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10 Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 2023

In this article, we have reviewed the 10 best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis along with a comparison table and a detailed buyer’s guide in the end to help you choose the best pair of walking shoes possible.

It is a matter of everyone’s knowledge that walking with Plantar Fasciitis is a gruesome task. As the plantar fascia tissues in the feet swell due to inflammation, it makes individuals face a tough time while walking, or even standing still, with a sensitive and painful heel. 

It is estimated that as much as 2% of the world population suffer from Plantar Fasciitis once in their lifetimes and since walking is an unavoidable activity for all these people, taking help of some comfortable and suitable footwear seems to be the most obvious way out.

Finding the right shoe to get rid of the pain during an episode of Plantar Fasciitis is not an easy task though. It is not so due to lack of availability of walking shoes in the market, but in fact, the complete opposite of this situation is the cause. 

Since there are plenty of walking shoes in the market, finding the right one is like finding a needle in a heap of coal.

However, don’t feel disheartened; we have compiled here a list of 10 best walking shoes for people having Plantar Fasciitis, and with a little variation in terms of the care or comfort they offer, they are pretty effective in reducing the pain that comes with the debilitating situation.

1. Orthofeet Men's Athletic Tieless Shoes - 610

Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis
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Orthofeet Men’s Athletic Tieless Shoes are a good option for those who want to say bye to Lacing-Up. 

With a patent pending Tie-Less Lacing System, these innovative and comfortable walking shoes offer laces with hook and loop straps, which is definitely an easy way to fasten and unfasten the shoe without having to waste too much time.

The shoes also come with advanced athletic and therapeutic features to offer relief for foot discomfort and heel pain and provide great comfort and protection for sensitive feet. 

The shoes also have a feature that lets them accommodate external orthotic devices, making them the best choice for people having heel pain, such in case of diabetic or arthritic feet.

The 610 is equipped with a unique orthotic support, seamless lining, extra room and Ergonomic Stride TM sole that make walking a matter of no pain in case you have a painful heel due to Plantar Fasciitis.

The two-Way Strap System that allows fastening on either side of the shoe offers a pleasant feature to adjust the length of the strap easily without having to think twice. 

The soft, seam-free lining design with extra foam padding is a blessing for people having painful heels as they provide the utmost comfort while walking even if you have problems in the heels.

The most notable feature of the shoe is, however, its capability to accommodate orthotic inserts that make it not only personalized as and when needed but also a great choice for sports persons and people who have heel problems.

The extra-depth design along with soft, non-binding leather upper of the shoe comfortably eases pressure and allows for a freedom for toe movement. 

The shoe offers sports Athletic-walk a twist with its synthetic Leather and Mesh design that not only makes the shoes look good but also helps it provide unsurpassed stability in the times of need.



2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 Running Shoes

Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis
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While the Adrenaline 16th version is just a small update of the 15th avatar. The shoe has a new sole unit but it is very identical to the 15. The most notable changes are in the upper and although a small fit issue persists in the 16th version, it’s a good improvement from the previous versions.

The outsole of the shoe, with a very segmented “Full-Length Segmented Crash Pad”, adapts to the landing and heel-to-toe gait to offer ideal ground-contact and stability. 

The shoe is designed uniquely where the external side is tucked under a layer of DNA midsole while the internal part is covered with a layer of the harder foam material. 

The two parts of the heel are kept at a noticeable distance so that when you land during the gait, the shoe will compress on that side accordingly to support the ankle.

The outsole also has a much popular “waffle” pattern and the rubber remains particularly unchanged even after approximately 100 miles without needing any external support. 

The upper of the GTS 16 comes with no stitching aside from the meeting point between the heel and the midfoot and on the area where the tongue is tied up. 

With sizing is increased half a size, the shoe lets your midfoot hug the foot securely and the toe box offers an unclamped feeling.

The extremely stable sole unit and cushioning that is soft but not bouncy, the mentionable heel-to-toe transition with a wide platform that helps one to stay safe from accidental ankle twists, this shoe is perfect for high-impact running. 

When the fit of this pair of shoes is right for you, it is one of the best contemporary stability shoes available in the market currently.



3. Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk Shoes - Best for Women

Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis
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Gravity Defyeris is available in endless styles, materials, and sole types in order to provide something unique for everyone. 

G-Defy is well known for the care and attention put into making comfortable shoes with lots of variety is in sync with the company’s will to keep their dependable reputation intact and the loyal customer base going strong. 

The propensity of the company to offer variety and style becomes clear for the fact that something as simple as the logo has gone through multiple revisions.

Since 2004, Gravity Defyer has been researching, designing, and refining these shoes to offer the best of comfort and style. The Verso Shock technology that helps the shoe save the heels from extreme shocks and offer the shoes the capability to restore the energy is a great way to get maximum protection and support while walking on rough surfaces.

The shoes come with a built-in G-Comfort Orthotic Support that not only helps in customization but also offers great comfort and stability when you need it the most. 

Additionally, the ultra-Soft cushioned EVA Design is made for offering a comfortable feeling that can surpass the stability and purpose of all other walking shoes available in the same price range.

The shoes also have Friction Free Seams that keeps the shoe out of high impact collisions between the shoe upper and the foot, making it a comfortable pair even when the conditions are demanding and a lot of friction is generated while walking faster and forcefully on an uneven surface. 

The soft, padded collar of the shoe adds extra comfort to the upper portion and lets the people having heel problems avoid impacts that may come from unstable positioning via the upper parts of the shoes.

The shoe also has a low Heel-to-Toe Ratio, making the heels feel the comfort as all kinds of upward forces are nullified while walking and/or running in an aim to cover distances quickly. 

The shoe is beautiful to look at and the comfortable cushioning and heel comfort makes it a great choice for people having Plantar Fasciitis.



4. Orthofeet Men’s Highline High Top Boots - Best Boot for Plantar Fasciitis Men

Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis
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Although most people don’t think about boots while considering heel protection, Orthofeet Men’s Highline High Top Boots are a great option for people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. 

If you are looking for some extra support and a great stability to treat your ankle and heel’s faulty alignment conditions, including heel eversion and over-pronation, these boots are a perfect choice for you. 

The boots have a similar inside as the shoes with built-in with orthotics, so there is a personalized fit feel that’s pretty comfortable. 

These boots are, however, not designed for high strains but the walkers are perfect for low strenuous professions such as nursing and teaching. 

The perfect snug and wider room in front of the toes make these boots very comfortable right from the day one and there is no doubt that although boots are not everyone’s choice, the Orthofeet Men’s Highline High Top Boots are a different shoe altogether.

The ultra-soft plush breathable footbed that offers optimum comfort and supportsthe natural movements of the feet make these boots a very stylish option for all round comfort. 

The gel-padded heal-seat that naturally and autonomously conforms to the shape of the feet to relieve and save you from pain in the heels offer dependable support to the knees and lower back as well.

The shoe’s simple lacing system that gives you a secure and snug fit is its another great feature. The sole of the booth is lightweight to let the wearer an airy feeling that is devoid of pain or fatigue. 

The sturdy boot is capable to handle a 400-pound man with Plantar Fasciitis in ease and the shoe’s durability is beyond doubt one of the best in all of the walking shoes mentioned here.

The best factor to consider is that these Orthaheel boots are designed to offer the best solution for heel, arch, knee and back pain and with a little variation, the shoe perfectly fits what it is claimed as by the company. 

Available in tan and black, the boots are a must try for the people who are suffering from PF because the price at which these boots are available in the market is really affordable.



5. Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis
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Men’s Brooks Addiction Walker is just the right shoe for walking around all day. Whether you use it sparsely or in situations of high mileage, the shoe steals the show with its upper that is constructed of full grain leather to offer an extraordinary amount of breathability, durability,and comfort. 

The shoe uses its patented MoGo technology that provides a comfortable and useful highly cushioned footbed which is perfectly resilient without having to compromisethe stability of the wearer. 

The MoGo is a great way to provide utmost comfort to the heels and therefore, is a great option for people having Plantar Fasciitis.

The S-257 CUSHSOLE used in the shoe is a great way to restore energy. The energy-efficient midsole compound with an extraordinarily comfortable cushioning and flexibility makes the shoe an ideal option for high-mileage walkers.  

The dual-density outsole is a great choice for people looking to get progressive pronation control with the extremely smooth heel-to-toe transition.

The full grain leather used in the upper provides optimum durability while the MoGo technology provides a resilient, highly cushioned footbed to let the wearer feel the kind of freedom he would want when the feet are free from Plantar Fasciitis. The shoes are SADMERC approved and considered one of the best options for heel spurs that occurs when Plantar Fasciitis turns acute.

The Brook’s Addiction Walker shoe also comes in different styles to offer something to everyone when they are plagued down by Plantar Fasciitis. 

Although not made for highly strenuous conditions, these shoes are a perfect choice for low-intensity training and walking on the trails. 

With a very durable upper and a flexible midsole, the shoes are also perfect for long-duration activities where one needs to keep the shoes on for a long time. 

Once worn, the lightweight shoes just get fit with the footbed in perfect sync and hence, these are probably the best walkers in a moderate price range to choose if long-duration use is apparent.



6. Orthofeet Ventura Men’s Extra Wide Athletic Shoes

Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis
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If you are buying a shoe to get rid of heel pain, there are only a few other companies that a match the perfection of Orthofeet! 

The shoe that has a lot of heavy-duty features taken from Orthofeet’s high-demand line-up is a shoe with much style and durability. The first thing to notice, however, is that these shoes are very elegant lookers that can make you look sporty as well as smart.

With a sleek leather upper in a range of black and white, the shoe maintains a finish that is very stylish. The shoe also handles weather better than the average sneakers, being waterproof, even when not wholly water-resistant, they are the dream walkers for a lot of Orthofeet fans.

The other advantage is an anatomical arch support and contoured orthotic insoles – the two features that take care of conformation to the shape of the wearer’s feet to offer dependable relief from pain right from the heel up to the knees and lower back. 

These shoes are considered a whole lot better fit for the feet especially when the heel spurs are a problem. The extremely comfortable shoes for a long walk also double up as a high-density trainer in case of urgent needs.

The shoes come with a distinctive feature of massive toe room to offer your toes enough room for movement so that they don’t feel entrapped while walking on rough surfaces. 

The shoes are also perfectly breathable, and keep the feet dry and airy even if the environments are warmer, such as in the summers or near hot and high-temperature surroundings.

With a notable traction and stability, the Ventura Athletic Shoes are perfect for walking outdoors. 

However, being a stylish and desirable option for the fashion conscious, these shoes also help the people who have painful heels forget about their issues when everyone starts looking at their feet when they are out with these stylish shoes on.



7. Orthofeet Baton Rouge Men’s Boat Shoes

Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis
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An ideal choice for people who prefer style and comfort, Orthofeet Baton Rouge Boat has an upper made of soft leather with tiny air-holes to offer maximum breathability inside the shoe. 

The brown shoes have a sole that is layered in two shades to offer it a stylish and fashionable look. 

The aesthetic stylistic stitching across the backside makes this shoe a great choice for people with Plantar Fasciitis as the durable outsoles work perfectly to absorb maximum shock and provide the wearer with extreme stability and support.

The nice looking shoes are not as humble as they look from the outside. The heavy-duty shoes are created for the strenuous walking conditions on a day in and day out basis. 

With a sturdy finish and superior grip, the Baton Rouge Boat shoes are probably the best bet for people who want to take care of their heels and save them from high-impact walking conditions.

With an inner sole that is highly and sufficiently cushioned, these shoes offer the maximum support to save painful heels from any force to let the wearer feel painless and comfortable in a pair of walking shoes that have a minimalist look even when they are delicately manufactured with a very subtle perfectionist feel.

The outer soles of the shoe provide excellent and maximum grip on all surfaces, making walking on trails and smoother planes equally convenient. 

The shoes also come with friction reduction on the face of a rogue demand while the excellent cushioning minimizes the impacts during a forward movement of the feet.

Although the shoes are not meant for intensive workouts, they work pretty nice in case of light training and moderate jogging activities. 

The shoes are priced well in the moderate range to offer value for money that can let every price-conscious customer a feeling of satisfaction, but overall, these shoes are a perfect choice ideal for mild to moderate walking environments in a moderate price range.



8. New Balance Men’s MW411 Walking Shoes

Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis
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This heavy-duty pair is for plenty of walking or a longer duration of time on the feet. The cushioning and support features are well suited for people looking to get relief from heel pain when they have acute plantar fasciitis pain that stops them from enjoying the freedom of walking in a nice pair of walking shoes.

With traditional designs in a variety of colors the shoe suits people who are not willing to buy something too vivid or those who feel minimalism is the best fashion statement.

If comfort for plantar fasciitis condition is what you are looking for, New Balance Men’s MW411 Walking Shoes are a perfect choice for you.

The right choice of shoe in case of heel issues depends on the fitness regime or the activities one engages in. 

This footwear brand has an identity in the market and they work hard enough to provide the wearer with what they seek, especially in case the wearers are suffering from heel issues, such as in case of Plantar Fasciitis. 

New Balance Men’s MW411is specifically designed for people with heel spurs and the shoe fits well enough in its segment in terms of results and efficiency.

The last but not the least, the shoe offers numerous color options. Choose between six different colors and go for maximum stability and comfort in a pair of shoes that do not burn a hole in your pocket but still offers all the features a shoe for someone with PF should have.



9. Vionic Women’s Venture Athletic Shoes

Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis
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The Vionic Women’s Venture Lace-up Sneaker has been designed with Orthaheel Technology to let people who suffer from Plantar fasciitis have a choice that does not let them down even if the condition is acute. 

Look-wise, the shoe has eight different color variants to suit the need of everyone with optimum satisfaction. The trendy shoes for fashionable women are a great pair for getting relief from heel spurs too.

Unlike the other shoes the company has to offer, these Vionic sneakers are made from synthetic materials and not leather, so getting a comfy feeling and having a clean and less stuffed feeling come automatically to the wearer of this good-looking sneaker. 

Additionally, the durable lightweight mesh and man-made overlays available in the shoe offer the user a sporty look and enough breathability when the conditions are demanding.

With a footbed made with EVA technology and the use of 1st Ray Flexor technology, the shoe has a completely removable footbed which provides the opportunity to adjust the shoe according to one’s own preferences and choices. 

The durable outer sole of the shoe is made up of rubber to ensure that the wearer gets a tight grip on the surface irrespective of the weather conditions and seasonal nuances.

Meanwhile, the shoe also has Orthaheel technology and the biomechanical orthotic footbed which make sure that the foot get an automatic alignment with the footbed, optimizing the comfort levels and reducing the pronation in order to provide the wearer a completely safe and secure feeling in regard to their sensitive heel conditions, especially when they have Plantar Fasciitis.



10. ASICS Men’s GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoes

Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis
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The ASICS Men’s Gel Nimbus 20 running shoe comes in six different colors that range from black and white to multi-color designs to offer a stylish option to people who have heel spurs and pain.

The shoe is designed with textile and synthetic fibers while the sole is made up of rubber providing extreme traction even in rough and slippery conditions.

It is necessary to consider the technologies when we consider the shoes made for people with Plantar Fasciitis and other foot problems. 

ASICS Men’s Gel Nimbus 20 features ASICS Fluidfit upper technology that is paired with a multi-directional stretch mesh to give stretch reinforcements, and a comfortable and customized fit that protects the footed from extreme impacts during heavy-duty walking conditions.

Meanwhile, the Fluid Ride technology used in the shoe provides appropriate bounce back and cushioning to reduce the weight on the plantar fascia tissues apart froman excellent durability to the shoe pair. 

The Rear foot and the forefoot with a GEL cushioning system are built to reduce and absorb the shock during a palpably powerful impact while maintaining the gait apart from allowing movement during changing of surfaces on which to walk.

The exoskeleton with a heel clutching system is used to provide the wearer with improved support along with a comfortable and improved heel fitting mechanism that the foot to land and step securely every time a new step is taken. 

As the jolts on the plantar fascia are minimized, the shoes offer a reduction in the painful experience even when one if walking with palpable speed.



Best Walking Shoes for Plantar fasciitis - Buyer's Guide

Laced shoes over slip-on: Lacing helps in adjustment and supports a custom fit. Slip-on is often loose and they fail to provide enough support.

Firm and supportive heel counter: The rear of the shoe is an important part for people suffering from heel or foot issues. The heel counter encloses and supports the heel bone to offer it maximum cushioning and protection, it should be firm, yet comfortable enough to offer consistent, and reliable support.

A little-elevated Heels: A little elevation in the heel of one inch high offers the heel palpable relief from heel pressure and people with heel pain should take this as an advantage.

Comfortably firm Soles: Firm soles provide good arch support to align the feet and ankles in the most natural positions. If it is easy to bend or twist the sole, it won’t provide support in rough and uneven surfaces. The soles should only bend at the point where the toes connect with the feet to offer maximum flexibility.

Having a good toe rocker: The “roll” at the toe that allows the foot to move forward naturally is an important feature for having maximum support while working out, running, or walking. Running shoes should have an upwardly curved toe rocker to help minimize the stretching of plantar fascia excessively.

Strong arch support: Augment your shoe’s arch support with good orthotic insoles for a personalized and comfortable perfect fit.

A “rocker” sole instead of a flat sole: A rocker sole helps the shoe to absorb shocks while stepping ahead with speed while a flat sole will exert all the pressure of the foot.

FAQs on Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Who is affected by Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis can occur to almost anybody irrespective of whether people are obese or are the avid runners. It is a kind of swelling that affects the heel tissues and excessive pressure or improper positioning of the feet are responsible for the condition.

Is wearing the right footwear a good solution for Plantar Fasciitis?

While there are a multitude of techniques and remedies, the use of shoes designed to the support the plantar fascia is the most popular and effective solution for Plantar Fasciitis

What is Plantar Fascia tissue?

The Plantar Fascia, also popularly referred to as the Plantar tendon or ligament,isa thick band of tissue that supports the arch of the foot.They are the ligament that runs the length of the sole of the human being’s foot.

Are the technologies used in shoes for relief from Plantar Fasciitis effective?

To combat pain in the heels, a number of different techniques and strategies have been devised, and the use of properly designed shoes for supporting the plantar ligament is the most popular. 

Each company has a different shoe design process and different kinds of technologies are incorporated and refined to provide people the maximum comfort.

How do you know know you have Plantar Fasciitis?

People having plantar fasciitis are very likely to feel pain in the heel the moment they come out of bed in the morning which will go on to diminish with the progress of the day.

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