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10 Best Shoes for Teachers 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

While reviewing the best shoes for teachers for you, here’s what we found out through the literature survey. It is approximated that an average teacher spends around 6-8 hours standing on their feet. This type of physical straining causes Joint & back pains, sore knees, painful shoulders, and ankles.

If you are a teacher and committed with this repetitive clock-work like lifestyle, it’s bound to make you tired and take a toll over time.

So, the key question is; How to avoid or minimize these nagging problems?

Well, the answer is mostly straight-forward. These physical issues are entirely cumulative in nature, i.e. they tend to accumulate with every progressing day and aggravate problems over time. To avoid these, you need to have a perfect base Support, i.e. your feet & your shoes.

Wearing the right shoes which supports your midfoot, toes, heel and provides a perfect range of motion to your ankle can go a long way in eliminating these problems.

The right shoes support your heel, your arch, and toes and prevent your posture from slouching thereby eliminate pains and overstraining. So without further ado, here are the 10 Best Shoes for Teachers along with buyer’s guide to help you choose the best shoes.

And if you are in a hurry, do check the ratings of the best shoes for teachers from this comparison table below:

Best Shoes for Teachers

Best Shoes for TeachersSkechers Performance Go Walk 4 Pursuit4.8/5
Best Shoes for TeachersGliders (From Liberty) Mac Sneakers4.5/5
Best Shoes for TeachersTIOSEBON Athletic Walking Shoes4.7/5
Best Shoes for TeachersNew Balance WW577 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe4.7/5
Best Shoes for TeachersVionic Spark Minna Ballet Flat5/5
Best Shoes for TeachersFeetmat Ultra Lightweight Athletic Sneakers4.9/5
Best Shoes for TeachersFitKicks Maritime Collective - Active Lifestyle Footwear4.6/5
Best Shoes for TeachersSkechers Performance Go Walk 3 Insight Slip-On4.8/5
Best Shoes for TeachersPropét Women's Cush N Foot Slipper4.4/5
Best Shoes for TeachersJambu Spain Flat4.8/5

1. Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 Pursuit

Best Shoes for Teachers


To say that Skechers has flooded the market with a flurry of ultra-competitive slip-on’s would be an understatement. Skechers has released a separate class of running, walking & casual shoes for both men, women, and kids. It’s quality shoes have had a major impact and have currently captured the imagination of all customer generations.

Product Overview

Skechers Performance Women’s 4 Pursuit is the 4th generation of the Go walk series. Its standout feature is its intelligent design. The upper is cleverly divided into three separate regions which at first seems like it’s for artistic purpose. However, once you slip your feet inside and take a few steps, you understand the purpose of each split region.

The forefront region is spacious and provides perfect room for the toes to stay relaxed while you stand still. The middle region is made using a breathable mesh which is guaranteed to provide air-exchange and keep your feet dry and happy.

If you are a teacher who loves to take a brisk round in your lecture, the shoes are equipped with a flexible upper tongue which gives your feet skin like mobility and perfect support during walking and standing intervals.

What I liked

What I like the most about this Skechers shoe is the perfect blend that is put together in this brand of shoe. The mesh fabric is used to construct the 75% upper portion of the shoe; this means that your feet never feel uneasy even if you wear them for over 8hrs a day or more.

The other key thing is; the moment you put the sneakers on and take a walk and stand still, you understand the difference it makes to your posture. The insole is blended with Highly Responsive 5GENMidsole cushioning which adjusts its rigidity as per the loading during walking and standing.

  • Imported Quality
  • 11 color & design variations
  • Rubber Sole
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Quick Fit portal on Heel for easy pullover
  • Goga Max High rebound for Perfect Sprung walk
  • Anti-bacterial, Anti-odor control footbed
  • Weighs only 12 ounces
  • All round Breathable mesh design
  • Highly durable outsole
  • Best in industry Midfoot support for Standing
  • Due to maximum mesh surface, prone to capturing dirt
  • Cleaning only with hand

2. Gliders (From Liberty) Mac Sneakers – India Only

Best Shoes for Teachers


As the name suggests, the shoes are named gliders as your feet can simply glide into the shoes effortlessly. If you are a teacher who spends long hours sitting or just standing and delivering presentations, these gliders are definitely meant for you. Apart from teachers, people who are mostly at home mothers, wives or can be used as home shoes cum slippers.

Product Overview

The product has been #1 best seller when it comes to comparing sales numbers on Amazon. Thanks to polyvinyl chloride construction material, the shoe is freakishly low weight and unbelievably light on feet. The upper is constructed from a smooth single canvas of PVC material with flattened curvature on the top to allow perfect relaxation experience during walking.

The toe box is extremely well designed with an upwards curvature to promote natural arch in the feet for perfect fitting.

The insole provides a decent amount of cushioning (perfect if you are not overweight). The outsole is built to last for a long duration even if you use the gliders on rough terrain

What I Liked

The best thing about Glides is that you can easily put them on or remove them without any effort or second thoughts. These are equally comfortable whether you wear them barefoot or with ankle socks. The other impressive thing is the Achilles tendon support that is provided in the gliders.

Since the upper is not too hard to provide rigid support. The Heel color is slightly forward inclined to ensure that your Achilles tendon does not get overloaded and fixed the heel in the perfect place.

Finally, the gliders add a new dimension for someone who wishes to have a sandal cum shoe and loves to venture out in the morning in a shoe without the hassle of tying the laces and covering up. It’s ideal for ladies who love to ride two-wheelers. If you are a teacher, you can simply take off the shoe and relax while sitting in the classroom or during breaks.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Durable outsole
  • Perfect Heel Fitting
  • Superb ankle & Achilles support
  • Effective Gripping and Traction
  • Easy soap & water cleaning
  • Susceptible to scratch & Abrasion
  • No means of Tightening the upper (Choose size carefully)

3. TIOSEBON Athletic Walking Shoes

Best Shoes for Teachers


This shoe from TIOSEBON has been included in the top 10 list simply because there are very few rivals which can go toe to toe with this shoe. When it comes to comparing the price & design range, features and durability, TIOSEBON women’s walking shoe stand out as a classic product with a ton of attributes.

Product Overview

TIOSEBON shoes are typically known for their absolutely delightful fashion appeal and this one certainly won’t disappoint you. The shoe is available in 20 unique color and design combinations. However, the very essence of design continues to remains the same. The upper is made from the latest cutting edge fabric mesh which has extra strength and toughness.

The mesh size is carefully chosen to allow breathing without allowing dust penetration within. The upper is totally flexible and provides an excellent fitting for matching size.

The most impressive feature is the perfect combination of outsole and insole that is provided in this shoe. The outsole is made with high Modulus of Elasticity material which ensures that no matter whether you are walking, running downstairs or standing in your lecture class the sole will adapt to your weight loading. The insole is similarly made to provide cushioning at the pressure points so that you no longer feel weary or tired after half a day’s work.

What I liked

As from my perspective, I love to have shoes in my closet which portray a sense of current trends & style. If not, At least they must have a fashion quotient associated with them. If you are also like-minded then trust me, TIOSEBON will certainly delight you.

The shoes include ever so slight tapering which looks and feels great, the toe space is enough and flexible upper compensates well if you need more space. The mesh upper is permeable enough to let air in and keeps your feet warm within.

Coming to heel and midfoot, you feel that the heel collar and the shoe heel keeps your heel and ankle in the perfect place. You can simply afford to relax your legs or even cross them while standing without the worry of falling over.

Midfoot cushioning and arch support is excellent and it doesn’t matter what arch type you have, it will adapt to your satisfaction.

  • Imported Quality
  • 20 color & design variations
  • Special Polymer Outsole
  • Corrugated Outsole, Slip resistant
  • 5 size up for wide feet customers
  • Shock absorbing & keeps you grounded
  • Latex arch insert for Midsole
  • All round Breathable mesh design
  • Best in the industry for walking (Highly flexible)
  • Best in industry Midfoot support for Standing
  • 95% mesh surface, prone to capturing dirt
  • Weighs around 19 ounces
  • Cleaning only with hand

4. New Balance WW577 Hook and Loop Walking ShoeBest Shoes for Teachers


New Balance is one of the oldest footwear making company (dates back to 1906 USA), thanks to its rejuvenating, curious and evolving designs, the company continues to thrive till date. The current product is an exception Velcro design walking shoe meant for women customers.

Product Overview

The shoes are categorized in the Velcro category which means that there are no shoelaces involved in the process of putting them on. Al you need is to attach the straps on the opposite side as per your fitting. The shoe features intelligent design for delineating upper, Toe box and heel collar. The toe box seems small but is highly spacious on the inside.

The most exquisite feature is the heel box design. The heel will give you extremely well cushioning which is ideal if you wish to stand still while writing on whiteboard in the classroom or giving standing lectures etc. The shoe has an absolutely lovable heel collar design, it provides unmatchable support to Achilles tendon and your ankle.

It doesn’t matter whether you are walking or standing, you will feel the difference between standing barefooted and while wearing New Balance WW577 walking shoe

What I like

Ironically, if you love conventional styled shoes then New Balance WW577 walking shoe is an absolute treat which has tons of features to offer. First and foremost, the shoes are completely carved from pure leather, which means your shoe is durable, warm and classic at the same time.

The other outstanding quality you observe in this shoe is the removable insole. This is one of the most desired quality once you are in 5-6 months and your insoles start to smell or wear out for some reason. So, you can afford to simply replace it.

Unlike other shoes, the outsole is made with multiple layering which adjusts to the load distribution according to the situation whether you are walking or standing. This function helps you toes to contract and relax without any discomfort.

Its padded insole around the midfoot ensures your feet get perfect cushioning during long standing hours.

  • 100 % leather shoe
  • MADE in the USA
  • Available in three colors
  • Weighs only 12 ounces which is a pleasant surprise for a leather shoe
  • Rubber sole
  • Removable Insole
  • ABZORB shock absorbing cushioning
  • Easy to put on, no lace-up time issues
  • Lightweight for a leather shoe
  • Extremely durable
  • Extra-long straps and Tongue

5. Vionic Spark Minna Ballet Flat

Best Shoes for Teachers


Vionic is known for its flair and artistic style of shoes for both men and women. Its range includes shoes and slips on’s for homes, offices, and events like weddings, etc. Vionic Women’s spark is created with a target audience which desires for a walking shoe with a flair of delicacy and Style

Product Overview

The shoes are absolutely classic flats with no noticeable heel. Having said that, the flattened outsole does end with a small block heel which does add to small lift from the ground. As Vionic usually does, Vionic Sparks are available in Beautiful pink, sparkle, Black and in total 20 different color and design variants.

The other key feature is the lesser upper region which is a part of the design to allow the shoe to have a ballerina look which ideally makes it perfect for people with a low arch.

The toe box is slightly extended to compensate for the lack of upper support. To compensate for the upper and to keep the shoe strong and durable, side collar along the edges is added which not only makes the shoe look more appealing but also provides fitting and strength at the same time.

The outsole is absolutely tough and perfectly capable of withstanding the rigors of long working & standing hours.

What I liked

Most People are not aware of the fact that Vionic founder is renowned podiatrist Phillip J. Vasyli who has decades of experience treating foot and ankle disorders and helping patients in rehabilitation. The shoe is specifically built for low arch people and is biomechanically designed to prevent Achilles and ankles problems.

Unlike other flats, the shoe features a curve along the borders of insole which maintains the feet integrity during long standing hours for lectures or teaching and walking in a classroom. The shoes are absolutely a value worth every penny you shell out for.

  • Imported Quality
  • premium leather
  • 18 color variations
  • Synthetic sole
  • Removable Microfiber Covered EVA Footbed
  • TR Outsole
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance
  • Biomechanically designed to adapt to your arches
  • Best in the industry in terms of podiatrist design
  • All round durable upper leather
  • Perfect Fitting as per size
  • Perfect Blend of features & Fashion
  • Due to improper size choice, heel joint tends to separate sometimes
  • Extensive maintenance & Cleaning required

6. Feetmat Ultra Lightweight Athletic Sneakers

Best Shoes for Teachers


Of late, Feetmat has emerged as quite a brand among the established fitness fraternity. Feetmat’s popularity stems from the fact that it its shoes follow the principle of keeping the things simple yet designing the things intelligently.

Product Overview

Feetmat ultra is designed specifically to keep the customers satisfied in terms of performance, features, and durability. The entire upper shoe is constructed with a combination of the micro-sized upper and skeletal system. This allows the shoe to be ultra-light and possess structural integrity as well.

The micro-sized mesh design ensures your feet stay clean and dry & eliminate irritation chances.

The edge of the upper is double layered with thin padding to provide durability, fitting and finishing to the shoe. Moreover, the lace design is kept to a minimum to allow easy put on and removal. The tongue is conjoined with the upper to prevent any lace-up or walking resistance.

Last but not least, the shoe outsole is especially well equipped to handle all kind of surfaces and is exceptionally abrasion resistant. It’s sure to last several months even with consistent use.

What I liked

First of all, the shoe provides an unbelievable breathing experience, it’s the most reiterated comment that we came across from the reviewers and also from our own intuition. You can wear the shoe for almost a day or two without having to worry about moisture or smell altogether.

Next, the heel and midsoles are an absolute delight. The midsole and heel are two giant cushions under your feet bed, you can literally feel each and every step that you take forward and the shifting of the weight that occurs during the transition.

In a sense, it makes you aware of how to walk or take a stride in a proper way, without overloading your ankles or heels.

  • Imported Quality
  • 18 color variations
  • non-slip rubber soles with high elasticity
  • Extremely lightweight
  • adapting to the ground for stability and working strategically
  • Cushioned memory foam insoles
  • Durable outsole & Waterproof
  • All round Breathable mesh design
  • Highly durable outsole
  • Best in Industry Heel oriented design for long-standing Hours
  • Removable insole, replace when needed
  • Susceptible to catching dust while outdoor activities

7. FitKicks Maritime Collective – Active Lifestyle Footwear

Best Shoes for Teachers


FitKicks Maritime Collective is included in the countdown simply because it is one of the brave designs put forward by the company which has actually become one of the leading (best) sellers. The simplicity with which the shoe serves your purpose of walking & comfort can’t be ignored.

Product Overview

FitKicks is one of the fastest growing brands for active footwear thanks to its Conventional-yet innovative principle of “Barefoot is Better”. Most of the shoes have the minimum base thickness (without undermining for heel or outsole functions) and it certainly makes a lot of difference in performance and weight.

FitKicks Maritime shoe features an upper made of Non-Mesh material but still poses breathable pores for air exchange. The shoe upper is sturdy yet highly flexible to allow free motion. Contrary to what you see in the pictures, the shoe does actually contain heel with a very unique design. The heel is made with a highly compact polymer which provided amazing rebound once you engage heel during your walking or free running motion.

What I liked

First and Foremost, the shoe gives you Glove like fitting. It’s extra Upper extending to your ankles feels like a skin patch serving extra ankle support. Initially, I was apprehensive of the wearing and durability which is likely to be associated with a shoe having minimal outsole thickness.

However, the shoe is constructed with reinforced toe box and highly abrasion resistant material which can withstand daily abuse without any damage. It is the density of the material which is impressive and builds up the weight of the shoe up to 12 ounces (Which is not much, but remember it’s not outsole weight)

  • Imported Quality
  • 11 color variations
  • Synthetic Material
  • Reinforced Toe guard
  • Great for Commute and High Heel Relief
  • Non-Slip Durable FlexForm White Rubber Sole
  • Embroidered embellishments (to complement Design)
  • Weighs only 12 ounces
  • Highly durable outsole
  • Best in industry Midfoot support for Standing
  • Ideal for People with low arch only
  • Susceptible to moist surfaces & Vulnerable during the rainy season

8. Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 Insight Slip-On

Best Shoes for Teachers


Yet another Skechers walking shoe finds its way among the top 10, with clear definitive numbers pertaining to sales and reviews as testimonies. Skechers go walk 3 is a predecessor of Skechers 4 which has continued the legacy and proved the successful formula for go walk series.

Product Overview

The shoe features an excellent knit mesh fabric upper which is both breathable and lightweight at the same time. The heel is composed using edge fabric trimming and fabric stabilizing technology. Impact absorption (if you are moving up/down a staircase) is one the most impressive features due to Resalyte™ proprietary molded midsole compound. In addition, the midsole possesses memory retention which ensures your shoe regains shape quickly.

The outsole is guaranteed to provide traction all over and seems quite durable. Last but not least, the shoe insole deserves a mention due to being highly responsive when it comes to your walking cycles. Each step in your stride feels more of a rebound rather than being all just muscle work. Your walks/strides are less taxing and require minimal effort.

What I liked

While going through most reviews and product self-assessment, it becomes evidently clear that shoes can be worn for long hours without any odor or moisture issues (Breathable Mesh).

However, the midsole and Outsole are the standout features of Skechers 3. The midsole feel has been lauded by most customers for providing excellent cushioning which is key for someone like a teacher who spends around half a day on their feet.

Finally, on the finishing note, the outsole provides supreme gripping and is extremely durable. The tongue is not too extended to cause problems and zero-lace up means you simply slip in and you’re good to go.

  • Imported Quality
  • 4 color variations (single Design)
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Lightweight Slip-on
  • Highly permeable upper Mesh
  • Insole with Goga Max technology
  • Perfect rebound & Energized stepping
  • All round Breathable mesh design
  • Highly durable outsole
  • Memory Foam capable of handling large weight
  • Best in industry Midfoot support for Standing
  • Best in industry Traction & Gripping outsole
  • Weighs around 30 ounces
  • Can accumulate Dust due to the highly porous upper material

9. Propét Women’s Cush N Foot Slipper

Best Shoes for Teachers


Propet is one of those companies which doesn’t devote itself to promotion and advertising as a means for boosting its sales numbers. The company has been doing well since 1985 and has provided decent Shoe designs and models over the course 30+ years throughout the USA.

Product Overview

Propet Women’s Cush N Foot slipper is absolutely true to its name. Its cushioning is unparalleled and is tailor-made for easy put on and take off. The upper is constructed from stretchable neoprene which gives you perfect glove fitting by adapting to your feet curvature.

The heel collar has a special design which clings to the Achilles heel and provides perfect support.

The shoe has innovative flap design which gives you best of both worlds, i.e., easy put on (because no lace up) and feature for fitting using the strap. Moreover, the back heel fitting is reinforced to prevent ankle overloading. Overall, the shoe is extremely well balanced and has been gaining popularity due to its rich and effective design.

What I liked

Genuinely speaking, once you go through the customer testimonies and your own assessment, it becomes clear that Fitting and cushioning qualities are the most appreciated qualities of Propet walking shoes.

Moreover, customers who have been experiencing pain with issues like arthritis or prolonged working hours standing have reported substantial relief. It’s absolutely so much easy to put these shoes on by slipping your foot inside and simply wrap the flap around your feet upper and you’re good to go

In a nutshell, once you place you put Propet walking shoes on, tighten the strap and start walking you realize the shoe is tailor-made to adjust as per the need of every step, there is ample space for toes to relax, Perfect cushioning in midsole and heel for your feet to relax and ensure that you feel minimum stress during standing duration.

  • Imported Quality
  • 6 color variations (single design)
  • Rubber Sole, Neoprene Upper
  • Extremely lightweight (12 ounces)
  • Unique Flap Design (no Lace up)
  • Dual Strength layered Heel
  • Weighs only 12 ounces
  • Best of both worlds (Tightening upper minus lace up)
  • Medicare/HCPCS code A5500 diabetic shoe
  • Superb breathability over entire upper
  • Best in Industry in term of flexibility
  • Cleaning & washing using washing Machine
  • Cleaning issues due to porous upper
  • Outsoles wear out (can be slippery)

10. Jambu Spain Flat

Best Shoes for Teachers


Jambu & Co has been progressively gaining popularity and developing its customer base all over the world. Thanks to its eye-catching designs, the company focusses on using quality material for shoemaking and ensuring they last throughout thick and thin of the customer’s duration of use.

Product Overview

Jambu women’s plain flat isn’t your typical walking shoe. The shoe is actually a hybrid between a walking shoe and a sandal. The shoe is carved using Pure 100% leather straps which guarantees durability. The intelligent spinal design along the curvature of your foot ensures loading during forwarding strides is handled effectively.

Even though the shoe has a minimum area covered with leather straps, its strength and support aren’t compromised at all. The shoe covers your pressure points along the foot lining as well as along the upper efficiently.

The other noteworthy feature is the toe box (made from pure leather) which has ample space&upwards curvature design to promote natural feet arch. The outsole is superb at providing shock absorption and weight balancing due to being highly elastic and featuring memory retention

What I liked

The most appreciable feature of Jambu walking shoe is that you would expect it to fall apart easily, however, it’s incredibly strong and durable. Its outsole certainly won’t disappoint you in the long run as its built to last walking on rugged/harsh environments and withstand worst of the surfaces.

Moreover, the insole isn’t completely flat but designed with depression to promote natural arch support for comfortable walking. The heel pocket and backward collar are also provided for firm heel immobilization and Achilles tendon support to prevent any chances of injury.

The shoe provides a fulfilling sense with its slightly raised sidewall and is guaranteed to provide the best of both style and durability.

  • Imported Quality
  • 6 color variations (single design)
  • Rubber Sole
  • Extremely lightweight (12 ounces)
  • Unique T Strap Design
  • Partially recycled rubber- all terra outsole
  • Memory foam insoles
  • No Odor guarantee (pure leather)
  • Weighs only 12 ounces
  • Minimum Upper material for Happy Feet
  • Best in industry outsole gripping & Memory Retention
  • Best in the industry in terms of odor control & Durability
  • Negligible cleaning issues & maintenance
  • Though waterproof, your feet can get wet during rainy season

Buyer’s Guide for Best Shoes for Teachers

Typically, different shoe types are usually meant for different activities like running, walking, and athletic activities like jumping, track & field, etc.

For teachers, walking shoes must provide a range of features like mid-foot support, Toe spacing, proper cushioning and fine fitting which keeps your feet happy for long hours.

So without further wasting any time, let us take a look at the key focal points which precisely pinpoint on what to look for buying a pair of shoes if you are a teacher.


As the name suggests, Upper is the top part of the shoe which covers the curvature of your foot.

What to look for:  Firstly, the choice depends on whether you have a high arch or lower (relaxed arch), if you have a high arch, you must go for supporting Upper, i.e. an upper which has strong material and doesn’t allow over-pronation.

However, if you have a relaxed arch, you can choose to go for the upper which is partially covering. Not to forget, always go for breathable mesh, it helps to you stay dry all day

Achilles tendon protector

It’s the behind portion of the shoe which supports your Achilles ligament.

What to look for:  your shoe must be good enough to lock around the Achilles ligament and protect it. Achilles tendon injury occurs due to two reasons, firstly if you are wearing a shoe which hardly offers support, secondly when you have too less of a room for your Achilles tendon to be involved in the movement of your feet.

Heel collar

This refers to the rounded portion of the shoe around the ankle.

What to look for:  Heel Collar must be flexible and support to the heel without being over-flexible. Your heel bears your weight when you land your feet or while you’re standing still, which most often teachers do, hence heel collar supports your heel by preventing it from unnecessary bulging sideways.

It provides necessary compaction to redistribute pressure all over the foot plane rather than being concentrated on the heel.


It supports the dual purpose of supporting and cushioning. Ideally, the insole must be removable because it makes cleaning/washing and drying job so much easier.

What to look for:  Must be removable, replaceable and should have proper cushioning as per your arch nature. To elaborate on this, the insole must be made with proper material which has a high modulus of elasticity. This allows you to be comfortable and stay balanced while walking or standing still. Its cushioning qualities are a topmost priority while selecting a shoe.


This is the bottom part of the shoe which comes in contact with the ground

What to look for:  Ideally speaking, the outsole must be durable to last long, the outsole must also have proper grooves and patterns to provide you with necessary traction. Most shoes nowadays lag in the department of outsole durability, most teachers have a certain pattern of shoe abrasion which is generally quite extensive due to repetitive behavior.

Hence it’s important to have a shoe which has a durable outsole so that you don’t have to discard your shoe within a few weeks

Toe box

It’s located in the front part of the shoe, covering your toes.

What to look forTo prevent calluses or itching issues related to skin decay, the proper spacing in the toe box is the ultimate priority.

FAQs on Best Shoes for Teachers

I am used to walking long distances in school, will these shoes keep up with the daily rigors?

Ans: Most of the above shoes are an elite class and have been rigorously tried and tested. The overwhelming sales and review are testimonies that these shoes are highly durable. The typical period before you can discard these shoes is 36-80 weeks (Which is frankly above average)

I suffer from arthritis in my feet, Can the pain be alleviated completely?

Ans: Well, to put it bluntly, Arthritis pain cannot be eliminated completely at all, however with proper cushioning and arch support, you can minimize the pain to a large extent.

Can I wash these shoes in the washing machine?

Ans: It is recommended to wash these shoes using hand only. This will preserve their integrity and prevent unnecessary stress to prolong their usable life.

I am not sure of the shoe size; what size should I opt for?

Ans:  It’s highly imperative to understand the difference between US & UK size.  Kindly visit (  Usually, there’s a broad range of sizes available for both USA and UK based customers.

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