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20 Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet for Men & Women 2020

Flat feet could be a major problem in the long run if you are planning to be a full-time tennis player or in general. But no worries, since we have reviewed the best tennis shoes for flat feet specially made to correct the dysfunctions of your feet.

Here are some shoes for both men and women that can help you fulfill your dreams on tennis ground.

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet – Men

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Game Point

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet


ASICS Men’s Gel-Game Point is a highly comfortable shoe that is specifically designed for people with flat feet. It offers great comfort and protection on the court. This entry-level shoe is a great choice to start with.

This is also available at a reasonable price. For those who have flat feet Asics, offers a special flagship cushioning technology that makes it more viable. Its memory foam supports your arch and reduces pain.

The built-in mesh panel and a leather upper part ensure proper ventilation. Thus, they keep your feet cool while playing. Very strong and durable leather is used in this shoe, so they increase the lifespan. The mesh gives maximum airflow.

Too much seating on feet can lead to the build-up of fungi and bad odor. Heat build-up inside the shoes is also intolerable for all tennis players.

Excellent support for the arch is the other impressive feature of ASICS Men’s Gel-Game Point. Thus, it keeps your foot in proper alignment, which makes it extremely comfortable and cozy.

Besides, this shoe allows you to move in a natural way. A nice cushioning on the footbed helps to support your arch and reduce pain.

  • Comfortable and cozy
  • Air cushioning technology
  • Light fabric
  • Reasonable price
  • Tough rubber sole
  • Offers proper shock absorption
  • Breathable
  • Built-in mesh
  • Gel cushioning
  • The comfort and quality is not at par with the price

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 6

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet


Great stability, comfort, and durability are the amazing features of ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 6. It can provide you with exceptional performance. The fit and feel of this shoe are as same as ASICS Men’s Gel.

But, the midfoot support system comes with an external heel collar, which helps to make more natural movement while playing.

Your feet will get more protection from harsh handlings because of the extra gel cushioning in the midsole. Thus, you can perform well and become more aggressive during the play.

Built-in mesh provides extra breathability, thus the air will not get trapped inside the shoes. The arch support offered by ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 6 is excellent, thus you can make aggressive movements during the entire session.

  • High comfort and a good fit
  • Ventilation and breathability
  • Excellent arch support
  • Foot support and stability
  • Durable
  • Best for serious players and hard courts
  • Built-in mesh
  • Gel cushioning
  • Not perfect for all

3. BABOLAT Propulse 4 All Court

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Men


Superior ventilation and gel cushions are some of the best features of BABOLAT Propulse 4 All Court. The shoe is extremely comfortable and durable, so you will become more confident while playing. They allow you to give the best performance on the court.

Proper shock absorption is possible because of improved arch support and stability with extra gel-cushioning.

Thus, hard landings will be easier and comfortable. Rigorous movements are also possible because of extra support offered by BABOLAT Propulse 4 All Court. The excellent grip helps to keep you stable.

This one is a good-looking shoe on the court and provides excellent support for flat feet.  The upper is redesigned, which is very useful inside the court. It has a very comfortable natural fit and cushioning under feet.

This new update to the Babolat Propulse series has great performance with better looks. Players choose this shoe for its stability and support during aggressive movements in the court.

  • Overall comfort
  • Better look in the court
  • Great foot support and stability
  • Sole durability for rigorous practice sessions
  • Durable
  • Added mid-foot and arch support
  • Extra gel cushioning
  • Aesthetics and cool graphics
  • Less traction according to some players
  • A little bit of heel slippage

4. PRINCE Men’s T22


Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Men


Some tennis shoes come with greater stability, durability, and comfort, but their design and aesthetics are boring. However, Prince Men’s T22 will surely break all your expectations. It is a very popular shoe among the tennis players for its excellent breathability, comfort, arch support, and great looks.

The straps on the front keep your toes and heels aligned and the toecaps protect toes from impacts. For flat feet, it provides excellent support and comfort. The air mesh on the upper gives breathability and for flat-footed people, the gentle arch support helps to prevent discomfort and pain.

The upper material is softer and lighter, which makes it a more comfortable look. The plush cushioning gives you excellent stability and arch support. The roomy toe box is the other major feature of Prince Men’s T22. Built-in mesh gives proper ventilation, which keeps your feet dry and cool. It is very strong, so you can recover from the impacts very easily.

  • Good-looking shoes
  • Excellent comfort and support for the arch
  • Breathable
  • Good lateral support
  • Shock Eraser
  • Rubber sole
  • Extremely durable
  • Not so roomy on the front

5. LOTTO Stratosphere IV Speed Tennis Shoes

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Men


The LOTTO Stratosphere III is specifically engineered for advanced players. This is a speed-oriented performance shoe for stable court performances. The shoe features a “Reactive Arch Technology,” which makes it suitable for people with flat feet or overpronators.

Because of its good stability and breathability many players who work full-time in the court prefer this shoe.

  • Support and Stability
  • Excellent traction and grip
  • Good comfort and feel
  • Newer technologies
  • High-quality materials construction
  • Suitable for flatfooted players
  • Designed for professional tennis players
  • Nothing much

6. Nike Air Max Cage Tennis Shoes

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Men


Air Max Cage is a shoe for the hardcourt. Its durable XDR outsole provides a good grip and traction. For flatfooted players, it provides excellent arch support for the low or collapsed arch of the foot.

The upper made of synthetic materials and the mesh keeps the airflow going making your feet dry and healthy. Little or no break-in needed for this shoe because it is very flexible and provides great support for flat feet.

  • Comfortable and no need for break-in
  • Really good arch support
  • Air Max Cushioning System
  • Durability and breathability
  • The shoe might not fit for all
  • Slight ankle slippage for some players

7. ASICS Gel-Game 5

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Men


Nice design, great traction, stability, and support are some of the amazing features of ASICS Gel-Game 5. The grip of this shoe gives a solid base, which prevents your foot from losing balance or twisting. Multiple color options make the design amazing.

Durability is the other major feature of this tennis shoe. So you can play hard tennis base or a clay one confidently.

  • Enhanced durability
  • Solid rubber outsole
  • Improved flexibility
  • Synthetic leather with mesh upper
  • Great traction
  • Free from annoying drawbacks

8. K-Swiss Bigshot 3

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Men


K-Swiss Bigshot 3 comes with newly designed lightweight synthetic upper, which offers you more support and protection. You may be an aggressive or defensive player, but, you will get proper arch support and stability if you wear this shoe. The mid-foot shank of this shoe helps to resist unwanted twisting. Thus, you can play confidently.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Supportive footbed
  • Fabric collar lining
  • Molded EVA footbed and midsole
  • Tour-level technology
  • High-quality synthetic material construction
  • High-end models are expensive

9. New Balance 1260v7

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Men


The heavy-duty tennis footwear, New Balance 1260v7 comes with everything that is required for playing tennis professionally. The latest technology construction helps you overcome the flat feet problem. ABZORB cushioning is the other peculiarity of this shoe, which helps to distribute the impacts nicely.

Thus, you can recover from the impacts quickly. The Fuel Cell midsole of this shoe acts as a springboard. It is perfect for all kinds of feet because it has plenty of wiggle room. Stability, comfort, and fitting of this shoe are excellent.

Lacing locking helps to prevent your heel from slipping. Lightweight breathable material is used for constructing New Balance 1260v7. Overall, this shoe is great for getting optimal support and comfort.

  • Extremely durable
  • Fuel cell and ABZORB technology in the midsole
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Excellent shock absorbing power
  • High quality imported material construction
  • Hard to find

10. Mizuno Wave Inspire 13

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Men


If you want to purchase a coolest and feature-rich tennis shoe, Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 is the best option. It can increase the life of your shoes because of the unique wave system. Extra gel cushioning gives more comfort.

The integrated wave system can mimic the wave and can absorb the impacts from hard impacts. The color scheme of this shoe is also excellent. The highest quality construction helps to absorb all the hard impacts.

Thus, you can recover very easily from aggressive play. The shoe is highly beneficial for both aggressive and defensive players.

  • Comfortable footbed
  • Unique double fan wave technology
  • Stiff as well as flexible
  • High-quality material construction
  • High-quality AIRmesh technology
  • Slightly heavier

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet – Women

1. Asics Gel-Resolution 5

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Women


Gel-Resolution Series is very popular among tennis players and this shoe comes with a wonderful step-in feel. The toe-box has room enough to fit wider feet. The padded-heel provides locked-in support.

The shoe cushions provide good comfort and the soft upper and extra padding in the shoe tongues provides extra comfort. The cushioning in the forefoot and rear gives you the best shock reduction. The shoe will stay long with you because of its excellent durability.

The outsole, which is made of high abrasion rubber, performs well on different surfaces.

  • Extra cushioning and extra support
  • Stable and comfortable with pads and cushioning
  • Everyday tennis shoe
  • Suitable for all different surfaces
  • Durable for a long period
  • Not as speedy as the earlier models
  • Slight Slippage for some players

2. ASICS Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay

est Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Women


ASICS Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay is a lightweight tennis shoe for women, which is designed with speed in mind. Though lightweight, they are excellent in playing on hard courts. Very soft materials are used for making the uppers of this shoe.

The mesh on the upper promotes ventilation, which keeps your feet comfortable. The stretchy narrow feet allow more space for those with wide feet. Instep comfort is possible because of the padded heel collar and tongue.

A PGuard toe protector is added for enhanced durability. The insole is removable and can be replaced by insoles of your choice for extra comfort.

  • Perfect for aggressive movements on the court
  • Suitable for hard courts and clay courts
  • Good protection from impacts
  • Personalized fit for every player
  • Narrower than previous versions
  • A bit unfit for people with wide feet

3. Adidas Performance ASMC Barricade

est Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Women


The Stella McCartney series of sophisticated tennis shoes by ADIDAS has become the favorite of many women players for the last ten years. It’s very flexible as well as an attractive shoe with a distinctive heel counter and a sculpted midsole.

Many female players prefer Stella McCartney, a lightweight shoe with great ankle support. It is also available in different colors and it is stronger than it looks. The medium arch height of the shoe is well-suited for players with flat feet.

  • Ultra light-weight shoes
  • Sophisticated shoes with great looks available in different colors
  • Exceptional durability
  • Good arch support for flat-footed players
  • Good ventilation and breathability
  • The white mesh upper gets dirty quickly than many other shoes
  • Less arch support for some players

4. New Balance WC806 Stability

est Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Women


With this new model, New Balance continues to retain its legacy on creating shoes with remarkable support and stability. This shoe is made with ROLLBAR Technology that prevents excessive movement of the rear of the foot.

For the aggressive cuts and strides on the court, this shoe has proven very useful. It comes with a full-grain leather upper with a great look and extra protection on the toes.

This shoe also offers a C-Cap, long-wear drag tip and a lightning dry lining, that ensures your feet are warm and dry throughout your play. The shoe is crafted with Abzorb Technology providing all-day comfort.

On the whole, this is one of the most comfortable, durable and stable tennis shoes for women.

  • Great protection to the foot
  • Keeps your feet warm and dry
  • Suitable for aggressive movements in the court
  • Sophisticated technology and good looks
  • Not enough flex in the shoe
  • Not as comfortable as other models

5. ASICS Gel Resolution 4

est Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Women


With superior ground contact, this shoe keeps the player on her feet. It has a lightweight upper made with supportive synthetic leather and a breathable mesh. The Personal Heel Fit with a double layer of memory foam lines the collar and molds to the athlete’s heel.

The Solyte midsole of this shoe provides comfort and additional cushioning. The AHAR rubber is placed on the different sections of the outsole for durability. It’s a lightweight shoe with tremendous cushioning under the feet, giving protection on hard courts.

  • Good ground support
  • A good cushioning system that absorbs impacting shocks
  • Lightweight with enhanced mobility
  • Good durability
  • Keeps your feet warm and dry
  • A great tennis shoe for women
  • Some players find the forefoot area a little too fit

6. Adidas Performance Barricade Team 4 W

est Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Women


Barricade Team 4 W maintains its lightweight feel and impressive comfort like earlier versions. It has a modern look with the breathable mesh added to the upper. It has great arch support and the fit of the shoe follows the contour of your feet perfectly.

There are small circles on the upper, which helps the underlying mesh to breathe during the play. When compared to the earlier versions comfort is the major attribute of this shoe. During the court movements, the outsoles give good traction and allow you to change directions easily without slippage.

They also have lace closures, to give you a personalized fit. For additional support, there is an integrated forefoot strap.

  • Maintains control and performance
  • Lightweight feel and comfort
  • Improved durability and stability
  • Good fit and reliable traction
  • Wear resistant
  • Less ankle support according to some players
  • Not as durable and stable as the earlier versions

7. Z-CoiL Freedom Slip Resistant

est Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Women


If you are seeking for an excellent shoe for pain relief while playing tennis, Z-CoiL Freedom Slip Resistant is the ideal option for you. Genuine leather is used for the construction of this shoe, thus it comes with exceptional style.

The scientifically padded heel collar and tongue provide you plenty of comforts. Patented coil helps to reduce the impact considerably. Thus, it helps to reduce pain in your feet, leg and lower back.

The in-built Z-Orthotic is the other peculiarity of Z-CoiL Freedom Slip Resistant, which gives you protection to your plantar ligaments. This is the real fighter for your leg pain, back pain, and foot pain.

Z-CoiL Freedom Slip Resistant is the best for getting greater support and stability. Soft cushioning filler in the forefoot helps to protect the ball of your foot from excessive stain.

  • Offers superior comfort
  • Improves stability and posture
  • Gives greater support
  • Absorbs shocks effectively
  • Protect plantar ligaments perfectly
  • Helps to relieve pain on the feet, legs, and lower back
  • None

8. Babolat Women’s Propulse Fury

est Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Women


You will get a competitive advantage on the court if you wear Babolat Women’s Propulse Fury. Soft Shield, Pro Shield, and S-Shield technologies are used in the construction of this shoe, so they provide you with extra comfort and durability.

Localized reinforcements and high-performance materials provide greater durability. Babolat Women’s Propulse Fury is available in different colors. The shoe is slightly tight around the heel, which may cause pain.

Therefore, you should use the shoe for some considerable amount of time before using them for playing tennis.

  • Supportive toe box
  • Great looking
  • Excellent arch support
  • Professional grade shoe
  • Reasonable price
  • Can be too tight at the heel

9. K-SWISS Women’s BigShot II

est Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Women


The tendency to overpronate is one of the biggest problems faced by people with flat feet. When you do forward foot propulsion while playing tennis, this will be extremely bothersome.

In order to overcome this problem, K-SWISS Women’s BigShot II comes with a specialist forefoot support system and toe box, which helps to correct overpronation perfectly. The shoe contains a comfort liner and good arch support, which helps to prevent heel chafing.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about blisters during long wear.

  • Odor and moisture control properties are excellent
  • Good shock absorption
  • Durable
  • Offers good toe support
  • Difficult to find correct shoes for narrower feet people

10. Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes

est Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Women


Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes are ideal for those who play tennis on a regular basis. It offers you a greater amount of midfoot support, so this is a good choice for those who have severely fallen arches.

Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes have excellent shock absorption properties, especially at the heel and toe. The moisture-wicking liner helps to keep your feet cool and dry. Thus, you can play tennis for hours comfortably.

  • Good fit
  • Excellent midfoot support
  • Attractive design
  • Durable
  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Can wear for long hours comfortably
  • This shoe is not ideal for those who play tennis on a regular basis

How to Select the Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet?

Wearing a pair of comfortable shoes is the ideal option for treating fallen arches or flat feet problems because they provide you the stability to your heel and arch area. Doctors may also suggest custom orthotic devices or appropriate arch support insoles, which can be inserted into the shoes.

Reduce friction, control pronation, and provide cushioning are the primary objectives of wearing shoes for flat feet. Soft arch support that provides only cushioning only may not be effective. So, you should select shoes that provide you with strong support as per the needs of your arches.

Finding the best shoes for flat feet is really challenging. The arch of the foot works as identical to a shock absorption system. The natural shock-absorbing capacity of the arch is prevented because of the inward and overpronate roll of flat feet.

Thus, you should select shoes that provide you added support. Those shoes are designed technically to provide reinforcement of an inner portion of your foot. They can also make up the absence of a normal arch. Thus, the technical specifications of the shoes should also be reviewed while selecting them.

They should also provide you added support, proper stability and needed control. Lots of different types of shoes for flat feet are available on the market. Some of them are more effective than others.

Shoes for Mild Flat Feet

People with mild flat feet can wear a pair of simple, comfortable casual shoes with a firm heel counter and proper arch support. Lots of such shoes are available on the market, but before purchasing one, it is significant to test them individually.

A broad range of companies manufacture casual shoes, so it is very difficult to find shoes that fit appropriately and possess the highest quality. Some casual shoes come with arch support insoles that can augment the arch support.

Shoes with a removable factory insole are useful because they allow replacing the arch support when needed. People with flat feet should avoid wearing shoes that do not provide proper support such as clogs, flip-flops, and docksiders.

Orthopedic Shoes for Flat Feet

High-quality orthopedic shoes with steel shanks and hard-heel counters are the other useful option for people with a more severe flatfoot deformity. Lots of reputed companies manufacture such shoes with some unique features such as padded collars, still heel counters, heel-locking mechanisms, and built-in orthotic insoles.

However, they may not be comfortable for most people because of their firmness. The appearance and style of these shoes are also not appealing.

Stability Shoes

While walking and running, the ankles of people with flat feet tend to turn inward. This will put the strain on the ankles, knees, and feet, which will increase the risk of injuries. Some running shoes can provide added stability, which is helpful for controlling this pronation and significant cushioning.

Leading sports shoe manufacturers produce their shoes with their own unique stability. Generally, sports shoes are well cushioned, breathable, and light-weight. The soft synthetic upper of sports shoes are useful for people with other deformities such as hammertoes and bunions, which are common in people with flat feet.

Thus, stability running shoes are an excellent option for those with moderate or mild flat feet. These types of shoes allow using over the counter arch supports, which gives further control of overpronation.

Motion Control Sports Shoes

Motion control spots shoes can be an ideal solution for people with severe pronation. Compared to the stability running shoes, these types of shoes are designed to provide more control and support. While moving, they keep the ankle straight. The restrictiveness of a motion-control shoe is intolerable, a stability sports shoe with reinforced arch support insole can be considered.

Factors to Consider While Buying Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Arch Support

One of the most important things to look for while buying shoes for flat-footed people is that there is a good support for the arch of your foot. The built of the shoe should be in order to give an arch to your naturally flat feet.

Arch Cushioning

The air cushioning technologies used matter as to how those can protect your arch from pain and discomfort. All the superior tennis shoes have a good cushioning system and the materials and technologies used can determine which kind of shoes is perfect for you.


Great players choose great style along with good comfort.  Fortunately, we have end-number of good-looking shoes with style as well as comfort. For long time use, choose good color combinations with a great look on the court.


Make sure you buy shoes that fit you perfectly and comfortable enough for long-term use. While buying try on the shoes with socks and walk around a bit to see if it is comfortable and feels nice.

FAQs on Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

How do you know if you have flat feet?

Flat feet can be identified in a number of ways:

  • By looking to see whether there is an arch forming in the middle of your foot while you sit with your foot dangling downwards.
  • Checking if an arch forms while standing on your toe
  • Determining whether an arch is forming with flexing the big toe up by hand

How do flat feet affect Tennis players?

Flat feet also known as fallen arches is a condition in which the arches of one or both feet collapse resulting in the entire foot coming to direct or near contact to the ground.

The arch of the foot supports and protects the foot and legs from attacks and fluctuations during movements. Without it, you may experience mild to great pain and discomfort. For tennis players who have o go through full-time practice and aggressive movements in the court flat feet can cause pain and other health issues.

By choosing the right shoes from the large range of shoes available in the market today you can remedy your malfunctioning feet.

Can I play tennis with flat feet?

Yes. You can play tennis with your flat feet with the help of good shoes as mentioned above. Flatfeet can be a major problem in the game of tennis, but a lot of players remedy this by choosing shoe models comfortable to their feet. By making sure you have the right shoes you can be a tennis star as long as you want.

What kind of shoes should I wear if I have flat feet?

As mentioned above in the section of what to look for while buying shoes for flatfooted people, choose shoes according to the shape and fit of your feet. There are many great shoes in the market now available both online and in retail stores of companies like ASICS, NIKE, ADIDAS and so on.

Most of them are specifically engineered for professional players with a support system for the arch of feet and for the overall protection of your feet from discomfort.

What if I don’t use the right shoes?

If you are planning to be a serious player then you must go through rigorous practice sessions and you will need durable and comfortable shoes. In order to avoid pain, discomfort, and long-term health issues regarding your legs it is always preferable to choose the right shoes.

Also, you will far more confident when you have the right shoes and you can take your game to the next level on the court.


Playing tennis with flat feet is extremely challenging. However, your low arches should not allow creating troubles when you are on the court. You can play tennis comfortably if you purchase the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

However, the selection of the best pair of shoes is very crucial in this regard.

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