

Stability – The shoes provide stability while walking and when standing. The shock gets absorbed quite well by these.

Breathability – The upper of these shoes are made using premium quality leather, which keeps the feet fresh.

The shoes are stylish and do not look sporty, and hence they are perfect for workplace wear.



Buyer’s guide- How to select the best pair of shoes for standing all day

Your search on the ideal pair of shoes will come to an end with this particular buyers guide on how to select the best pair of shoes. Here we talk about style, budget and lot many factors that can impact your buy.

Shall we go down the virtual shoe-buying lane?

The segment is divided into two parts. In the first half, you will be briefed on factors that impact your shoe buy. In the latter part of the segment, you will be briefed on custom type varieties on shoes.

Tips on how to buy the best pair of shoes:

Choose the right occasion

If you plan buying shoes exclusively for running or jogging, go in for typical running shoes. Steel toe work boots are ideal for those of you who involve in heavy standing, all through the day. This is at your place of work. Then you have formal shoes meant for typical office work.

Desk jobs where you work in front of a computer, lap top or telephone can find these shoes appropriate. 

Casual shoes can be bought if you take up regular outdoor trips. Like hiking, trekking, etc. You can have three to four pair of shoes so that you have one suiting every occasion.

Color and style

Choosing the right colored shoes is again a very important consideration while planning to buy one. You may have a particular style quotient in mind. Choose the color and style depending on the costume you plan wearing.

On a typical formal wear attire, stick to black and brown shoes. These leather shoes are easier to maintain. You can polish them regularly to enhance their sheen.

For a casual party wear, sneakers or stylish boots go well. Light brown, party yellow, coral red and ash grey are hues that go well with the trend. Styles can be chosen accordingly. You can opt for laced varieties or sneak-through shoes.

For a steel work boot types, stick to what your company has asked you for. Construction workers definitely need a thicker sole shoe to endure constant wear and tear. You decide on the color and style, again keeping the occasion you plan buying the shoes for.

Quality Vs the price

Here you have two options. Do you mind shelling out a little more money for your never tiring feet? By investing in a better quality pair of shoes? Else do you want to go for inferior varieties for the cheaper price? And keep replenishing your stocks every now and then. The choice is obviously yours. 

Let me tell you how it works. Cheaper varieties of shoes are just glued together with inferior raw materials. The manufacturer uses cardboard or plastic that does not age well. It is always better to invest on branded variety of shoes. 

You have after-sales service offered by renowned brands. Some companies can offer you a free re-soling service for ten years from the date of purchase. Again, if you have a budget in mind, you can wait for the Off-season sale where you find branded shoes slashed at 50% off.

Comfort fit of the shoes

Many of you presume that you belong to a particular shoe size. For most of us, during the day our shoe sizes fit better. During the afternoons, our feet tend to swell a little bit. 

Again for men, this might be a problem. They may have narrow foot on the left leg while their foot is wider on the other leg. You need to see if you are able to comfortably walk on the shoes you plan buying. 

You can select your shoes from a brick and mortar stores over an online store just in case you are unsure about your actual size.

The comfort of your shoes is definitely an important consideration while you plan buying your brand new shoes.

Now, let us have a look at the type of shoes you can go in for:

Formal shoes

Brands like Oxford or Woodland are fabulous ones you can go in for. Here, you can choose between laced up shoes. In other words, you will have to tie up the laces. You also get shoes where you just have to sneak through. Brown and black are formal-wear shoes you can go for.

Casual wear

You will be having an in-sight into some of the preferred variants on casual shoes. Here they are:

Saddle shoes

You discover that these shoes are meant for casual or business casual needs. This variant on shoes utilizes a layer of leather to be displayed as an instep. 

The instep layer is a different color from the rest of the shoe. Hence the variety suits a casual occasion. These shoes are stylish to look at, because of the dual-toned hue.

Boat shaped shoes

The shoes were designed to prevent you from slipping off a boat. But today, these boat shaped shoes or top siders have made it big among the fashion headlines. The style had actually originated from Boston.

These are shoes available in a variety of colors. The best part is that, these can be worn without a pair of socks. Moreover, the men’s boat shaped shoes follows a moccasin style and is suitable only for the warm weather.

Canvas shoes

Canvas shoes suit a universal style. These are trendy, colorful, comfortable and stylish too. You can wear canvas shoes. On account of their heavy laced style, they stand in place over a longer duration of time. 

The sturdy aspect of these shoes makes it convenient for you to wear them during hiking trips, nature trails and so on. Also known as sneakers, these go well with jeans, chinos and shorts.


Sandals suit a casual style. The upper portion of your feet is bare while you have your ankle and feet area protected. These are suited for casual outdoor use. You feel great in a pair of sandals as air circulates freely through the upper portion of your feet.


You can choose trendy style boots. For a rainy weather, rubber boots prevent your feet from getting soggy. Leather or rubber boots in trendy shades like black, ash-grey and brown look fabulous on your feet.

Let’s now have a look at some commonly asked questions about buying the best shoes.

FAQs on Buying the Best Shoes for Standing All Day

Do you have questions to ask? We can educate you, based on your queries.

What would I consider while buying a good pair of shoes?

This is the first question that comes to anyone’s mind. While wanting to buy themselves with a brand new pair of shoes. Before you check on anything, you will first have to analyze your life-style. 

Does the nature of work require you to stand for prolonged periods of time? Do you have yes as the answer? Then you will be looking at certain finer aspects that can considerably impact your buy.

If you want to go for a structured pair of shoes, then you will have to resort to buying one with a back stiffener. These shoes come to you with the toe puff feature as well. Look for user friendly features while wanting to buy yourself a brand new pair. 

You will thus go for a slightly larger or a wider pair of shoes than your usual number. Do you prefer wearing socks? Then you need to have thicker socks, in sync with the upbeat.

If you want to change to different hosiery, say like a pair of stockings or tights, you can look for shoes with an insole lent. An inch foot insole or half an inch insole added to the footwear can make you feel comfortable. 

This in-built feature prevents your feet from sliding forward and jarring your toes at the front of the boot. After all you don’t want to hammer your toes in the longer run.

I have diabetes. What is the preferred variant on shoes I can typically go in for?

For those of you diagnosed with diabetes, it is ideal you take extra care and caution. This is especially while you scout for the right kind of foot-wear. It is highly recommended that you keep your toes warm during winters. 

This way, blood circulation to your feet enhances. Hence, it is the need of the hour that you invest on a good pair of winter-socks.

You can go for special designer footwear for diabetics. This footwear is exclusively known as the ‘slouch boot’. The footwear is made from sheep-skin. Other softer materials are ingrained while the boots are manufactured. You get a comfort feel while wearing this kind of boots. Your feet remain smooth, throughout the day.

Go in for branded varieties as they put in quality materials while designing your shoes. Cheap quality imitates may just focus on the upper sole while the pair of boots easily give in to wear and tear.

Heel cups, stiffeners and toe puffs give you the right kind of elevation and your feet loves to be in them.

Do I get a life-time warranty for footwear?

No one can offer you with a life-time warranty for footwear. Reasonable defects from the manufacturer’s console with minimal wear/tear can guarantee you from taking an advantage of the situation. 

Abnormal wear or tear is definitely not considered to be a manufacturer’s defect. However you may be not satisfied with the quality or the workmanship of the footwear. Then, you can get in touch with the retailer.

What happens if the shoes discolor my socks or feet?

Yes, you can definitely be concerned. There is a possibility that poorer quality shoes may dye to the sock or even ingrain the color on to your foot. But, when you approach quality shoe manufacturers, you will not encounter this particular problem. 

Quality manufacturing shoe companies select the right kind of leather. And use quality tanning methods to ensure the suppleness or strength of your footwear.

It is ideal that you replace your footwear every 1-2 years. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the shoe gets itself hued on your hosiery or even leaves its blemishes on to your feet. 

This is mainly because the upper lining or leather reacts with your body chemistry thereby transferring color to hosiery or your body.

How long can my footwear last?

The range for a minimalist pair of shoes last ranges from 300 to 600. However, this depends on so many other factors like the way you walk, your gait or your posture, etc.


It is important to select the right pair of shoes for standing all day. You need to remember that size and the right fit will provide with the needed amount of comfort. 

You also need to consider your work environment as the footwear you choose need to protect your feet all day. 

We hope that the guide provided you with all the information needed to buy the best shoes for standing all day. Now, it is the time to go there, and stand proud with confidence!

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