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10 Best Volleyball Shoes 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Over the decades, volleyball has become an extremely popular sport, as more and more people are taking it up with genuine enthusiasm. However, there are many of who don’t seem to realize that there are shoes specifically designed to play this sport.

By choosing a pair of the best volleyball shoes, you can play the sport well and also they will last longer, and stay in good shape, as long as you take care of them in a good manner. This shows that you need to spend a lot of time and effort to choose the kind of volleyball shoes that is right for you.

Here is a list of the best volleyball shoes, selected after considering the many factors that go into the production of these shoes.

Best Volleyball Shoes

1. Asics Volley Elite

Best Volleyball Shoes


Some volleyball players require extra ankle support and these high top best volleyball shoes are just the things for them. It features gel cushioning to help in reducing the load rate and readies you for the constant changes of stance during gameplay. This means that you can concentrate on your play while remaining comfortable.

This shoe comes with synthetic overlays so that your feet can be in a stable playing setting, with the outsole made of rubber offering you the necessary grip for sudden pauses.

Gel cushioning

This unique system lets you go for toe-offs comfortably and gain reduced impact ratios related to landings. In fact, this shoe brings you the health of feet, load rate wise.

Trusstic Technology

This technology reduces the weight in your shoe through the outsole, at the same time keeping the reliability of the structure of the shoe. This makes the shoe durable and light in weight.

The cost of this comes in the midrange. Since these are produced with materials of high quality as also offer excellent ankle support, the shoe is highly cost-effective.

  • Rubber outsole
  • Trusstic technology
  • Synthetic upper
  • No cons to speak of

2. Nike Volley Zoom Hyperspike

Best Volleyball Shoes


Nike is an internationally accepted brand in the world of sports and as such devised an entirely new system for the production of sports equipment. Many consider this shoe to be the best volleyball shoes in the world.

It comes with mesh and synthetic uppers, the remarkable lockdown technology, and Phylon midsole; this shoe is a fine example of a volleyball shoe that is specifically intended for professional gameplay. As the sport involves a lot of off the ground play, it absorbs shocks exceptionally well.

Excellent Grip

When you are playing volleyball, a lot of contact between the floor and outsole is indispensable to perform well. And the Zoom Hyperspike assures a fine grip between the floor and the sole, with every touch of your feet, due to the cushioning rubber that is light in weight.

Light in weight

It is necessary to wear lightweight shoes while playing this sport and to this end, Nike has provided synthetic uppers using Flywire technology version 3.0. This means that you can jump as well as spike without any delay as the shoe is heavy.

If you are looking for a budget shoe this is not for you. Nike is a prestigious brand, preferred among sportspersons offering remarkable comfort and quality and as such do not come cheap.

  • Mesh and Synthetic Upper
  • Excellent traction
  • Phylon midsole
  • Flyware Support System 3.0
  • Rather long break in period

3. Asics Gel Upcourt 3

Best Volleyball Shoes


The Gel line is a favorite with many who play volleyball as it is one the latest models, featuring gel cushioning, breathable mesh and synthetic upper and a slip resisting outsole that will advance your performance while playing the game.

Gel Cushion

This is exclusive to this model of shoes as these are equipped with a cushioning system made of gel. This unique system absorbs shock efficiently and lessens stress in the legs and feet. This is vital for an energy sport like volleyball.

This system also helps to shape the contours of the feet properly and as a result, your feet will be comfortable throughout the game and even long afterward.

Non-slip,  Non-marking Outsole

The right shoes for playing volleyball should have outsoles made from gum rubber, as these let you make the highly essential lateral movements.

The outsole used in the making of this shoe is produced from gum rubber that actively resists slipping and non-marking so that these shoes won’t make any kind of mark if you happen to skid on the floor.

This shoe is ideal for a budget conscious volleyball player. These, as well as the other features, make this shoe an amazing addition to a volleyball player’s collection of shoes.

  • Mesh and Synthetic upper
  • Remarkable shock absorption
  • Gel Cushioning
  • Outsole leaves no marks
  • Wanting in arch support

4. Adidas Original Crazyflight

Best Volleyball Shoes


As one of the best volleyball shoes, this Adidas product is chockfull of features such as ADITUFF and boost technologies, PU sockliner, markless outsole, and Sprintskin upper, making these suitable for any season or court. Their unique design helps in toe-offs and softer impacts while landing. Apart from these, this shoe is aesthetically designed for a pleasing look so that you feel good in donning them.

Markless outsole

This shoe does not leave scars or marks on your feet; in the same way, its outsole doesn’t leave any marks on the court either, thereby leaving the floor clean while playing.

Boost cushioning

Boost cushioning plays a vital role in helping with lower impacts and toe-offs. Around the knee area of your foot, the load rate can be very heavy, particularly during impact return during a high jump as also repetitive jumping. In other words, you need to jump a lot while playing volleyball and so this shoe is a perfect choice.

The cost of these shoes is in the midrange. Since any Adidas shoe comes with a series of technologies and produced using top quality materials, you can be sure of these features which makes it a sound investment for any volleyball player.

  • Sprintskin upper
  • Boost cushioning
  • Markless outsole
  • Adituff technology
  • Molded sockliner
  • Tends to run wide

5. Asics Gel-Rocket 8

Best Volleyball Shoes


Asics always tends to top the charts with the many achievements which have made this shoe the best volleyball shoes that there is, remarkably comfortable and of outstanding value. Besides, this shoe is the latest in the Asics line and come with a lightweight, outsole made from enhanced gum rubber, and a revised design for style and utmost comfort.

Excellent cushioning

The right type of cushioning is the one factor that protects you from possible pain while playing or afterward. The gel cushioning in the forefoot makes your feet ready for every hit, turn and moments of pressure.

Breathable upper

Constant moving, jumping, and running can heat your feet to a large extent. However, thanks to the new and lightweight mesh upper consisting of synthetic overlays provide your feet with the necessary oxygen. Thus you are never distracted during your great moments in court.

With its guaranteed value, Asics has come to be a big name among the best volleyball shoes. To add to this, the price is also on the lower scale making it low in cost but high in quality.

  • Cushioned footbed
  • Light in weight
  • Durable
  • Mesh upper
  • Nothing worth mentioning

6. Asics Netburner Ballistic

Best Volleyball Shoes


Synthetic technology combined with a rubber outsole made from extra natural content, this Asics line can be termed the best volleyball shoes. Reduced weight, cushioning features such as gel cushioning in both forefoot and rearfoot have made this shoe deserving of both your wallet and attention.

ASICS gel technology

ASICS gel technology is by far the best in controlling shock absorption. No wonder why this shoe has come up with this advanced technology which helps your volleyball shoes respond to heel pressure, giving you the feeling that you are walking on a cloud while on gameplay.

Extra natural rubber

Due to the extra natural rubber used on the outsole, any impact between your feet and the floor is neutralized resulting in improved traction for rapid movements. The NC rubber used in the outsole is a lot different from the usual solid rubber as it allows total traction, no matter where you jump and land.

When you consider features such as light in weight, long-lasting mesh, and designer good looks the price of this remarkable shoe is justified. Besides, many are of the opinion that the extra support it imparts to your legs, feet, and back makes it well worth its price.

  • Shock-absorbing gel cushioning
  • Excellent arch support
  • Extremely durable
  • Enhanced traction with rubber outsole
  • Runs small

7. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4

Best Volleyball Shoes


These Mizuno shoes are designed to move the feet in a smooth and easy motion helped on by the advanced technology of DynaMotion Fit. Besides, these also boast of AIRmesh technology that supports the breathability and general foot health of the game players. These best volleyball shoes also offer effective traction and stability.

Touch technology

The midsole derived from SR touch technology perfectly absorbs shocks, resulting from impact landings, providing you with superior comfort during playoffs with a winning spike.

Sensorpoint technology

This technology improves stability and traction when the sole touches the ground. This is a kind of suspension system which facilitates change between stances and multiple moves.

These shoes are above average in price but are worth the investment. They perform well and also in perfect comfort. With these shoes on, you can decide on the next perfect move on the court without losing focus.

  • Air mesh that breathes
  • Synthetic upper
  • Sensorpoint technology
  • Touch midsole
  • Intercool ventilation
  • Nothing to speak of

8. Asics Gel Tactic 2

Best Volleyball Shoes


These shoes employ the technology of the Trusstic System which supports the lessening of impact landings as also aids toe-offs. Their mesh upper is breathable and as such allow ventilation and the health of your feet.

There are synthetic overlays on the upper which supply stability and so you are able to maneuver easily while preserving your strength in any stance. Besides, the rubber outsole provides a steady grip and the seamless construction helps in smooth and steady moments.

Improved airflow

The mesh area comprises a large area, which is the vital component of the upper as this mesh lets in increased airflow. This is particularly helpful for those sportspersons who suffer from foot complaints such as athlete’s foot.

The upper

The upper comes with an underlining mesh and synthetic overlays in order to remain stable as well as breathe. Also, this system provides the necessary flexibility together with structural reliability.

This shoe doesn’t come with a high price tag. For anyone who requires increased airflow within the shoes, this is just perfect.  Also, this is a fine addition to any athlete’s volleyball shoe collection.

9. Asics Gel 1150V

Best Volleyball Shoes


This is a court-ready shoe that comes with a shaft height of 2.8″, mesh upper, synthetic overlays, padded collar, rubber outsole, and lace entry. These features combine to provide an excellent grip while playing, letting you move from one position to another with ease. This shoe can be ideal for those with wide feet, because of the wide toe box.

This also helps in possible splay while readying the body for the next chance.

Rubber outsole

A volleyball player makes a lot of sudden stops while playing and this makes the feature grip extremely important. The outsole is made from rubber to hold the floor well.

Mesh/synthetic upper

These shoes come with synthetic overlays to supply support and stability as a player moves about the court, while the mesh upper brings you a breathable setting. As a result, this promotes the overall health of your feet.

This shoe comes with a reasonable price tag being neither low nor high. Besides, this is volleyball-ready being specially made for the sport. Also a fine addition to your sports footwear collection.

  • Mesh/Synthetic upper
  • Padded collar
  • 2.8″ Shaft height
  • Rubber outsole
  • Lace shoes
  • Toe section is wide

10. Mizuno Wave Bolt 7

Best Volleyball Shoes


This Mizuno product too is one of the best volleyball shoes available to the enthusiasts. It comes with a design that is easy on the eye and also gives importance to shock absorption, breathability, and durability. The outsole of this shoe doesn’t make any mark on the floor, thereby preventing any possible damage to volleyball courts.

Touch module

The midsole is light in weight, a veritable shock absorber that lessens possible stress on your legs and feet. This is significant because the pain in the feet or legs can adversely affect your performance on the court and can even divert your concentration from the game.

The midsole comes with a lightweight design to facilitate movement so that a player can respond and move about quickly with no feeling of restriction.

Intercool Ventilation

The system of Intercool Ventilation is an exclusive Mizuno feature. This shoe has a mesh upper that brings down the build-up of heat within the shoe to assure maximum ventilation. So, even when you are playing hard, your feet will remain dry and cool. This also prevents the formation of odor.

This is a high-end volleyball shoe. With its emphasis on durability, fine design, comfort, and breathability, this unique shoe can manage several seasons easily. So, for real enthusiasts of the game, this shoe is a sound investment or for anyone who doesn’t count the cost when it comes to choosing the best volleyball shoes.

  • Mesh outer
  • Outsole leaves no marks
  • Intercool system of ventilation
  • Lightweight touch SR midsole
  • The insole is a little stiff

The Decisive Factors Involved in Evaluating the Best Volleyball Shoes

While shopping for the best volleyball shoes, you have various options to choose from depending on your desires and needs. In fact, these shoes are engineered for structure and stability throughout the lateral movement.

The upper

The upper part of volleyball shoes generally consists of mesh material that makes them lightweight, while allowing the air in. This results in excellent ventilation as also a substantial reduction in the quantity of moisture thereby keeping your feet cool.

The midsole

The midsole is primarily designed for the support of the balls of your feet on which volleyball enthusiasts remain while playing. In this way, the necessary lateral movements are possible during game-play. Besides, the shoes made for volleyball supply the necessary stability for every lateral movement.

The balls of the player’s feet can undergo a lot of stress, the shock of which is easily absorbed by the midsole. This means that the midsole of the shoe ought to be very strong, but flexible. Volleyball shoes, in general, make use of foam to absorb shocks, although pricing also comes with air or gel cushions.

The upper part of most volleyball shoes is usually made of a breathable material such as mesh which renders these shoes lightweight, as also aids airflow inside for the foot to breathe.

Since volleyball shoes have soft soles, it is not wise to wear them outside the court as it will make your shoes become worn before long. Also, avoid wearing the shoes unless the surface is smooth and even like any volleyball court. If you are an avid player, a good pair of quality volleyball shoes can last for about a year; however, for casual players, it can last longer with proper care.

When your shoes are not tight when playing, or their ankle support is no longer strong, then it is time to change your best volleyball shoes. To keep your shoes in optimum condition, there should be a balance between their quality and its use. Never go for shoes that you can’t maintain, and those that fail to align with your specific use.

To judge how good a volleyball shoe is to have a look at the soles. While the ideal volleyball shoe can enhance your performance in court with added speed, it can also check potential injuries. If your shoe doesn’t have a good sole, it can result in slipping, falling, ankle sprains and so on only to adversely affect your performance, not to mention your career as a pro volleyball athlete.

So when you buy a pair of volleyball shoes ensure that they come with high-quality rubber soles that can provide you with good traction and at the same time prevent fatal slips and effectively boost your every move.

The Outsole

Any good outsole should have a firm and steady grip and this helps to generate the best possible results. If this feature is absent from an outsole, the shoes become unsuitable to play volleyball, as it is the most important part of this highly popular game.

A solid grip on the surface of the floor lets players pause when needed.  This is achieved by having a flat surface on your outsole to create friction.

The outsole should have open grooves and it is important that these are not closed as these tend to trap liquids in them and also between them and the flat, hard surface of the floor. If this happens, the sole will lose traction as the water present within can cut off contact with the floor, resulting in the player’s fall.

The material used in the making of the outsole can be a vital factor too. Gummy and soft rubber helps the sole to conform to the surface of the floor. EVA is also an excellent material in this regard. It will help in the absorption of shocks also, reducing strain in the feet and keep them free from pain.


Volleyball tends to be a rough sport and your feet can get sweaty and hot quickly leading to blisters and irritation of the skin.  So it is necessary to choose shoes that can breathe and encourage the flow of air.

To achieve this, synthetic materials or mesh is a good choice as they have the property of moisture wicking. So the best volleyball shoes should have breathable panels where heat is concentrated the most, like the sides, toe box and top of your feet.


Flexibility is an essential feature of a shoe and every element of your shoe should have this quality. Before buying a volleyball shoe, you should ensure that the sole, upper build and the whole frame are sufficiently flexible to practice volleyball.

If your shoes lack this essential quality it will result in undue tension and stress, particularly in the arch of your feet. The flexibility of the sole will let you move about naturally while jumping or running.

However, like most other features this should never be excessive. This means that if the shoe materials get more flexible than necessary, the entire structure becomes lose and so cannot hold your feet properly.


The closures let you compress your feet in a good fit while wearing your best volleyball shoes. These can be in the forms of Velcro straps, laces or the conventional straps. As you tie your shoe, the laces or whatever pulls the various materials together to enclose your feet.

An ideal closure system evenly spreads the tension all through the upper of your shoe. You might be wearing high or mid-top shoes, so it is vital that the whole system remains firm, right from the top to the tongue.


You need to feel comfortable in your volleyball shoes, or else it might divert you from playing well. Comfortable means, the right fit as also those features that make you feel pleasant while playing your favorite sport.

Such features are present in the outside as well as inside of your shoes, so it is necessary for you to look over the shoes you prefer carefully before buying a pair. To aid you in this, here are some factors you ought to look for.


The best volleyball shoes should support sudden movements from side to side. This support should be mainly provided for the balls of your feet with the help of the midsole. This is why volleyball shoes are functionally different from all other types of shoes although they look alike.

It is the midsole that bears most of the force while playing volleyball and so it should have the ability to suffer the punishment while allowing flexibility in movement. EVA gel materials air pocket cushioning technologies can aid this.

In order to make your next move, it is necessary for you to be totally free from discomfort, worry, and pain concerning your shoes and feet. Some think that basketball and volleyball shoes are the same, but they differ in many features.

As far as volleyball shoes are concerned, soles and cushioning are the key factors that provide optimum comfort.

In fact, volleyball shoes are designed specifically to endure the shock caused by hard landings and to give you extra traction for quick and sharp moves. Since the sport demands a lot from the player it can cause pain in the joints, feet, and heels. So these shoes provide high mobility while playing,  at the same time imparting maximum comfort and support.

While buying the best volleyball shoes, you should look for breathable and lightweight ones for increased mobility and agility. Another important thing to remember is that an excellent outsole grip is essential to avoid slipping and falling while playing.

Another important factor is cushioning and it should be of the finest quality for appropriate movements of your feet and reducing pain that could happen while playing for many hours. Things like landing hard after a jump, quick movements, placing added weight on some parts of the foot can cushion the shock of impacts.

Choosing the right volleyball can also make you play with confidence.

Before buying the best volleyball shoe, it is always wise to think about the location that you mostly play in, whether it is outdoors or indoors, along with the things that are important to you during gameplay. It can be keeping your feet dry, support the arches of your feet or aid the landing using cushioning or the need to jump higher.

Whatever your need, you can be sure that there is a volleyball shoe that suits your specific needs.

FAQs related to best volleyball shoes

1. Can I wear volleyball shoes regularly?

If you play often it is better not to wear them when out of court. The soles of the volleyball shoes tend to get worn while walking on rough and uneven surfaces. For casual players this is alright, but they should care for their shoes properly.

2. Can I jump higher by wearing volleyball shoes?

As compared to various other sorts of shoes, volleyball shoes let you jump higher. However, it also depends on the strength of your legs and calves.

3. What is a good buy in volleyball shoes?

For the casual player an Adidas product can be a good buy, while the best volleyball shoes for the use of professionals come from the Mizuno series as these tend to be comfortable, balanced, resist skids, and durable.

4. When to replace a volleyball shoe?

When you find that your feet begin to hurt during or after practice, it is time to discard your volleyball shoes and go for a new one.

5. What kind of volleyball shoe is good for outdoor courts?

If you want to play at outdoor volleyball courts, go for volleyball with the best possible traction. If you play the game in outdoor courts, it places a lot of stress on the soles of your shoe. So it is better to buy shoes with good rubber soles as these are extremely durable.

6. How to clean volleyball shoes?

The real way to keep your volleyball shoes clean is to put them on only while playing volleyball. But, if you happen to use them for daily wear, avoid muddy areas and getting scuffed. Don’t forget to clean the soles as they help to keep up traction.

If your shoe is made of leather, it is better to use some good leather cleaner. For all other types of the best volleyball shoes, soap and water are good.

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