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Best Sports Shoes Under Rs.1000

In this article, we have reviewed the 10 best sports shoes under Rs.1000 in 2022 along with a comparison table and a complete buyer’s guide to help you choose the best pair of shoes possible.

If you’re in a hurry then check out our comparison table below to find the best pair of shoes for yourself:

Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000Lotto Men's Vertigo Running Shoes4.8/5
Lotto Mens Vertigo Running ShoesPower Men's Xavi Running Shoes4.5/5
Lotto Mens Vertigo Running ShoesFusefit Men's Xtream Running Shoes4.7/5
Lotto Mens Vertigo Running ShoesASIAN Wonder Sport Shoes4.7/5
Lotto Mens Vertigo Running ShoesSparx Men's Mesh Running Shoes4.2/5
Lotto Mens Vertigo Running ShoesLiberty Men Outdoor Multisport Shoes4.4/5
Lotto Mens Vertigo Running ShoesPower Men's Aero Running Shoes4.3/5
Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000Power Men's Aero 2 Running Shoes4.5/5
Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000Axia Men's Galaxy-11 Running Shoes4.4/5
Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000Avant Men's Fury Running Shoes4.6/5

Just like there are different sets of clothes for separate occasions, it is important for you to wear different shoes. If you search the internet, then you will come across so many different kinds of shoes that are available in the market.

Each and every one of them has been designed to suit your needs for different occasions.

For example, when you visit your office, you will need a formal office boot, right? And when it is time for a party, maybe a sneaker or loafer? So you will be obviously wearing sports shoes when you are planning to engage yourself in an intense physical workout.

Sports shoes, as the name suggests, are specially created to support your legs while playing any sport. They have different characteristics than other shoes which include stronger build quality, comfortable soles, and better ground control.

There are several sport shoe manufacturers in the market and every one of them has their special kind of shoes for different budgets. To help you choose the best sports shoes under Rs.1000, we mentioned about 10 such shoes which will surely be worth your money.

We have jotted down shoes based on their features and those which provide good support to the users. Have a look at them in this article and also don’t forget to read the excellent buying guide for sports shoes.

Why do people prefer to use sports shoes?

With more than 20+ different kinds of shoes available in the market, no other shoes offer the same level of convenience. There are several reasons why people prefer to choose sports shoes. Here are some important reasons which will help you to know what makes sports shoes so much important.

  • Superior Cushioning – sports shoes come with the ultimate cushioning. They are made to absorb most of the impact that your feet need to face. The shoe cushioning of almost every shoe supports their feet in the most efficient manner. Superior cushioning prevents your heels from getting hurt.
  • Flexibility in the right places – being flexible when you are playing and especially in a competitive match, is very much important. It can be the key to your success in choosing good quality shoes easily. However, if you do not choose the right shoe, it can impact directly your performance. Hence flexibility is of optimal importance.
  • Stability or Motion control – sports shoes come with top-notch motion control. Sports shoes are designed to provide you with maximum stability. Comfortable cushioning and multi-directional bottom sole give excellent ground and motion control. Being stable while exercising or working out is very important.
  • Traction on road or trails – different terrain comes with new challenges and separate trails that need to be followed. The sports shoes allow your feet to comfortably stay put on the ground especially when with different kinds of terrain. That is why you get maximum grip on all surfaces which is not possible when you wear some other kind of shoes.
  • Breathability – sports shoes are generally made of breathable and superior build quality. Due to the breathability, your feet remain dry even when you wear the shoes for a long time. Most of the manufacturers offer such amazing materials to create their shoes. We have many such best sports shoes under Rs.1000 in this list.
  • Prevents injury – your feet are vulnerable to injury and it can happen more often than not when you are engaged in different physical activities. Sport shoes provide the right support and stability to the feet with corrugated soles which prevent your feet from slipping or making a fall that can be painful.
  • Looks good – sports shoes are available in exquisite designs and come in different attractive colors. So the shoes look appealing and provide you with a brand new style statement. Sports shoes can even be customized and you can choose your favorite colors which will be portrayed in the shoe.

Keeping in mind the benefits of wearing sports shoes, we will not move to an exclusive buying guide that is going to help you choose the best quality sports shoes.

We have jotted down all the important aspects that need to be checked before purchasing any sports shoes of any budget.

Buying Guide for the Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000

Buying the right pair of shoes among so many choices is not an easy task. To make sure that you are happy with the quality of the shoes, you need to properly check every aspect of it. Never compromise on the quality and comfort level of your shoe regardless of the budget you have.

In this segment, we will talk about the different things which you should check before buying the right sports shoe.

Size – the first and most important thing you need to check is the size of the shoe. Make sure you select the right size in order to get the best comfort. Different companies have their own size chart.

So you will need to take a measurement of your feet in centimeters or inches and then check which number of the shoe matches your measurement.

Upper part – check the quality of the materials that have been used to make the upper part of the shoe. This is basically everything above the sole. Sports shoes are generally made with several layers of fabrics and mesh which are sewn or sometimes glued together. High-quality shoes also use knitting to create a one-piece and single upper portion. Make sure that the upper is shaped just like your foot and is flexible for a comfortable fit.

Ankle Collar – the wrap that you will see at the top of your sports shoe which holds the heel to its place is the ankle collar. Check if your heel slips perfectly find and how the padding feels. If the collar causes any irritation then change the shoe.

Heel counter – the heel counter provides support to your heel. Many shoes nowadays come with external heel wrap which provides better support.

Even though they do not provide any motion control, they make sure you get stable landings. The quality of the heel counter will influence the comfort level of the shoes significantly.

Toebox – the toe box is the portion that is from the upper to the front of the eyelets of the shoe. It is often covered with a toe bumper that holds the fabric to the toes. Make sure that the toebox is out of the way and allows your foot to flex or spread in a natural manner.

Avoid shoes that come with toebox that are on the harder side.


Now coming to the outsole, you must remember that the quality of the outsole is really important. The outsole is generally made of different rubber or foam compounds that are used to enhance and increase the overall life of the sole.

Make sure that the outsole provides good traction and support to your feet. The shape of the outsole should match that of your toes.


The material made out of foam present between the upper part and the outsole is the midsole. It is specially designed to provide a cushion from any impact your feet receive and also provide extra flexibility to your feet. The thickness of the midsole should not be too firm or too low.


Last but not least, the cushioning of your shoes is also an important factor to consider. You must check the intensity of the cushioning both in the forefront and the heel.

The quality of the materials should be thick but at the same time, they should be comfortable as well. The cushioning should provide good ground control, traction, flexibility, and comfort to the user.

So here are the most important aspects that you will need to consider before selecting the right pair of sports shoes. If you consider these key aspects before buying any sport shoe, you will surely get your hands on the best sports shoes under Rs.1000.

Now, we will move to the section where we will show you the review of the top 10 sports shoes that you can purchase with a budget of Rs.1000.

Here are the 10 best sports shoes under Rs.1000

In the previous section, you came across the buying guide which will help you to choose a good sports shoe under Rs.1000. But your mind is wondering that there might be several sports shoes within this budget.

However, not all of them provide the same quality of comfort and convenience. So after extensive research, here are the top 10 best sports shoes under Rs.1000 that we have chosen.

1. Lotto Men’s Vertigo Running Shoes

Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000


Lotto is one of the top sports shoe manufacturers in India. They have a huge variety of different sports shoes available for all budget segments.

If you are looking for a sports shoe that will help you get the best efficiency and comfort then the Lotto Men’s Vertigo is the best pair of shoes available for Rs.1000. The shoes have been designed to last long and are made of top-quality mesh materials.

This pair of shoes comes with a very spacious toe box which provides better comfort and convenience. The toecap provided with this shoe is of brilliant quality and is also very sturdy. You can use them very easily while jogging, gymming or running.

The mesh quality provides sufficient airflow inside the shoe which prevents your toes from sweating. The shoes have soft cushion soles but provide maximum support to the users. The bottom sole of this shoe is multi-directional which makes it easier for you to get a better grip over any surface.

The top-quality sole that has been used, absorbs most of the impact that your feet experience when you land hard on your feet. Thus, preventing you from experiencing any discomfort.

Coming with a lace-up style mechanism, the Lotto Men’s Vertigo shoes will be in place. You can adjust the laces according to your preference.

  • Good quality outsole cushion
  • Multi-directional bottom sole
  • Top-quality mesh materials
  • Available in different colours
  • The upper part could have been better

2. Power Men’s Xavi Running Shoes

Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000


Available in two exquisitely designed styles, the Power Men’s Xavi Running Shoes are easily one of the best sports shoes under Rs.1000 on this list. Power from Bata is one of India’s most reliable and promising sport shoe manufacturers.

The very first thing that makes the shoe an excellent choice is the sole quality. The shoes come with a thick and sturdy outer sole which absorbs most of the impact that your feet receive while playing sports. Your feet will be able to enjoy better steadiness and comfort without facing any discomfort.

Even though the sole is quite thick, they are comfortable and soft from the inside. Whether you choose to simply walk or engage yourself in a fast pace marathon, the shoes will surely provide a good experience.

The design of the shoes allows your feet to be placed naturally inside and does not create any discomfort. The stylish yet really flexible pair of shoes allows you to play and work out easily.

Coming to the outer mesh quality, you get breathable material that ensures that the inside is properly ventilated. If you are looking for a shoe that gives maximum freedom of movement while working out, then the Power Xavi Running Shoes is a great option.

The shoes fit perfectly with your feet’ dimensions and you will have no problem getting the right size.

  • Good quality outsole cushion
  • Corrugated bottom sole
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • The thick sole can be hard for some people

3. Fusefit Men’s Xtream Running Shoes

Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000


The Fusefit Men’s Xtream Running Shoes is a good choice for those who are looking for reliable sports shoes under Rs.1000. The shoes are available in different colors which gives you the opportunity to choose your favorite style. Fusefit has used the latest Airknit technology that provides your foot with outstanding support.

Most importantly the Airknit technology allows your foot to be more flexible and boosts your overall performance significantly. You will be delighted to know that the upper area of the shoe is made of breathable material which keeps your feet snug and seamless.

The brand new Bouncemat Technology provides extra stability and supports your feet’ needs regardless of the workout you are involved in.

Bounce mat integration helps your heel to get the extra bounce which provides you with more comfort. Whenever you make a high jump or exercise with great intensity, the sole of this shoe will surely absorb the impact and prevent your feet from experiencing any of it.

Now coming to the soles, the Fusefit Men’s Xtream Running Shoes are made with Superlite soles which are light yet very sturdy. It helps to create natural traction and stride that will help you get the best level of performance you had always looked for.

Make sure to double-check the size because the size dimensions sometimes can become a problem for many.

  • New Bouncemat Technology
  • Brilliant Airknit support
  • High-quality upper mesh material
  • Superlite and cushioned soles
  • The size fitting can be problematic for some

4. ASIAN Wonder Sport Shoes

Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000


If there is one brand whom you can trust when you want to buy the best sports shoes under Rs.1000, it is Asian. Asian shoes come with top-notch comfort and an exceptional level of quality which makes them stand out from others.

Available at a very reasonable price the ASIAN Wonder Sport shoes are available at a very reasonable price. The shoe has been designed with a neutral grey makeover which has light blue color accents all over it.

Coming to the build quality, the upper material is made of breathable material which allows the air to circulate inside the shoes and keeps your feet from getting sweaty. The moderated ankle gives you maximum support and stability when you go out to play your favorite sport.

The shoes have been made to provide the best level of comfort by making sure that both the upper and outer materials are made of superior flexibility elements. If you are worried about the fit, then don’t be. It is true to its size.

The shoes come with a Lace-up system that makes sure of a good fit whenever you wear them. The ASIAN Wonder shoes allow your feet to get brilliant flexibility while running or exercising. The shoes are designed in a sleek manner which gives a sharp look and the colors are attractive as well.

Thus, giving a complete athletic look. The shoes are designed to keep your feet in their natural shape and provide maximum steadiness all the time. Asian shoes are one of the most popular slip-on sports shoes that have been released in recent times.

The only thing that can bother the users is the build quality of the sole which is a bit on the harder side that can be uncomfortable for some when you are using it for a long time.

  • Breathable mesh quality
  • Excellent ventilation inside
  • Soles are made of sturdy materials
  • The design looks ideal for sports
  • The sole is slightly on the harder side

5. Sparx Men’s Mesh Running Shoes

Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000


Sparx is one of the most popular sports shoe brands in India. They have some amazing quality sports shoes which come with exquisite design and amazing build quality. The Sparx Men’s Mesh Running Shoes is absolutely suitable for every sport you play.

If you travel long-distance or play extreme sports then the shoes are designed to provide you with a comfortable fitting. The upper part of the shoes is made of synthetic mesh materials that keep your feet comfortable for a long time. The shoes are designed in a shade of blue that looks fantastic.

The materials which have been used make sure that there is enough ventilation inside which keeps your feet dry. The Sparx Men’s Mesh Running Shoes come with a PVC sole but the interesting part is that it has a slip-on closure. So that means you will not need to tie your shoes anymore but slip them inside and you are ready.

Sparx has designed footwear by keeping in mind that customers look for the highest level of comfort. The sole which comes with this shoe is quite durable yet there has been no compromise on the comfort level. The sole ensures that most of the impact has been absorbed and provides the right cushioning.

The unique design of the shoes allows you to pair them with any kind of attire you are in. So you can wear them for multiple occasions without any worries.

If you are looking for the best sports shoes under Rs.1000 then the Sparx Men’s Mesh Running Shoes is a brilliant option.

  • Slip-on closure
  • High-quality mesh materials
  • The sole is designed to last
  • The stitching does not last long
  • The elasticity of the slip-on can become loose

6. Liberty Men Outdoor Multisport Shoes

Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000


The Liberty Men Outdoor Multisport Training shoes are made to last and provide you with maximum comfort. The shoes are made of good quality upper mesh material which is soft and beautifully designed.

The shoes come in blue and green accents which look fantastic when you wear them. One of the most important benefits of these shoes is that they do not have a lace-up system but a slip-on. So you will not have to worry about untied laces. Just slip your legs inside and you are ready to perform.

The shoes have a corrugated sole design which gives the user brilliant ground control. The sole helps to prevent accidental slips and falls which can be really painful.

So no matter in which season you are wearing the shoes, they will provide brilliant stability and balance. More often than not you will come across people complaining about their feet getting sweaty when they wear sports shoes for a long time.

But that is not the case with this pair of shoes. The mesh quality ensures proper ventilation to keep your feet dry and comfortable for long hours. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will help you get a boost in your level of performance, then Liberty Men Outdoor sports shoes are your best deal.

Available at an affordable price, the shoes give you value-for-money service throughout the year.

  • The good quality upper mesh
  • Proper ventilation
  • Corrugated bottom sole
  • Convenient slip-on the mechanism
  • The pasting could have been better

7. Power Men’s Aero Running Shoes

Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000


Power sports shoes come with a high build quality and sophisticated design which makes them the best sports shoes under Rs.1000 in the market. The Power Men’s Aero Running Shoes are available in different colors so you can choose your favorite style easily.

However, the black and red accent design seem to be the best of the lot. If you want to rev up your performance and make sure you get the highest quality stability, then these shoes are made exactly for this purpose.

We were really impressed with the brilliant flexibility that these shoes come with. The natural fitting of the shoes is really nice which allows your shoes to fit comfortably. Wearing shoes for long hours will not be a problem because they give you the natural freedom to move your feet the way you want.

Coming to the quality of the sole, it is perfectly stitched with the upper portion which makes them even more durable. The sole is tough yet comfortable which allows your shoes to rest in convenience.

Power has worked well with the cushioning because it comes with good quality heel support. They are able to provide you with the perfect lightweight feel and support in all weather conditions.

However, the size fittings can sometimes be a problem. So make sure to double-check your feet’ dimensions carefully.

  • Superior upper mesh
  • The sole is tough
  • The midsole provides good comfort
  • Size fittings can be a problem

8. Power Men’s Aero 2 Running Shoes

Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000


Another footwear from Power, the Power Men’s Aero 2 Running Shoes is a firm upgrade from the Power Men’s Aero running shoes. It is available in two different kinds of colors – blue and grey. The shoes are designed to provide excellent durability to your feet.

The ergonomic midsole ensures that your legs are placed comfortably. The functional pair of shoes provides a good amount of flexibility that keeps your feet stable most of the time.

In order to provide the users with high-quality traction and ground control, the soles come with grooves in different directions. This ensures maximum steadiness on various surfaces. Even when the surface is wet, you will get a good amount of balance for revamping your performance.

The shoes come with a slip-on feature that allows you to easily wear the shoes without having to tie any laces. The breathable mesh quality allows your feet to relax and at the same time prevents them from getting sweaty.

The shoes are made to last long and provide you with durable build quality. The Power Men’s Aero 2 running shoes come with 90 days of manufacturing defect which allows you to change the shoe if there is any kind of defect.

So if you are looking for a reliable pair of shoes with durable build quality, then the Power Men’s Aero 2 Running Shoes is one of the best choices you have for under Rs.1000.

  • Grooved soles for maximum stability
  • Comfortable sole quality
  • Versatile and sophisticated design
  • There is no proper finish for the insole

9. Axia Men’s Galaxy-11 Running Shoes

Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000


Axia Men’s Galaxy-11 Running Shoes is one of the most affordable sports shoes under Rs.1000 that you can purchase if you want a value-for-money purchase. The shoes come with noteworthy features which allow the users to get maximum performance when they are working out.

You can choose between a wide assortment of colors and designs that will suit your personal preference. The most important USP of this shoe is the Anti-slip sole provides admirable support to your activities.

The Anti-slip sole allows you to run, jog and do all kinds of physical activities even when the surface is wet and it is raining outside. The grooved bottom sole provides the best grip overall surface.

Coming to the other part of the shoes, the upper area is made of soft and robust materials which gives you a premium feel, even when you wear them for long hours. The midsole that is available with these shoes is comfortable and allows you to rest your feet well.

The inner cushioning is quite decent and allows you to get a good base to rest your feet. The cushioning is just perfect and absorbs most of the impact that it will face. The sole is thick yet relaxing which allows you to wear it for long hours even during the most extensive exercises you are going to do.

  • Brilliantly cushioned insoles
  • Breathable mesh upper portion
  • Good quality bottom sole resistance
  • The upper knitting is not up to the mark

10. Avant Men’s Fury Running Shoes

Best Sports Shoes under Rs.1000


The Avant Men’s Fury sports shoes are the last product on our list of best sports shoes under Rs.1000 which you can take a look at. The main goal of this company has been to provide its customers with top-quality sportswear over the years.

So when you purchase the Avant Men’s Fury shoes you get top-quality materials that ensure you get amazing benefits. The shoes have been integrated with a soft yet durable outsole which provides the right amount of resistance that will keep you going through the day.

One of the most interesting features of this shoe is slip-resistant shoes. Therefore using these shoes offers you with pleasant experience all the time whenever you wear them.

High elastic EVA has been used for providing users with good flexibility. The high elastic foam makes way for smooth usage of the sports show that surely helps you improve your performance. 7 mm insole absorbs the shocks and bumps your feet receive when you jump or do an extensive workout.

Even the fitting of the shoes is true to their size. The Avant Men’s Fury Running shoes will be your true companion in every weather without any hassles. The stylish finish and sharp color accents give you a complete athletic look.

The upper material has been finely crafted with outstanding quality materials which allow your legs to enjoy natural flexibility and is designed to provide sensational resistance over all surfaces.

  • 7 mm Insole
  • High elastic EVA
  • True size fitting
  • The lace quality is not good

If you have read the article till this point, then you are now aware of the top 10 best sports shoes under Rs.1000 that you can purchase unhesitatingly. All the shoes have been tried and tested by several users and only after rigorous research, we have decided to place them on our list of the best shoes within a budget of Rs.1000.

Final Words

Sports shoes are one of the most comfortable and satisfying genres of shoes you can wear outside. Whether you plan to work out for long hours or just take a walk in the park, wearing sports shoes is the best deal.

They keep your feet relaxed and provide them with constant support. These shoes are specially designed for them. With more than a thousand different sports shoes available in the various budget segment, it can get quite difficult.

Hence, avoid all such confusion by reading our exclusive buying guide and the list of best sports shoes under Rs.1000.

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