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Best Water Shoes For Toddlers 2023

In this article, we have reviewed the 10 Best Water Shoes for Toddlers in 2023 with a detailed buyer’s guide to help you choose the best pair of shoes available in the market.

In contemporary times, most of our lives revolve around going to the same old workplace and checking out for long weekends in order to take a small vacation or a trip with family and friends.

Imagine chilling and having fun with your family in a place that is away from the mainland or town area, when suddenly a slight inconvenience like a tiny blister on your kid’s feet is becoming a hindrance to everything that you planned for this trip, and you are left without a second pair of shoes.

This seems like a short horror story but, it is not that uncommon of a story.

Your kids already have a lot of things to throw tantrums about, and in this case, the tantrum about not having the right shoes can actually be avoided. If you are planning a vacation with your kids that includes water activities, it is suggested you get the best water shoes for toddlers before any of your plans get ruined and get the best out of your vacation.

There are several best water shoes for toddlers in the market, but choosing the right one will give you traction and comfort. Here are some of the best water shoes for toddlers for aquatic activities.

10 Best Water Shoes for Toddlers in 2023:

Best Water Shoes For ToddlersNative Unisex Kid's Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker4.9/5
Best Water Shoes For ToddlersCroc Kids Crocband II4.8/5
Best Water Shoes For ToddlersSpeedo Unisex Surf Knit Water Shoes4.4/5
Best Water Shoes For ToddlersQTMS Kids Boys Girls Water Shoes4.3/5
Best Water Shoes For ToddlersMade 2 Play Kids Phibian Water Shoes by Stride Rite4.7/5
Best Water Shoes For Toddlersi play Kids & Baby Water Shoes4.1/5
Best Water Shoes For ToddlersL-RUN Kids Swim Water Shoes Barefoot Aqua Socks4.2/5
Best Water Shoes For ToddlersKEEN Newport H2 Sandal4.4/5
Best Water Shoes For ToddlersSalt Water Sandals by Hoy Shoe3.7/5
Best Water Shoes For ToddlersCoolloog Kids Swim Water Shoes4.0/5

1. Native Unisex Kid’s Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers



The Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker is an amazingly popular pair of water shoes for your toddler. Native is a comparatively new company, but they became very very popular because they design their shoes to be lightweight and with EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate).

These shoes will give your young one a good time with their accident-proof technology, and since it is lightweight because of their material and design, it makes one of the best water shoes for toddlers in this range.

Comfortable and lightweight

EVA is a material that blends to the feet and gets them lightweight. The shoes are slip-on, which means it should be comparatively easy for wearing and taking off from your child’s feet.

The lightweight element appeals to most as young kids don’t like to have much load on their feet. They are very breathable and comfy to wear.

Safe and accident-proof

The design emphasizes a breathable perforated upper body and a very grippy sole to make it accident-proof.

Washable, waterproof, and with no odor

These water shoes are washable, odor-resistant,  waterproof, and shock-absorbent, which will protect and provide support to your kids’ delicate feet. These shoes are animal product free.

Wide colors to choose from

These shoes come in a wide range of colors to choose from. So, your children can choose their favorite color and have a happy vacation without any tantrums.

Overall this is one of the most incredibly popular shoes, and it’s not tough to see why. While weighing all the pros and cons of this shoe, the broad range of qualities makes it a topper of the list, and it is for all the good reasons.

It is one of the highest-rated water shoes, and it is worth every penny. It is the perfect mixture of style with comfort.

  • Breathable Upper Body
  • Gripped sole
  • Lightweight, odor-resistant, and cushioned shoe
  • Waterproof and accident-proof
  • Hand washable and shock absorbent
  • Available in a wide assortment of colors
  • PETA-approved and animal product free
  • Sizing is a little tricky to get right

2. Croc Kids Crocband II

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers


When making an elaborate list that involves sandals, or even satisfactory shoes in general, it’s difficult to leave the Crocs brand off. Crocs are well known for being one of the comfiest footwear brands, and when it comes to children’s shoes, this is such a crucial factor.

You want your baby to enjoy their footwear and do not regularly take them off, so purchasing a pair of Crocs is one way you can ensure your child will be happy and comfy.

With so many variations of Crocs, it was hard to narrow down to just one kid’s sandal, but we decided on the Kids Crocband II, a pair of fun and cute-looking sandals that have the latest comfort and security built-in.

Hook and Loop Closure

Crocs are universally known for delivering a slip-on style clog shoe, so what gives the Kids Crocband II’s unique appeal is its hook and loop closure. Rather than having just floppy slip-on footwear, you can now adjust the strap to give a much firmer and more secure fit.

Kids who run and play don’t require to worry about their footwear flying off, as these will linger on all day long. The hook and loop strap is manufactured from the same Croslite™ material so it won’t rub or hurt your kid’s skin.

More Roomy Fit

A great extra hallmark of Crocs is that the toe box is exceptionally roomy, offering up a sandal that is comfy for any foot breadth. This can also be advantageous for parents who want footwear that may last longer.

As the roomy characteristics of the Croc allow you to size up and have a pair of footwear that your child will remain to grow into.

The increased space and freedom lead to a considerably more comfortable fit than more limiting sandals, and the waterproof element means they can be worn nearly everywhere.

Cost and Value

This footwear is surprisingly low priced, and with how excellent the quality is they are an ideal bargain. Comfortable, spacious, waterproof, and secure; it’s tough to beat Crocs when it gets to overall construction and utility.

Color-wise you are a bit restricted in this particular style, and there are only four shades available that tend to drift more towards the bright side. If shade choices aren’t a significant interest for you, then these shoes will be a fantastic choice.

Crocs Crocband II Sandals, it is finally, a sandal with a more stable stay-on fit to keep up with your active, on-the-go kids. The hook-and-loop closure feature makes it easy to get on and off, and you can adjust the fit more than standard sandals.

All the support and cushion kids love are here in this sandal.

  • Sporty midsole racing stripe
  • Odor-resistant and quick to dry
  • It is easy to clean
  • Contoured, orthotic footbed for support and comfort
  • Lightweight and non-marking soles
  • Hook-and-loop closure provides active kids a more secure fit
  • Water-friendly and lightweight
  • Fully-molded Croslite™ material composition for maximum lightweight cushioning and endurance.
  • Croslite™ material heel strap has a safe fit.
  • Shrinks a little in the sun
  • Size runs small.

3. Speedo Unisex Surf Knit Water Shoes

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers


The outsoles of these Speedos provide some serious traction on wet surfaces, which makes them well-suited to surfing or stand-up paddleboarding. The Speedo Unisex Surf Knit water shoe has made our list and stays at the top. Speedo is a trendy brand when it comes to shoes in the water.

The water shoe itself is a pretty simple, beautiful design that fits children’s feet well. They can be utilized for a wide range of activities like the pool, beach, exploring tide ponds, etc. Soaking water footwear gets quite smelly very fast. The sole is quite grippy which provides excellent traction.

Additionally, the sole is quite thick giving protection against sharp things. The S-TRAC technology of the Surf Knit operates to streamline the water away from the sole which makes gripping and friction much better.


These shoes are manufactured of a durable four-way stretch above and include a flexible strap, which guarantees support and easy on-and-off for your kid.


With the presence of air mesh insert panels, they provide air to flow throughout the footwear and render them quick to evaporate. It also makes them excellent for hot summer days, as it allows steam to dissipate instead of gathering.

Cost and Value

These shoes are amazing for the cheapest on our list. These are ideal for families who are seeking to save some money.

The Speedo Unisex Surf Knit Water Shoes has been a pick among adults, and the kid version is just as great. This highlights a unique s-track thermoplastic rubber sole, which offers water control and flow dispersion. Thanks to this, your child is assured to stay protected from sharp rocks or hot tracks when playing outside.

In addition, the substance and straps of these water shoes keep them soft and comfortable. Another excellent characteristic of the Speedo Unisex Surf Knit Water Shoes is the quick-drying upper jersey.

  • Manufactured of mesh and jersey
  • Man-made outsole
  • Great fitting and satisfactory
  • Quick-drying upper jersey
  • Provided with water management outsole pattern
  • Durable TPR outsole which gives it perfect for traction.
  • Sole is not that compliant compared to other brands
  • Runs big.

4. QTMS Kids Boys Girls Water Shoes

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers


These water shoes for children are some of the top items when looking for quality options. The footwear is made of premium high-stretch material for the upper to guarantee they last an extended period. Toddlers can be super active; hence, durable shoes are required.

With the patterns available, you can get one that accommodates your child’s style.

These toddler shoes have fantastic reviews regarding the quality of material and support. Customers pointed out that they were certainly comfortable to wear and fit and that the children could do that without guidance.

Quick dry

The shoes are swift drying, so you do not have to fret about your child soaking up in the water after exercise. The good thing is that they have an extremely adhesive material which gives them hard to slip out when playing in the water. This is a great quality feature to analyze ensuring comfort and functionality.

Created for safety

The design of the footwear makes them super easy to wear. They have a slip-on design that goes for toddlers’ safety and comfort. Since these stretch at the head, it is pretty easy to put them on in moments.

Multiple Uses

Suitable for various applications, your child can wear them to the shore, swimming pools, running games, yoga, and other indoor games and outside games. You have a guarantee that they will go well and provide the comfort required for your toddler.

Also, they suggested to them the sturdy sole and the fast-drying factor, which made them fit for regular use.

Although some customers had problems with the sizing, those that got the whole fit noted that they were true to measurement only if the right fits were stated. This did not seem like an important concern since the shoes came in an assortment of sizes to choose from.

  • Quality construction
  • Beautiful patterns
  • Comfortable to wear all-day
  • Dry immediately
  • Easy to wear.
  • Challenging to find the ideal size

5. Made 2 Play Kids Phibian Water Shoes by Stride Rite

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers


Stride Rite is a company that has been around since 1919. They have used this time to hone their craft. They are all about making shoes that kids are comfortable wearing all day. Unlike traditional water shoes, the Made 2 Play Phibian Water Shoes have been designed to be worn all summer – not just at the beach.

The design of these shoes is second to none. They feature a lacing system and even a velcro strap to make sure they stay on their feet. Small touches like fabric around the ankle ensure that they are comfortable while still being exceptionally functional.

The Phibian Water Shoes come in sizes for toddlers (1-4 years old), little kids (4-8 years old, and big kids (8-12 years old). In each of these categories, there are around five sizes which makes it super easy to choose the right fit.


What’s amazing about these shoes is that they can be great for all seasons and occasions. Their outsoles provide grip like typical sneakers while their uppers are quick-dry and easy to wash. This makes them great for water parks or even just a typical summer day.


Made 100% without using animal products, these shoes allow you to provide your child with the comfort and protection they need while also being generous to animals and our earth.

Cost and Value

As these shoes sit on the high end of our price list, their price tag might make you falter. But with over 900 five-star reviews, we think they’re worth considering!

These are the best water shoes for toddlers and kids that are machine washable which makes them a breeze to clean. If they get too muddy or sandy simply hose them off, and they are ready to go again. The best part is these are also quick-dry so your kids won’t have to wait to get back to playing.

An antimicrobial lining keeps your kid’s feet not only clean but also not smelly. As a bonus, this footwear is 100% vegan meaning no animals were used in making these shoes.

  • 100% EVA upper
  • Manufactured in the USA or Imported
  • Artificial sole
  • The shaft measures around the low top of arch
  • Machine washable
  • Rubber pods on the sole for a non-slip grip
  • Secure hook and loop end.
  • 100% Vegan: made without the application of animal products
  • Anti-stink, anti-microbial covering
  • Non-skidding rubber outsole.
  • A little on the expensive side.

6. I play Kids & Baby Water Shoes

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers


iPlay makes these quality pool shoes. With a comfortable shell and thick sole, these shoes provide all the traction and support needed for hard surfaces. Available in many different sizes and six different colors, this shoe is an excellent option for all your kids. These water shoes are made of a neoprene-mesh combo.

They provide excellent breathability to your little one’s feet, even when they are wet. The high-quality material has fast-drying technology making them excellent water shoes. The best part is that these are also lightweight. Your toddler won’t even notice that they are wearing them.


With non-slip soles, these water shoes will prevent your toddler from slipping on wet surfaces and can save them from injuries. They are ideal for going to the pool, where the smooth floors can get very slippery when wet.


Because they are made of flexible material and include a pull-loop, they are easy and convenient to pull on and off. Your toddler will be able to practice putting on their own shoes.

Cost and Value

With over 500 five-star reviews, you can be sure that these shoes are worth the purchase. These are an excellent bargain for such practical shoes, so hurry up and get your son or daughter a pair before they run out!

The soles of these shoes are made of thick rubber. These provide adequate traction and non-skip protection to your roaming toddler. With a built-in pull tab, these shoes are easy for your child to get on and off with ease. This means they will be putting them on all by themselves in no time.

They also are incredibly elastic which allows your child’s foot to sit comfortably without any pinch points or added unnecessary friction. They also hug their feet making them great swim shoes.

  • Flexible Upper
  • Non-slip Outsole
  • Pull the Tab at the Heel
  • Quick Drying
  • Runs Narrow
  • Slip-On

7. L-RUN Kids Swim Water Shoes Barefoot Aqua Socks

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers


If you are looking for water shoes that can satisfy both boys and girls, these from L-RUN can be an excellent choice. They come in simple yet impressive designs that are attractive to children. You will most surely find a suitable one to suit your kid’s style.

A wide range of colors and fits

Also, they come in different shades and sizes to suit your kid’s preference.


These are made from premium quality polyester for the top and rubber for the sole, this material combination guarantees the shoes last longer and can endure regular use. The material is high-stretch to enable easy fitting.

Quick Dry

Also, the upper body has a strong wicking show which ensures the shoes dry quickly for the near adventure.

The shoes have a different design which makes them easy to wear for your toddler. The shoes take the form of the feet to ensure a comfortable fit for extended times of use.

The highly adhesive element prevents slipping during activity and sports actions. The soft rubber outsole is thickly sufficient to protect the child’s feet while operating on hard surfaces.

  • Durable substance
  • Anti-slip rubber sole
  • Suits both boys and girls
  • Shoes do not slide during play
  • Thick sole for stability
  • Runs a bit small

8. KEEN Newport H2 Sandal

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers


The Keen Newport H2 Water Shoe is a robust, reliable design. Great for children that are a little older and keen to adventure further. They are stylish and very comfortable shoes.

As you can see the sole is rough which makes for excellent grip and friction on slippery surfaces. The thick sole of the footwear is also great for defending little feet from sharp objects. Available in different colors the shoes are intended for quick drying and are very strong.

Easy To Put On

It features an adjustable hook and loop strap on the instep, and your toddler will be able to pull these on with minimal help.

Machine Washable

Like all other KEEN water sandals, the materials of these shoes allow them to be machine washable. They will save you the time and effort it takes to wash them by hand and renders them great for busy families of all kind.

Cost and Value

The only downside of these sandals is that they are pricey compared to the other shoes on our list. However, keep in mind that higher quality naturally comes at a higher price.

The Keen Newport H2 Water Shoe has adjustable elastic cord lace as well as velcro bands which makes it very simple to slip on and off. Although some customer reviews are saying this footwear is too heavy, they are very sturdy and offer excellent protection.

Besides, there is a toe stability feature which is excellent for children prone to stubbing their feet. The grip of this shoe is unique so you will not have to bother about slips and trips.

  • Stylish looks
  • Very comfortable
  • Quick-dry webbing
  • Apply for water sports as well as outdoor activities
  • Easy to put on
  • Toe protection
  • May be a bit difficult for young kids

9. Salt Water Sandals by Hoy Shoe

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers


The Salt Water Sandals are very fashionable shoes that can be utilized in and out of the water. At an initial glance, their shoes do not seem like water footwear as they look more like slippers. The shoes are available in a few various colors and are brilliant shoes.

They also offer a supportive and resilient rubber sole and a strong fit for the protection of your child’s feet. The key point of the Salt Water Sandals by Hoy Shoe Sun-San Surfer is the idea.

These are perfect for kids that don’t actually go into the water but like to play nearby. Very convenient, these shoes also have the friction and flexibility of water footwear.

  • Comes in a conventional sandal design
  • Secure fit
  • Elastic rubber sole
  • May be used in and out of water
  • The fitting chart is a bit different

10. Coolloog Kids Swim Water Shoes

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers


As much as water shoes are designed for water play times, there is the need to guarantee the material is breathable, so your children remain fresh and cool during movement. This pair of water shoes from Coolloog is ideal; thanks to the state-high stretch fabric with wicking performance.

This characteristic ensures the shoes dry quickly and hence fit for water games. The highly sticky material used to make the shoes enables them to take the shape of the toes for comfortable access.

The shoes allow the pads to move, breathe, and develop without exerting any stress on them. They are the perfect footwear for your toddler. They are accessible in sizes from 0-6 months to 24-36 months.

The great thing about this footwear is that they suit different forms and sizes of feet. They work great with wide feet, narrow feet, and any fit in between. They can be utilized for pool visits, walks along the shore, running, and other indoor and outdoor sports. These water shoes stand out with the forms they come with.

The point that there is something to suit your baby’s style makes them fit for both boys and girls. Consumers appreciated that they were more stable than most other models and hence approved for active toddlers.

  • Excellent fit
  • Comfortable as pre-walkers
  • Quick-drying material
  • Easy to slip on
  • Suitable for narrow and wide sizes
  • They run a little small

How to select the best water shoes for toddlers?

When shopping for water shoes for babies, toddlers, or kids, here are a few things to look for:

Primary Use

Where will your baby be using its water shoes? If you are on a beach in sunny Miami, aqua socks may be ideal for protecting your feet from the hot beach.

If you are paddling on a Midwest river shore, you will likely want full-protection footwear to keep them from stubbing their feet on underwater rocks.

And if you are hanging out by the pond in the mountains, water sandals may be just best, offering underfoot stability but allowing the water to move quickly through their feet.


You have a kind of material to choose from. Straight-up synthetic won’t absorb water at all and might dry practically immediately. But it can grind against your little one’s skin or sense hot since they aren’t breathable.

Another option is Mesh. Regardless, skip any footwear made of leather as these won’t remain in the water.


Do you have a kid who insists on putting everything on their own? If you are looking for comfort, choose a sandal with comfortable velcro straps.

Sole Density

If you think your kid will be using water shoes as a daily shoe, or if you will be using them in areas with a sharp or uneven region, choose shoes that have a solid, stable sole for maximum strength.

However, if you are dealing with a new walker who’s still getting the hang of everything, you might want to pick something less bulky and clunky to assist them to keep their stability.

Some FAQs to clear your doubts before buying

Q: Can’t flip-flops be worn as water shoes?


They may be convenient and cheap, but they are ultimately incomparable to water shoes, which are designed like actual shoes and provide traction, protection, shock absorption, and comfort. When walking for long periods, they can often cause pain or blisters because of their lack of cushioning.

Besides, we all know how difficult it is to walk in flip-flops – and it would be twice as difficult for your toddler, who has just recently learned how to walk, making them extra susceptible to slipping and injuries.

Q: Are there different types of water shoes?


There are four main types of water shoes, though their names are often used inaccurately and interchangeably. These are water sandals, aqua shoes, boat shoes, and wet shoes.

Q: Can water shoes be worn when walking long distances?


Most water shoes should provide adequate cushioning and structural support if they have a rubber sole, which will protect the ankles and joints of your toddler as well as keep them comfortable.

Q: How do I know which water shoe to buy for my toddler?


What is best will ultimately come down to where and how you or your toddler will be wearing them. No matter how high-quality the shoe is, if it isn’t designed for the activity you’re doing, it most likely won’t provide the proper features.

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